Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

To top off the first Fragment of the day - its the most important...

ITS MY DADDY'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! Happy Birthday Dad!!!! I love you!!!

*I always wanted to go to New York - but now, I want to go for another reason! I want to go on try wedding dresses at Kleinfields!!!!! Yes, I am already married (& ironically, theres my wedding dres above) but I wanna go try on these gorgeous dresses & I want to meet a certain man.... he would be my BFF - I just know it - the man?
Randy from "Say Yes to the Dress"!!!!!! I just love when Randy makes appearances on the show! Dude knows how to pull a dress for a woman! Working with him HAS to be fun!! Dont you think?

*So I read the book, "The Time Traveler's Wife"... first, that is one long book - over 500 pages! But luckily, it was perfect reading weather! I sat on my front porch for probably 75% of the weekend reading & got it all finished. Sad to say, I was disappointed though....the "story" was interesting in the sense that the time traveling was neat when you'd see the visit through Clare's eyes at age 17 & then to see it through the Time Traveler's eyes at say, 32 years old.... but, just certain language, certain words & the certain content just wasnt my thing... I will still go see the movie though! Gotta see how they make it all come to life. Plus, I just love Rachel McAdams. I think I look like her! Stop laughing! I know - in my dreams!...hey - we both have red hair! Close enough!

*Speaking of reading weather - it only hit 70 degrees here Saturday - IN JULY!!!! Its insane! It broke a record from like 1914, or something like that! Everyone else having weird un-summer like weather?

*SPAT of the week: Returning something to Kohl's if you used a 30% off coupon - do you loose the 30% or does it apply to an in-store credit?

(Ricky & I have the stupidest, dorkiest, the most idiotic spats over the stupidiest, dorkiest, most idiotic topics... this is probably going to have a weekly topic on Fragment Friday)

*Bachlorette Fragment - dummmm, di dumm dummmmmm - the big FINALE is Monday! See Reid holding a ring in the last few seconds of Monday's show???? What does it all mean? Anxious to see how this madness all ends up! ... & did anyone else think David still looked a little crazy - even more so with the facial hair! My vote is still for Jake or Michael to be the next Bachlor!

*I really tried to listen to our President with his speech the other night on health insurance reform... I am just not made for politics... I was lost & uninterested in about 5 minutes. Had to turn it off... that's why I count on my friends to fill me in... in "Rebecca language"...

*So you Think you Can Dance Fragment - Dang... I cried like a baby on Melissa & Ade's dance for Breast Cancer! To see Mia & Nigel so emotional too... oh my! I think if you have ever dealt with anyone close with cancer, this just had to touch your heart. When she lept into his arms - or he put her on his shoulders & carried her off.... And that song! ... "This Womans Work"...I have listened to that song for YEARS - I do have to say, Kate Bush's version is MUCH better!

Here's the video for that version... the video alone is also powerful! Dont say I didnt warn you!


  1. Awesome Friday's Fragments! I can't wait to watch The Bachelorette on Monday! My eyes will be glued to the screen! I'm guessing she's going to pick Reid since he comes back. We'll see!

  2. Oh, and Happy Birthday to your daddy!

  3. weather has been on cooler side here as well and Happy Birthday to your daddy Daddies are so special are they not

  4. We are having the worst summer weather EVER. The rainiest summer on record. It bites. I don't care what temperature it is, but the rain has got to stop!

    Happy birthday to your dad.

    That dance got me crying as well - beautiful!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your dad.

    About Kohl's - I'm guessing you'd lose the 30% - am I right?

  6. Happy birthday to your daddy!! And for returning to kohls, I am pretty sure you loose the 30% :(

  7. Such a pretty picture of you, Rebecca Jo - I LOVE IT! And, I can kinda see the Rachel McAdams resemblance. :)

    I'm nervous about the Bachelorette on Monday...the days can't go by quick enough!

  8. I accompanied my sister in law to Kleinfelds to pick out her dress. It's really as fantastic as it looks!!


  9. Thanks so much for stopping by and brightening my day! have a great weekend!

  10. That dance was absolutely beautiful! I cried like a baby.

    And yes to the something's not quite right with David....

    Happy Birthday, Rebecca's dad!

  11. I am on the wait list for the book you are reading at my library. It looks like a great book. I can't wait to see who gets picked on Monday either. Have a great weekend...

  12. Oh yeah July Birthday's are the best...

    Happy Birthday day to your Daddy...

  13. I think Jillian walks away broken hearted in the end....alllllll alone. Oooot and abooot.


  14. RJ,
    What a beautiful video. I had never even heard this song until the other night on SYTYCD.

    Have a Blessed weekend,

  15. Happy Birthday to your Daddy!

    And yes, I totally cried too.

  16. TTTW didn't do much for me, either. I had a hard time finishing it. My son loved it, though.

    Watched the finale tonight. Bummer for Reid, huh? Someone Tweeted that Jillian would have married any of those guys tonight; I agree. She seems like she's her own worst enemy in the guy department.

    P.S. It sure is pretty in here...


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