Thursday, July 09, 2009


Someone asked me the question the other day - "If you could meet any celebrity & spend the day with them - who would it be"....

Now I know some of you would think it would be Hugh Jackman... & that would be a possibility... just so I could stare at him for a whole day... & make him sing songs from Beauty & The Beast to me... & make him put fake knives on his hands & act like Wolverine... but alas - that's not who I'd choose...

And I dont think this choice is a shocker at all either... I so badly would LOVE LOVE LOVE to spend a day talking with Steven Curtis Chapman!!!! & his whole family too!

I have loved this man since ... shoot, I dont even know when! I remember loving him back in the "Mullet" days...
& when the hair was still long, but not soooo mullet-y (is that a word - it is now!)

I love his wife, Mary Beth... love the love that they have for each other - love his whole family! I have watched his little ones grow up & become married people of their own... have watched his additions to his family with the 3 beautiful blessings from China... have watched their loss of Maria in that horrible accident... cried for them... watch as they continue to Praise the Lord through EVERYTHING... oh, the questions I'd have for the whole family.... a day wouldnt be enough!

I have EVERY CD this man has made... have seen him NUMEROUS times in concert... hey - he's a Kentucky boy - how can I NOT like him? Excited cause I will see him in just a few weeks at Women of Faith! I'm going to try like heck to get my picture with him during his "signing" time... I'll be like a 6 yr old at a Hannah Montana concert! Even if its just 5 minutes of a picture & a signature - it wouldnt be a day, but it would be enough to let him know how much he's a blessing to me... & so many!

So if you could spend a day with a celebrity... who would it be?


  1. So ready for BB. I would love to spend the day with Kenny Chesney...

  2. Before she passed I would have loved to have spent a day with Barbara Johnson. What a phenomenal lady she was. God devastated her world in so many ways, and yet she still praised him, and laughed through it all. She is my inspiration. And its ok that I never met, because it tickles me silly that I get to spend eternity with her.

  3. I feel bad that I don't love SCC more - one of my best friends feels the way about him that you do. I was always a Carman girl, though.

    Um...I would probably pick Carrie Underwood. B/c I think we'd become BFF and then I could meet all her other famous friends, too. Is that like wishing for more wishes?

  4. I, too, love Steven Curtis Chapman and admire him and his family so much for all they've endured and for what and WHO they stand for. Hmm...if I could spend one day with a celebrity it would be Tim McGraw. Need I say more? :)

  5. That is so cool...I hope you get to meet him when you go. And I cant think of any celebrity that I would want to spend the whole day with....but if I think of one later I will let you know.

  6. Reese Witherspoon. She looks like she would be fun to hang out with.

  7. I have seen SCC a few times myself and like him and his family's story too. He is one of the many people who inspired me to adopt. He spoke of their adoption at a WoFC I attended in Vegas and that pretty much sealed the deal for me. My celeb date would have to be with Harry Connick Jr. LOVE HIM!

  8. Does it have to be live celebrity? I don't know if my person would qualify as a celebrity, but she was well-known in the Christian community for many year. I'd love to spend one day with Corrie ten Boom, author of The Hiding Place and a few other books. Ahhh...the wisdom of that gentle old lady who went through so much before her ministry really got started. I do plan on meeting her in heaven one day!

  9. This is something that I have never really thought about. Off the top of my head, I would say Peyton Manning even though I am not a football fan. He comes across as a person who cares about his family and you never hear about any scandals that he is involved in. He came into the NFL with a lot of expectations and has lived up to them.

  10. The I wanna pick a hot guy part of me says Johnny Depp, the clear front runner and only real answer.

    The cultured and refined part of me would probably choose someone with a lot of wisdom, like Maya Angelou. (But, let's be real, I probably wouldn't understand a thing she said.)

  11. the mullet did look very becoming on him. I'm sure his son will never be able to fully recover from the horrible accident :-(

    Which celebrity would I like to spend the day with? hmmmmm....

    Maybe someone who could help me look more stylish - is that shallow? Let's see? Gwyneth Paltrow perhaps

    or maybe spend the day with my man-crush on the set of 30 Rock..

    oh, or maybe someone quirky like Jason Mraz?

    I'm all over the place and this is not a well thought out answer, so pay no attention!

  12. I love Stephen, too, but clearly not as much as you. I've never even been to a concert. But I cried my eyes out when I heard about his daughter; so sad...

    I'd have to say Patrick Dempsey; shallow, I know, but I just love him on Gray's, and his babies are so stinkin' cute.

  13. Hands down, no contest-Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance! It is my dream to meet him!!


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