Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Inner Nerd Revealed...

I had one of those "get to know you" fill in tests the other day - one of the questions was "What was your favorite toy"... I put TYPEWRITER... someone sent me an email & asked, "Seriously?"

Oh yes... I have been typing as long as I can remember... here is proof. I found this picture the other day. My mom marked it on the back - "Bec 3 years old - loves to type on Papaw Beanblossom's Typewriter". That is my great grandfather... & yes - this is the good old fashion, his the return bar ON TOP of the machine (not some fancy "Return" or "Enter" key) & the type where the "sticks" would get STUCK & you'd have to push them all back down... & Nope, not auto correct on this baby....

My brother is 6 years older then me & when he learned how to type, he came home & taught me - so I "officially" knew how to type still at a pretty early age. My fingers were also in proper alignment! No "pecking" for me.

And this is where I REALLY show my inner nerd... guess what I'd do for summer vacation? I'd take my books - because you all know me - I've always been a big book person - & no, that's not the nerdy part. The nerdy part is I would take my books & type them out... FOR FUN!!!! Yep - I'd type the stories out. I have no idea what I would do with them - I just had fun typing them. Is there a NERD ANONYMOUS button I can get somewhere?

When I was about 13 - I got my first ELECTRIC typewriter..... if they had "Sweet Sixteen" on MTV at that time - I would have probably thought I deserved to be on there for that gift. I thought there was nothing BETTER!!!! It even had.... gasp.... auto correct!!!!! & the auto return.... Life was so good!

And then when I got to high school & I took my "first" typing class - I STARTED at 90 words per minute! Yep - easy A+ in that class! I felt so bad that jr.'s in high school were learning where to put their FINGERS... what was wrong with these people? And this is before computers were a norm... like kids today - they already "GET" the typing thing... not back "in the day"... I sound so old - dont I? hehe!!!

Can you imagine my delight now that on Facebook, there is a GAME called "Typing Maniac".... I am in HEAVEN with this game... nothing makes me happier then testing my typing skills. So far, on that, I think I've gotten to level 21 or 22... & gotta try & get one more level up each time. I feel like a kid again - my fun of typewriting "gaming" STILL LIVES!!!!

See - told you - I'm a nerd... just another reason...

What was your favorite toy as a kid? Anyone else a typewriter freak?


  1. too funny! i loved the easy bake oven...although i'm not sure it ever completely baked anything.

  2. Hello from a fellow nerd :-)
    We have to stick together!
    I read books like Anna Karenina in junior high- for fun during the summer- ha!
    I'm not sure where all those brain cells have gone to now.

  3. Becky, I seriously think you need to be a medical transcriptionist if you like to type that much! We are always looking for good typists :o)

  4. haha that cracks me up - I always loved books so so much - I forced my sisters to play library with me haha :-) all my children's books have "isbn" numbers in them! Seriously I was such a dork!

  5. Oh, my friend, how I love Thee.

    A girl after my own heart, I say.

    You probably read that I won the state typing championship on a manual typewriter...back in 1986. Unlike you, I didn't have the good fortune of sitting in front of an electric typewriter the first day of school. Maybe that's where my great biceps were developed...from throwing that stupid carriage return a gazillion-plus times in two years of class (Typing I and II cause I'm a nerd too). favorite toy...

    Hmmm...I didn't have a lot...we were very poor...had a single mom on and off for several years (she married numerous times).

    Probably my favorite toy that lasted several moves was my Speak and Spell. Oh, how I loved word games even when I was little. I still remember what that thing sounded like too...kind of like the computer on War Games.

    Ahhhh...gotta love being a nerd. It was way more fun than flexing your muscles or trotting around in a cheerleading uniform!

  6. That is too funny!! I remember taking my first computer processing class in high school. (It was pretty much typing 101 with a cool name!) I hated that class. They covered our hands so we couldn't see the keys! HATED IT!!

    Today I am grateful for that class because I am able to type the right way but I seriously hated that class! The teacher may have something to do with my distaste!!

    Thanks for being a faithful commenter on my blog and for my blogoversary present!!


  7. okay now I want to go play that game!! haha. I learned to type when I was little and it is funny because sometimes when people see me they think it is great that I don't peck at the keys and I was like, I had to take typing in school! haha. Apparently they thought they didn't teach us typing in school anymore :) Oh but they do!

  8. I never went quite as far as you, but I have always loved to type (my grandma had the old-fashioned one, too), and I loved my typewriter that I got for my birthday in high school (yep, no computers in Harrison, either).

    Gonna have to check out that game on FB.

    My favorite toy as a child was my Barbies. Still love to play with them with Isabel (the advantage of having a daughter!).

  9. I, too, loved playing on my dad's old typewriter growing up, but I can't type worth a hoot! Thank goodness for the delete button!

    Would you believe that I used to collect Match Box cars when I was a kid...and I had a play machine gun! What were my parents thinking? :)

  10. I had a hard time figuring out that dress too. But then I noticed that a certain part of her body was more "awake" then others!


  11. Haha, oh my word, too funny and that pic is precious!!! What a keepsake to remember the beginning of your typing love, haha!! :)

  12. Well I've heard it all - a typewriting nerd! Never knew that existed! You crack me up RJ!

  13. that's funny! I bet no one else got a typewriter for thier birthday! I emailed you for your address, but I am thinking you didn't get it. The domain is so sometimes I get blocked. I will try again...

  14. That's so cute! :) We used to have an old typewriter like that and I would always jam the keys. I do enjoy typing, though. I'm not 90 WPM, but I'm pretty proud of my typing skills. When I first learned to type, I used to type out words in the air as people were talking to me - I couldn't help it!

  15. You crack me up! I'm going to have to try that typing game and let you know what level I make it to. I have a feeling you'll skunk me every time. LOL

  16. You crack me up because we are so alike I LOVED books and would read them all summer long. By the time we had to read books in school I had already read them years before ... LOL

    As for typing class I say type off girl ... LOL. We could have had typing wars in school! I'll have to check out that on facebook!

    Happy Thursday!! ;) Muah

  17. I was always good at keyboarding (sorry, I'm a little younger than you!) because my mom made us practice when were in elementary school. To show that I AM a nerd though is the fact that I played secretary for fun...would make an appointment book and then put people from the yearbook (umm, so yeah, this was more in middle school *sheepish grin*) on the schedule. My job is hardly more than that wonder I love it!

  18. Hahahaha too funny!!! I as well, enjoy typing. (I'm telling ya, seperated at birth, we were =) I need to try that game.

    My fav childhood toy was my Holly Hobbie doll and my Cher Barbie (no I am not kidding ~~ okay stop laughing, I know grab the tissue, okay is the laughing all better now, yes I know your stomach hurts from the laughter =) yes my Cher Barbie. I loved her and her hair.


    Love you,

  19. You law breaker you :-) I loved my sister's typewriter but she would never let me use it.

  20. typing books for fun? I am very concerned! But how awesome that you started typing class at 90 wpm. You are a typing genius :D

  21. What a cute pic!! I'm embarrassed to admit this--but I never learned how to type. I type in my own stupid way--but I guess I didn't take that class in school! If I took that typing test I would FAIL.

  22. And I thought I liked to type. LOL I can 'only' type 70 wpm though.

    This is so fun! Hahaha!!


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