Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

***Do I have awesome friends or what?????? My buddy Jen, who lives in Canada, apparently is in love with Cadbury Chocolate. We had a discussion over the topic - & she asked me if I've tried such & such candy bar. I didnt know what she was talking about... (Canadian language?) - well, there are Cadbury chocolates I didnt even know existed! So this is what kind of friend I have - she got me a BUTT LOAD ... & by Butt Load - I mean, my butt will be gaining at LEAST 5 lbs... look at all this... are you drooling? I know I was...

***Which brings me to the SPAT OF THE WEEK: If my friends send ME Chocolate - do I HAVE to share it with my husband? He reminds me that marriage vows consist of "What's mine is yours & what yours is mine"... yeah, that works now, but wait until I ask him for cash for shopping - THEN it doesnt apply!!... hehe!

***For the record - I was right in the SPAT OF THE WEEK with the Kohl's 30% off & returning... Just wanted to brag...

***Look what else came in the mail this week? YARN... lovely, beautiful yarn! Its sock yarn... anyone need socks? But I found a buddy blogger, Knit me Together who wrote up the pattern for the hat like Hermione wore in the Harry Potter movie... now, I cant decide if I want to use the blue or the brown for the hat.... mmmm...

***The Bachlorette - Everyone happy it was Ed? I honestly gasped when Reid came back. We all knew he was - but just to see how happy he was - & how surprised Jillian was. Only to be let down .... AGAIN!!!! And the "After the Final Rose" & Reid... oh, my heart just broke for him. SB, I'm still saying you need to go find this man!!! You can offer him a rose yourself! .......Now, what do we do with Monday nights?

***Did I get a tattoo? No!!!! But while I got my hair done this week, one of the hair dressers put a fake one on my foot. It looked REAL! But the whole night, I was thinking a bug was on my foot & I kept swatting at it...

***Anyone ever see the movie "LEGEND" with Tom Cruise? I've never seen it, but Julie told me that I would love it since it's a "fairy tale" of sorts.... so I got it this week for like $7.00... cant wait to watch it!

***I have been on a lucky streak... look at this prize from a bloggy giveaway from my buddy Julie at Shabbywears that I won.... I was too excited! I just got a wiff of this scent a few weeks ago & bought some body spray & lotion... & then get the mother load of Sea Cotton from Bath & Body Works.... Thanks Julie!!! You rock girl! Go visit her too - she's another Sister in Christ who loves the Lord - loves her family & is just a pink loving fool!!! You gotta check out her daughter that sings as well ... big thumbs up for my blog buddy!

***The countdown is on... this time next week, I'll be heading to Women of Faith! I dont know who's more excited me - or Ricky... I think he looks forward to being home alone... He can crank up the TV without me yelling "ITS TOO LOUD!"... it'll sound like aliens have attacked our house - or that Batman is saving the day... some sort of dramatic BOOM - I'm sure!

***So You Think You can Dance Fragment...... YES - My Evan made it to the finals!!!!! I cant believe it... I was ready to stand up & scream because I thought this would be his week to go. WHOOO HOOO!!! I thought it was very fitting too that Ade & Melissa went out together. And Mark & Chelsea were back for my favorite dance - "Bleeding Love".... Loved seeing Twitch back too - loved that guy! FINALE next week!!! Cant wait!

Have a fantastic Friday all!!!


  1. You sure did pack alot of stuff into this post :-) Congrats on your win....have fun at Women of Faith, I do NOT think you need to share your chocolate bounty with Ricki....however if you feel the need to share you can share with me. You know I love chocolate and could appreciate its yummy-ness! And I can't wait to see your knit long does something like that take?

  2. JOhn would just wrestle me to the floor and take my chocolate. It's easier, and less painful, for me to just give him a piece and run like hell with the rest!


  3. Girl, I'm going to Women of Faith in Atlanta at the end of August and can't wait!

    And being that I work at BBW, I will be the first to tell you Sea Island Cotton is GREAT!!!! :)

  4. I love Bounty bars - I had some in France. So good. :)

    Yeah, I would so go for Reid - did you watch after the final rose when that little girl asked him out? That would have been me. Ha! I'll friend him on fb and see what happens....I could handle Philly, I think.

  5. I always tell my hubby that it is "what is yours is ours and what is mine is mine" - he knows that when I am talking chocolate,

    Great FF.

  6. Stopping by from SITS! Oh, I love the Women of Faith Conferences. I haven't been to one for a few years. The closest is about 7 hours away so it takes a lot of planning to get there. I hope you have a wonderful time.

  7. You get to go to Women of Faith? Where is it this year? I would love to go sometime; I've heard it's incredible.

    If Beth Moore and Twila Paris were there, I would be in heaven (or the next best thing). Throw in Toby Mac for some eye candy and oh, my!

  8. I seriously could not be more jealous of the Canadian chocolate. I grew up in Canada (still Canadian in fact) and the chocolate is honestly one of the things I miss most . . .sad but true :-)

  9. Sharing your chocolate with Rickey??? No way... Sharing it with me... PRICELESS!!! I can make extra room in the car for it when we hit the road for WoF... even a small cooler so it won't melt... maybe a little sample while driving......... :)

  10. YAY YAY for Evan!!! I was so excited for him. He has the BEST attitude!!

    Love all your yummy good smelling stuff!!

    Have a Blessed evening,

  11. Funny you post about canadian chocolate candy bars today! My boss just got back from visiting his family in Canada (he grew up there) and said he had to bring back his daughters some canadian chocolate candy bars because they say they are so much better than American candy bars.

    Now I'm curious, I need to go to canada!

  12. FAB Friday fragments post!!!
    I am happy with Jillys pick of ed BUT I am done with ABC-what they did to reid and jilly was awful! i did a post about this earlier this week...anyways look at all that chocolate!!! OMGosh i say dont share but apparently according to the chinese horoscope i am a dog and dogs are dont listen to

    really enjoyed your FF

  13. Poor Reid. I feel more sorry for us, though, because we are going to miss that show!! heehee

    Sea cotton, huh? Sounds wonderful! I'll have to check that out!

    Happy for you about the Women of Faith conference!! Have fun!

  14. Wow- what more could you want than a supply of Cadburry Chocolates-aka THE BEST CHOCOLATE EVER MADE!! :)

  15. I think there's a blogging law that says you have to share chocolate given by another blogger to one of your favorite blogging friends (i.e. me -- AuburnChick). LOL

    I didn't watch the season of the Bachelorette, but I did watch the finale. I can't believe they let Reid come back. That was brutal for both of them. Sure, it made for a lot of drama, but I wonder if it was worth it for those poor people. Ugh. Sorry. I just hate to see hearts unnecessarily traumatized.

    Ok...SYTYCD...I was so sad to see Melissa go. What a gentle soul she is.

    Yay for Evan. He's getting though on his personality, although he is a wonderful dancer. I don't think he's as versatile as the others, but you've gotta love him.

    I think I'm rooting for either Evan or Mr. bare-chested muscle boy. Yeah.

  16. That chocolate looks yummy! As a teacher I always encourage my students to share but in your case I'm going to say nooooooo don't do it!

  17. Your friend set you up good!! And you got your Kohl's answer...progress, progress :D

  18. Wow you got some good stuff in the mail this week! I'm so jealous of the chocolate...

  19. So happy you are enjoying the chocolate!! Can't wait to get back home so I can get myself a Bounty bar. Almond Joys just DON'T compare!!

  20. I am so glad you liked the Glam Gift!
    I really liked the smell of "Sea Cotton"!
    Oh...I have been to several Women of Faith Events...and it was so wonderful!
    Big Hug..Julie

  21. Totally drooling over the chocolate AND the yarn! YUM.

    And I gotta disagree about Evan and Ade - wish they were reversed! I'm so tired of Evan and Kayla. I hope Jeanine wins!

  22. Lol at tattoo was a bug on the floor you were swatting at!

    Wow you got lots of good mail this week!

    SYTYCD finale this week! Woot Woot!

  23. Mmm, chocolate.

    Look at all your fun stuff that you got this week!

    Last night, Monday, I was wondering what in the world I was going to watch now that The Bachelorette was over. There was only crap on tv. =( I am happy that she picked Ed. I would've been happy with Kyptin too though.

    Have fun at Women of Faith!


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