Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Rescue Dogs!!!!!

Remember these cute little faces?

The girls new "boys"... they have turned into RESCUE DOGS!

My dad sent me an email & I had to call him to find out the story...

Apparently the girls were out with them while they were going potty & my brother noticed some sort of commotion going on...

Turns out, the dogs, had a snake!!!!!!!!! EGADS!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dad said, "didn't you get the picture of the snake?"... ummm - No.. & no thank you, you dont have to resend it! Snakes are my biggest FREAK OUT FEAR!!!!

Dad laughed saying "I always wanted the girls to have a big dog like yours to protect them, but I guess these little guys will do".... yep, because my dogs would probably run away from the snake scared themselves!...

or maybe they would kill it - & bring it into my bed (anyone remember my previous post of the dead bird in my bed?)

So... we can rest safe tonight knowing the twins are protected by their baby boys!


  1. That is a great story. Yeah for the dogs.

  2. Truly the girls best friends...the puppy dogs.

  3. We love our puppy dog!

    Those pictures are adorable! I love that the girls are so well-protected.

  4. What a good rescue dog! And an adorable one at that. Funny how little dogs are always the tough ones!

  5. What a good rescue dog! And an adorable one at that. Funny how little dogs are always the tough ones!

  6. can I borrow the dogs? My little dog is oblivious to snakes & there is a snake in our soffet hanging out above the bird feeder. When I see him, I spray him with wasp & hornet spray to no avail. The husband has been on a biz trip & will be home tonight. Job #1 - snake eradication!

  7. Wow that is wonderful, well not the snake but the catching of the snake. Almost makes we want to say yes when the boys keep asking for a dog. Then I think of poo pick up duty that would end up on my to do list and say no once again.

    Such a bad mom ... LOl :)

  8. Those little babies are already protectors at their ages? Awwwwww

  9. Good Dogs!! They are great protectors.

  10. I'm not a pet person at all but those dogs are adorable. I would have to take them home too.

  11. The twins and the puppies are the cutest things.... Awwwww.

  12. They are so cute!!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing better than puppies!!!

  13. What cute pics! As long as they don't put any snakes in your bed, you should be good.


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