Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wrapped in Love

What is "Wrapped in Love"? It's our new Knitting/Crochet Ministry that has started at our church!

You all know I love knitting... well my sister friend Lynn is just as nuts about it as I am... maybe even more so when it comes to socks! This woman can CRANK them out!

So we were going through a Knitting Shawl Ministry book one day & she got a fire lit under her about forming a group in our church & asked if I was up for it. Seriously? Me? Up for knitting? That's a no brainer!
We decided to call our group "Wrapped in Love" - why? Because we are going to take our shawls & donate them to the center where my dear friend Stephanie took her chemo & where our wonderful sister in Christ, Vicki, is currently taking treatments.

Me & Steph

Our beautiful Vicki & her daughter, Sha

If you never have been to an oncology center (& I pray you haven't) then you know the atmosphere of people sitting taking their treatments. It is full of nurses & doctors that have such encouragement on their face - its full of people who are fighting with all that they have - & its full of people who you can tell are struggling. Well, in their struggles, we want to bless them - to let them feel like they are wrapped up in a bunch of love... more importantly, wrapped up in Jesus' love.

We have some wonderful ladies at the church that are on board (including Vicki herself!!!) & we are excited about where this is going to lead. We will take these shawls, or lapghans (or eventually socks & hats) & pray over these things before we send them out. God knows who they will go to & God knows how this will touch them... somehow, someway...

Here is a picture of our "Wrapped in Love" Gang & a picture of the beautiful shawl that Lynn made. It is freshly prayed over & had a specific person its going to that is fighting her fight with cancer.

If anyone is around our area, we meet every 2nd & 4th Thursday at our church.... we'd LOVE to have you! And dont be afraid - we teach new students too... give you a taste of yarn & blessing others in the meanwhile... what a good combo!


  1. What a wonderful ministry. I really wish I did live closer because this is something I'd LOVE to be involved with!! Take more pictures of your finished products! I'd love to see them!!

  2. I'd love to. I have school.... for now. If I get to switch to days I'd love to try and come over.

  3. Rebecca, this is such a wonderful way to minister to people who so badly need it.

    I love the prayer shawl! It's beautiful!

  4. Okay seriously girl, you could just make me cry with this. You know my mom is a cancer patient and survivor. We are up to the Cancer Center every 4 weeks or so for port flush and every 3 months for a doc's visit. Everytime we go, someone is doing something sweet for these dear patients. We have little beaded angels people have made and other little goodies. Last week there was a group of ladies selling homemade cookies and brownies (.50 a bag ~~ really cheap) to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness. It was so cool. Them with there little cart selling yummy goodies to benefit others in their fight.

    Thank you from me and my mom, you seriously do not realize the lift this is to families facing cancer. You know if I lived in the area I would so be there. Me and my mad knitting skills!!! hahaha I crack myself up!!!

    Love you friend,

  5. What a wonderful thing. Hugs to all of you.

  6. Big kudos to you and those other special ladies for what you're doing. Yes, I have been to an oncology center with my mom when she was undergoing breast cancer treatment. It can be a very somber place. Anything that can put a smile on someone's face who is battling cancer is a WONDERFUL THING and a true blessing. You have a heart of GOLD!

  7. You guys are amazing-- Spreading so much love with your talents :D

  8. That's so amazing!! You are so inspirational.

  9. What a wonderful gift to people who need God's healing and warmth around them. I love you!

  10. I'm not sure where you live, but I doubt it is near me. I would so much love to be involved in something like this. I love to knit and have donated preemie caps to a hospital and blankets to a kill free animal shelter.

  11. That is such a beautiful thing you're doing! Love this!

  12. Great post, Bec... and isn't this a fun thing? Already started the next shawl (knitting this time) and I am loving all the ladies coming out and getting into the "yarn madness" with us! Thanks for being up for the fun... you are truly a great sister friend!!!!

  13. Great post, Bec... and isn't this a fun thing? Already started the next shawl (knitting this time) and I am loving all the ladies coming out and getting into the "yarn madness" with us! Thanks for being up for the fun... you are truly a great sister friend!!!!

  14. I have 2 started! Although, I've ran out of black "I love this yarn" yarn. I just HAVE to make a run to Hobby Lobby this week. Darn. :-)

  15. Wrapped in Love- what a wonderful ministry! That's awesome that you can help brighten a patient's day with such a sweet thoughtful gift.

    It sounds like you have a lot of great things going on with your church right now too!

  16. That is just plain awesome. I love it!


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