Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ladies Night

Here we go again... Ladies Night! Diving right in...

*Debi Mazar & Maks - First, I gotta say, I love an Italian chatty girl! I love that she irks Maks too! But chatty chic has some clumsy legs - doesnt she? Hopefully she'll get some strength in them. All I could picture too was Batman Forever - I dont know if I ever saw her in anything else. Its going to be fun to watch her & Maks together though... for sure! *Melissa Joan Hart & my Fav MARK!!!! - Does this girl age? She still looks like Sabrina the teenage witch! And Mark is a fan of that show? OK - now I'm worried about my little favorite guy!

*Mya & Dmitry - DANG... she has the arms, the grace, the beauty... & Len's gotta go & be all grumpy about the choreography... this is going to be a fun couple to watch this year!

*Kathy Ireland & my 2nd Fav TONY!!!! - OK - I dont get it... why are models the most uncoordinated people ever? Seriously, its really weird. I am totally rooting for her now though just for her shout out about "doing anything because of God who gives me strength".... Oh yeah - a shout out to God! GO KATHY... GO GOD!!!!

*Natalie Coughlin & Alec - never heard of this girl - but she's an athlete & athletes do well... except maybe Michael Irvin from last night... but she's going to be pretty good too, I have a feeling. Now if only Alec could look like he is enjoying himself... doesn't he always look miserable?

*Macy Grey & Jonathan.... Lord, give me strength! I dont think this poor woman could even walk a chalked line in a sobriety test... & they thought she was endearing & honest with her dancing? And then her COMMENT at the end????? Oh wow... dont even want to talk about it... not so endearing anymore...

*Joanna Krupa & Derek... Anyone else watch the challenge she was on with Terrell Owens? If you didnt - let me tell you ... she called Terrell Owens useless... a horrible athlete ... & a few choice words. I totally lost respect for her on that show... I hate she can dance because I dont care for her... Plus, she's got on the dreaded fringe pants... DOWN WITH THE FRINGE PANTS!... Hey.. I know what I can be for Halloween now... I gotta get my hands on fringe pants!
*Kelly Osbourne & Louie - OK... I'm still tearing up!! First, to see this girl smile is great - her whole face just lights up! And I love her honesty - she's too funny! (my dancing right now... I would say is crap).... but Sharon & Ozzy at the end... the way they were crying... (Speak amongst yourselves... while I cry... a litle more....) was that the sweetest thing ever????? I loved Kelly ran over & hugged & kissed her parents. Just shows - even in all the wackiness - they are a family full of love... dang ballroom has me crying!
What did you think? Who's your favorite lady? Are you on Team Maks or Team Karina? I'm team Maks all the way!!!!
I'm calling a Finals with Donnie Osmond & Mya... with FINGERS CROSSED for Kelly Osbourne to round it out! .... thoughts?....


  1. I like Kelly and Mya right now. I am Team Max also.

  2. I'm pulling for Donny Osmond...I've always liked him! When he'd sing "Puppy Love", I thought I was in heaven! :) Derek Hough is still my favorite pro dancer.

  3. Here is my sad face :-( I had planned to start watching it this season but Hubby derailed my plans with football. ugh.

  4. Chatty Cathy here..I'm so pulling for Kelly. She has been through a lot and this could be a big turning point for her. She handled herself with total class and her comments were just perfect too.

    Did not know that the model Joanna was one of those people who is trying to get her name out there by appearing on reality shows. Are her lips fake or what????

    Now I'm really down on her :-(

    Oh, and what was Macy's comment at the end? I don't remember..I about fell out of my chair when they were giving her all that praise for her zombie performance!

  5. I'm out of the loop on this show. Too many good shows this season!

  6. Thoughts? As if I needed an invite. LOL


    I missed the intro for Debi, but her dancing didn't strike me as awesome. Time will tell.

    Melissa and Mark - she has potential, but she wasn't my fav of the night. I'll reserve judgment for now.

    Mya and Dmitry - Oh man, but she was smooth. I just love Dmitry as well. He's got a look that you can't help but love. I thought Len was exceptionally hard on him with the choreography thing. Heck...he works on So You Think You Can Dance and has done amazing work there. Give the boy a break!

    Kathy and Tony - Ugh. She's too stiff. You're right about models. I guess with modeling, you only have to walk in one direction...hence the lack of super-coordination. She did look pretty though, and I'm impressed with her weight loss after that gosh-awful picture that was public a few months ago.

    Natalie and Alec - I am addicted to the Olympics, so I knew who she was. She was surprisingly good, for someone who doesn't dance. I can't wait to see more of her. Alec is not my favorite, but oh well.

    Macy and Jonathan - Poor Jonathan. He looks like he's been paired with an Amazon woman. She's not naturally graceful, and I missed what she said at the end, thank goodness. I think she'll be the one to go from the ladies' group.

    Joanna and Derek - Cute couple, and she's got natural talent. I love Derek. He's got a way with the ladies. And I, personally, love the pants!

    Kelly and Louie - My favorites, simply because I know how far she's come, and her love for her parents was very endearing, as was her excitement about just being there. Louie has to be the best dancer out there, and he's obviously a wonderful teacher. Can you say LOVE?!!

    I cannot wait for results tonight!!

  7. You know girl, I love that you keep me up to date. I can't keep up with all the shows and you always keep me updated! Muah


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