Tuesday, September 15, 2009


You can ask my parents... I didnt need to be spanked or grounded when I did anything wrong. How was the way to get through to me? Tell me that I disappointed them. I brought home a "B" one time on my report card & thought they were going to be so disappointed, I made myself sick! They obviously werent disappointed or troubled at all about that - but the IDEA that they COULD be disappointed bothered the fire out of me!!! I'd almost rather get a spanking that would blister my butt then feel like I disappointed them.

Then, I saw the interview last night with Kayne West & Jay Leno.

Yeah, we all have heard what Kayne West did. And sorry, I dont think his excuse of "I didnt really think it was that big of a deal until she didnt finish her speech" was much of an "excuse"... what did he THINK was going to happen? That Taylor Swift would say, "Thank you so much for your thoughts. Now, let me finish my speech...."... dont think so...

But what struck me was when Jay Leno brought up Kayne's mother. Kayne obviously adored his mother. She passed away about a year ago & you really felt for this man because you know how much he loved her. Jay asked "What do you think your mother would say about this situation if she were still here".... he visually changed. His lip almost quivered & he just kept his head down. It was a different Kayne.

I instantly knew what he was feeling... he didnt want to disappoint his mother.

Then the feeling that hit me right after.... what would this world look like if we thought about disappointing our Heavenly Father? If we thought of our actions & how God looks down on them.... would we act differently?

Parents DO get disappointed, but doesnt mean they dont love any different... & God is the same way, in an even BIGGER capacity that we cant imagine...

But I want to live a life that tries not to disappointment my Father - my Heavenly Father.....


  1. Thanks for stopping by today!
    I didn't watch Jay Leno, but I did wonder what he might say to Kanye. PEOPLE DO NOT THINK! Our actions DO effect others! It's that plain and simple. I just wish we would think before we speak or act and consider that out disappointment or lack of restraint might really hurt someone else.

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  3. I saw this also. I was like man what a question. I knew when I was a child and if anyone ever said that to me I would just be so hurt. It is amazing what your family does for you.

  4. Little did Kanye know there was a lesson to be learn in thisfor all of us...

    As usual, great point you brought up Jo Jo!!

  5. Wow what a powerful thought! You know since we sent Cole to the Christian school he has a better compass of right and wonder. You can sit him down and ask him what God would think and he gets it now. It has made my choice to spend the money validated.

    Great post as always my dear ;).

  6. You hit the nail on the head every time girl! Every time!

  7. Leave it to you to be able to turn this into a spiritual lesson.

    Girl, you truly have a gift.

    It is so wonderful to know that even though I screw up (a lot), God still loves me through his disappointment in my actions. It's so much easier to accept and understand that kind of Agape love now that I'm a parent.

  8. RJ,
    I didn't see it, but I did hear about it. That was just a rotten thing to do to Taylor. But his reaction to what Jay asked him says a lot.

    Have a Blessed day,

  9. I saw that interview last night too. Before Jay asked about his mom, I think it was all a rehearsed "blah blah blah" to make everyone quit calling him a jerk (or worse). But he did seem to change after Jay asked.....and I am glad it effected him.

    BTW, great message at the end....as usual ;-)

  10. He really did seem devoted to his mom, which I always found kinda sweet. He does need to grow up some, though!

  11. wow.....what a great post girl. so very true and he needs to get his act together...for sure. :)

  12. I don't watch Leno, but I'm SO GLAD that he said that to Kanye because I thought the SAME THING when it happened!! He SHOULD feel badly about what he did. It was so uncalled for.

    I agree though, that if we took a step back sometimes and thought about what our actions do to Jesus, that we might rethink what we say and do.

  13. Oh man, these thoughts have been running through my mind for sometime now with telling my mother about leaving the church. I hate dissapointing her but at the same time I have to be true to myself. And even though she says she still loves me, I know that it hurt her. Deeply.

  14. I saw the interview with Jay Leno, and my heart hurt for Mr. West in the moments after the "mom" question. It's another example, though, of what is wrong with society today...the need to put ourselves first. We're living for the moment instead of with eternity in mind.

    I hope Kayne will take some time off and get his priorities in order. Perhaps, if he's lucky, there will is someone in his life who will point him to Jesus.

  15. I was the SAME way as a kid (well I still am!) I NEVER wanted to disappoint! My mom too didn't have to spank or yell, all she had to do was tell me she was disappointed and I'd fall to pieces!! Isn't it great that we have unconditional love!! Thanks for this post!!


  16. Sadly, I think some guys play the mom card. If he really was worried about disappointing his mama, there's a lot of things he wouldn't have done. I think he was playing a role--all women in the audience would just love a man who loves their mama--if they do, then they're redeemable? Kaching! Forgiveness.

    While I mistrust his answer,(I admit I didn't see it), I love your post. Yes, everything is about God, and you so beautifully brought a shallow culture moment to our deep, never-fail-us God.

    You are a blessing:)

  17. amen on your post. I do not want to live a life disappointing God.

  18. Thankyou for your sweet thoughts on my surgery. I just caught up on youtube regarding what kanye did and I feel so bad for Taylor Swift. I think she is talented and a great rolemodel for the youth today and what Kanye did was so rude! Typical..

  19. Jay really caught him off guard with that question, didn't he? I love your analogy, as always!


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