Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

*Anyone else watch Glee? I loved it... that girl that plays Rachel can sing... as in "that girl can SAAANNNGGGG" (Spoken with much attitude). I think I replayed "Take a Bow" like all day Thursday! And Jane Lynch (the cheer coach) - if she doesnt get nominated for some sort of award for comedy, I dont know what's wrong with this world! I watched it a few more times & caught more things she said the second time around.... hope the show keeps up the greatness!

*Every time I get my hair done, the back of my head hurts for a few days afterwards from the sink... that happen to everyone else or do I have a tender head?
*I've heard of Sleep Apnea... I think I have a new condition called "Awake Apnea".... for some reason, I noticed that I hold my breath alot during the day. I was sitting at my desk, not feeling well & thinking, take deep breaths - then I realized I was holding it.... then throughout the day, I'd catch myself holding my breath!!! What's up with that????... now I'm all conscience of it... but I am still doing it...if anyone sees me out walking & I'm blue - remind me to breath please...

*Anyone else watch the mess that is called Jon Gosselin on Good Morning America? Oh Jon, why oh why would you go on TV & try to make yourself look better only to sit on the edge of your seat & come off like an angry man whose having a mid life crisis? I know life with Kate couldnt have been easy.. but dang dude... a reality show with Kevin Federline & Lindsay Lohan's dad is going to make your life seem like it makes sense? Oh Jon...

*its a sad time.... the time is creeping backwards! Its now officially DARK when I drive into work... & the sun is setting earlier & earlier... time for me to go into my shell of depression...

*Anyone else have bad handwriting days? Some days, my handwriting is so neat, & crisp & clear... other days, I dont care how hard I try, it looks sloppy & messy... what's up with that?

*Spat of the week: Big Brother! Hey, its not my fault... Ricky seems to ask EVERY TIME Big Brother is on if I want to watch a movie... I told him he asks just at that exact time so he knows Ill say "Not right now, Big Brother is on"... that way, he can go watch his shoot um' up, action boy movies, instead of a chick flick... I'm onto his game!

*I'm ashamed to even admit this... I totally forgot September 11th was coming until I read it on someone else's blog.... I dont mean I forgot what September 11th is.... I just didnt realize the date was coming up! I was looking through pictures of it all & its still just horrifying... one of those things I can remember everything about the day... from watching it on the news in our office - never leaving the TV - stopping to get gas on the way home cause everyone thought it was going to be like $7.00 a gallon, sitting in line for hours there while listening to the radio - scared what the next day would hold... what a sad day...

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I am completely sold on "Glee"...I love that show! I,totally, agree about the whole Jon interview. What in the world was he thinking? He made himself look worse, instead of better.I feel sorry for their kids.

  2. Is Glee anything like Fame (yes, I loved Fame...) ?

    Hate the dark in the mornings! Hate it.

    And Jon? Way too young for a mid-life crisis. What a royal mess. I don't think he will have a penny left by the time he's 40.

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Glee!!!! Totally agree about her voice, it's awesome!! I also think Jane Lynch is hilarious!!! She had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion!
    Didn't see the Jon interview, but heard it was something else!
    Big Brother is so frustrating to me lately, I do not like Natalie and unfortunately, she has made it pretty far! I am hoping she doesn't make it into the final 2, but we'll see!
    Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!! :)

  4. I have the Jon and the Glee show on my DVR. I can't wait to watch them. I hope you have a great weekend.

  5. I am LOVING Glee!

    I missed Jon on that show. I am looking it up now. I can feel another addition of my 'Jon and Kate Plus My Two Cents' coming on. LOL!

    Happy FF!

  6. I refused to watch Jon. At first I felt bad for him, now I just think he's a selfish pathetic man.

    Didn't think about 9/11 being today until I saw it on Facebook. The only day I know the date is on days that I work.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I am going to watch Glee based on your recomendation. It sounds great.

    I am boycotting both Jon and Kate. I figure if we ignore them, maybe they will go away and then focus on the "plus 8" part of the equation. I feel for the kids. Can you imagine your parents on TV taking potshots at each other.

  8. I watch Glee...I'm really impressed! I can't imagine how much work it is to do all those songs just right with the vocals, dancing, etc. for each episode.

    Do then not put a towel down when they wash your hair? I wish I could get my hair washed like that every day (or really, every other day).

    I did watch part of that interview with Jon Gosselin. How sad. I don't care how bad with it was (and I don't deny that BOTH parties are usually wrong in a divorce), be a man and stand up for you family!

  9. I hear Glee all over the place but have not watched it. Of course, we don't have cable TV either...

    What are they doing to you at the hairdresser's??? Maybe you can ask them to be ultra gentle the next shampoo time.

    And Jon -- YUCK!

  10. I love Glee...I still need to watch the first episode online though. And man oh man can that girl sing. She gave me chills when she did that Rhianna song.

    I have to ask my hair dresser to put the neck thing on the sink...if not my neck KILLS me for days after my appointment.

    Jon Gosselin makes me want to vomit.

  11. Jon is a hot mess. I can't stand watching him. Or her.

    Haven't seen Glee but I've heard nothing but good things! Maybe I'll catch up on Hulu.

  12. Oh my gosh I am so loving Glee! It's in my top 5 shows right now, it is so funny and so NOT high school musical like I was afraid it would be.

    Go Glee, go Glee! (doing the dumb rotating arm dance)

  13. This holding your breath while awake is very common.

    Oh and the sinks at the salons! Why can't they come up with a better design? It makes no sense.

  14. I can't believe how many people are talking about Glee. I must watch it!

    Big Brother: I really don't want Natalie to win. And didn't you think she acted awfully odd with that proposal? She was so cavalier and nonchalant about it. If you told me she didn't even really like him, I would believe you.

  15. The back of my head/neck gets sore from the hair washing station and the salon, too - unless they offer to put a towel under my neck to help cushion. Maybe you can ask them to do that?

    OK, fine... I suppose I'll have to give Glee a looked so corny in the previews so I haven't watched it, but if you think it's awesome, I'll give it a try! Besides, I do love Jane Lynch - I've seen her in a couple of other things and she always cracks me up! :)

    Happy FF! :)

  16. 1. I've wanted to watch Glee since I first heard of it, but have only managed to record it once -- tonight as a matter of fact!! How funny you should mention it.

    2. Shampoo Sink Drama - Goodness, I have actually been black and blue from the darned thing. Now my hairstylist and I have an agreement - if my head is being put in the Shampoo Sink of death, then two towels are to be placed under my neck. Even if it's just a quick rinse. There are no exceptions.

    3. Darkness. Yep, I had to move out of Michigan because the cold weather plus the darkness in the winter nearly sent me over the edge. At least in FL I can go outside in the winter :)

    Have a great day.

  17. I keep hearing about Glee! It's not on here yet, so I guess I'll have to wait and be 3 years behind in TV for it *L*

    I have a light box so that I don't crawl up into myself and die during the winter. It really helps me!

  18. I have not seen Glee...I think it's on at the same time as something else I watch...maybe it'll be on OnDemand and I can catch it that way {Kyle's shows take up the entire DVR...grr!!}.

    The back of my head doesn't hurt from the sink at the salon, it hurts from my sister cutting my hair with a razor and pulling against my head over and over and over and over. :0P

    Haha!! I find myself holding my breath sometimes too. I wonder why we do that....

    I cannot STAND the Gosselins. Haven't been able to for a long time. So I pretty much ignore them and get my info about them from other people. lol

    I'm sad about the getting dark earlier, too. Sigh.

    My handwriting isn't good period. LOL There are no good days.

    Sept 11th will forever be ingrained in our can it not be? Such a horrible day!

  19. My handwriting seems to be dependent upon how hungry I am-you know, like a blood sugar thing, maybe?

    That awake apnea thing? Very interesting. Hmmm.

    My kids are hooked on Glee, though I'm not sure why yet. Guess I should turn the computer off when I'm watching? :)

  20. I'd never have even heard of the show Glee if I hadn't been reading about it on so many blogs lately. ;)
    I might have to check it out - I'm really curious now.

    Oh, that stupid Jon. My sister is soon to be divorced from a guy like that - wife leaves (for good reason) and instead of proving that he's a good guy, he wallows and then shows the rest of the world exactly why she left him! - Acts like it's her fault he is unable to do anything productive with his life. What are these guys thinking?

    Every day is a bad handwriting day for me. ;)

    Hmm... I think I have 'awake apnea' too. I've found myself doing that many times. There must be an actual reason or cause, but I don't know what it is.


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