Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

*After the biggest headache & running around to different stores, I ended up with a new phone. Now, you all were swaying me with the I-phones & blackberries, & my heart was on one... but my husband just wasnt buying into it... DANG IT! He said I'm in front of a computer 23 hrs out of a day ANYWAYS, so it wouldnt make sense to need a phone with that sort of technology. But I did get a new one... I proudly call, "Pun-kin"... & I'm loving it... didnt have the keyboard feature before & it does have email & some web access... so we're a happy family - Ricky's happy, I'm happy, my Pun-kin has a new home in my purse.

*So am I the only sap crying over Grandma Lee on America's Got Talent? I dont even think she's all that funny - but every time she stands on that stage to see if she makes it through, I swear, I think she's going to have a heart attack! And then they call her name & she tears up, & I LOOSE it every time too!!! You have to give it to her for going after her dream at 75 years old! Again, I dont think she's that funny at all... but if she wins, I wouldnt be upset... I'll just pray she doesnt hit the ground with some sort of shock ailment!

*Spat Of the Week: Cell Phones... enough said... I'm over it... cant go down that road anymore!

*Did Michael Jackson finally get buried? I gave up keeping up with it all....

*Did you know I have two other blogs? Yep... they are on the right side. One is for quotes or things out of books that I really like... the other one is reviews of all the books I'm reading... mainly for me - I want to see how many books I've read & I need a quick review to remind me what it was about once I look back... I'm anxious to start the new year to see how many books I read in a year span...
*I love Flo from the Progressive commercials... she's so bubbly... I'd want her as my friend...

*I woke up Sunday after taking our dogs to the groomers & I told Ricky as soon as my eyes opened... I want to learn to be a dog groomer!!!! Heck, with four dogs & dishing out $175 every few months for all our dogs - it'd SAVE in the end... so I'm trying to see what I can now about dog grooming! Wish me luck!!!!

*You wanna laugh... I mean REALLY REALLY laugh???? You must go here:

I am SOOOO taking my camera in Walmart next time!!!!

*I'm all alone in the office today... which makes for a FANTASTIC DAY!!!! Here's to Fantastic Fridays for everyone!


  1. I think the dog groomer idea is a great one!!! Its a win-win idea!! You go, girl.

    I have to search for a new cell phone once I get back to Canada, and I am NOT looking forward to it!!!!

    Wishing you the best, as always!

  2. Cell phones make me crazy!!! Enough said.

    No, I didn't know you had two other blogs. I'll be checking those babies out!! I heart books. Oh and speaking of that, I got a call yesterday that my book is in at the library, now I think it is "The Noticer" I am so happy. I was this <> close to buying it!! YAY!!!

    Have a Super day in the all alone office =)

  3. I love your Friday Fragments!

    I know exactly what you went through over the cell phone thing. Joe was the same way. So I settled for the Env3 with a Qwerty keyboard. I still want a Blackberry, which I will have. Someday.

    You should go for it on the dog grooming! I'm sure you'd be great!

    Gonna go check out that walmart site. Now.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Love the phone, girl!!!!! Very orangey, haha!! :)

  5. I saw that Grandma on a youtube video and I felt the same way you did. They called her name and her eyes got all watery and my heart just broke for her, in a good way. Who doesn't love a Grandma?

    I ADORE Flo too. She is in a lot of movies too. Small parts. SHe always plays funny ladies. Oh, and she is in Glade commercials. Off the top of my head I can think of a couple of movies that actress has been in. She was in Blades of Glory, Baby Mama, and The Heartbreak Kid. She looks really different outside of the Progressive commercials, sans the heavy makeup and fancy hair.

    Happy FF!

  6. I love it when I'm in the office by myself!

    Have a great weekend! : )

  7. OooOh I love the new phone! I'm in need of a new phone (my current Razr is slowly dying). I WANT an Iphone, but I don't need an Iphone. Nor can I justify the cost. I don't get enough emails nor am I fanatical enough to need to check if I got emails enough to buy a web based/email phone.

    But I would like a phone with a better keyboard - that Razr thing sucks for texting.

  8. Oh forgot to mention, we groom our Shih-Tzu. Oster clippers with guards for different lengths furs & a whole lot of patience.

    Saved TONS of money!

    Note - run your dogs until they are tired...then them to run some more! A groggy tired dog is easier to work on than a spunky energetic dog!

  9. Have a great weekend. I want to learn to groom my dog too. He is so hairy and messy.

  10. Our cell phone talks go like this - hubby "I think you should get a new cell phone." Me "But I like this cell phone and I just got it." "This other cell phone does all of these cool things. You should get it!" Then he starts emailing me ebays ads for the phone and the next thing you know, I have a new phone that I have no clue how to use. The stress of cell phones! :)

  11. I'm all into America's Got Talent this season, and everytime she gets through, I swear she is going to have a heartattack if she doesn't make it. When it's live like that, I'm seriously holding my breath waiting for her to drop, lol. I love her, and actually find her pretty funny. But have to say my fave is Kevin Skinner. He sings the kind of country I actually like and brings me to tears everytime.

  12. Flo drives me absolutely crazy - but you're right - she is perky! I'll give her that.

  13. I loved Grandma Lee on Last Comic Standing. I don't really watch America's Got Talent religiously so I haven't seen her on there yet!

    Great Fragments...I hope you have a great weekend!

  14. Well, Pun-kin is just adorable. I love phones with full keyboards.

    Have a great weekend to follow your fantastic Friday!

  15. I'm alone in my office too, well, me and my boss working on month end. Everyone else (who isn't an accountant) got to go home early for the labor day weekend!


  16. Oh, I feel the same way about Grandma Lee!

    Your pun-kin is very cute.

    And yes, they FINALLY buried Michael last night!

    Love your Friday Frags!

  17. that walmart site is hilarious! i love it. have a great labor day!

  18. After shelling out 70$ to get ONE dog groomed, I considered it too... luckily that was just a one time deal since he's my parents dog ;)

  19. Thankyou for your sweet comments on my last post :) I am so glad that you got a new phone and you found a home for Pun-kin! Let me know if you have any tips for grooming a Yorkie because I am all ears haha. It's gotten harder to groom Tucker on an every-other-day basis now that Ryder is here. BUT I hate to cut all his fur off too. Anyways, I LOVE the People of Wal-mart. Too funny and so true! Have a happy Labor Day weekend

  20. At some point hubby is going to have to get on board with the whole cell phone era - he realized he still had his cell phone tucked in his duffel bag from when we went to Louisiana at the beginning of July - battery deader than a door nail, of course! When Princess Nagger gets to the cell phone age, he may have no choice but to finally upgrade his dinosaur phone to a newer one like I did... ;) Love your Pun-kin! I got distracted for a minute clicking over to T-Mobile to check them out...might have to get one! :)

    I think this is the first year we haven't watched America's Got Talent...would so love to see Grandma Lee - is she going to be in the finals?

    Dog Grooming has really gone up in price over the years hasn't it? I'll be curious to see what you decide on taking up grooming yourself! :)

    Happy FF a day late! :)

  21. I hope you do get to at least entertain the idea of dog grooming, if it's something you'll be interested in. Don't do it just because you could save yourself some money. :) because we all know that when saving money we spend more lol

    Congrats on the new phone!! I hope it's everything you need right now :)

    Kristin - The Goat

  22. Dang you should learn to groom your dogs!


  23. I love Grandma Lee; she's a cutie pie. I sometimes think my mom should be on that show, but I wouldn't let her. I know she would make it on the air for sure, but I couldn't stand it if anyone did anything but cheer for her.

    I'm coveting your phone-very sharp! :)

    Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

  24. I love Flo, too! :) And cute phone. Did you find a ringer yet? I haven't picked mine - I don't know about any free sites, so I'm trying to make sure I pick one I really like.


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