Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cleaning up Garbage...

I've been up since 5:00 am...

Let me re-word that.  I've been WORKING since 5 am this morning.  Not working at work, but cleaning up in my home this morning.

I wake up to hear Ricky yell, "WWHHHAAATTTTTT??????" - that's not a good way to start a day, I can tell.

I walk into the living room & see a cranberry sauce can, then look & see a trail of paper towel that leads to the kitchen & that's where I REALLY woke up... my eyes were like "BONK" out of my head.

The dogs got into a bag of garbage during the night!  They never do that - but yeah, I am usually pretty good at making sure the garbage gets outside to the can.  But it was so dang cold & the cans were outside the garage door - & truth be told - I totally forgot about the bag by the door... but believe me, our dogs are trained & they KNOW BETTER!!!!

3 of them were off running & hiding.  My Bruno came around the corner totally clueless... he was safely tucked with me in bed all night so he missed all the fun.

Ricky & I spent the morning picking up jars, papers, old chicken wrappers (I guess they ate the chicken fat I cut off dinner 2 nights ago ... gagging!)... they got the crock pot bag that had all kinds of juice (gagging again) was a mess - it was garbage.... true garbage...

The floor was sticky from all the mess, so I'm mopping at 5:15 am... yeah, not a way to start a morning...

The dogs know when they are in trouble & did something wrong.  They'll sit just like this puppy with their head hung down & all you have to say is "get away" & they run into a different room & just lay down.  Only for a minute though because they'll come back & see if you're still mad at them.

I sit down to put on my make up & here comes Sydney, our Aussie.  I look at her & just stare at her & she walks away.  She comes back again & I tell her that was bad.  She hangs her head.  She literally JUMPS up in my lap & lays her head on my chest.... I'm totally not joking!!! She does this.  I try not to love on her because I want her to know how serious I am about being angry...but dang it, after about 10 minutes, her sweet personality just gets to me & I love on her & am rubbing her ears, but still telling her she was a bad girl.  And if you arent a dog person, you may think, "Why are you talking to your dog?", but let me make you aware that we have to SPELL around this dog, she's so smart - she knows what I'm saying...

Then driving into work, it just clicked to me the sermon we heard at church Sunday about forgiveness & the events that happened during the morning...

How many times do I get back in my old garbage & pull it out?  Scatter it around & get myself into trouble?  Or pull out things that have been thrown away & done with - only to be reminded of the stink & filth that was there? 

And God comes along & cleans it up once again... I run & hide ashamed of myself... & I go to God & feel horrible & say "I'm sorry" one more time...

And then God lovingly takes me back into His arms & tells me that he still loves me....

I learned a lesson this morning... EARLY this morning... & I'm thankful that God isnt worried about waking up early to love me once again...


  1. What a great perspective, Rebecca! And what a horrible way to start your day :(

    I'll bet those doggies will be sorry all day long. And sucking up to you the minute you get home.

    Looks like it's gonna be a caffeine-filled day for you, huh?

  2. Wow! Sorry friend. I hope the rest of your day is better. And yeah, I would be sucking down the soda! :)

  3. So sorry you had to clean that up...and so early in the morning too. But I love how you tied it into your sermon message. You are so great at that!!

  4. Oh Man, sorry about the garbage! That STINKS.. but I am glad that the sermon you heard Sunday was made evident in a way that had meaning to you...

    We spell around my CAT. Mostly as a joke.. but we feel like He's just that smart!!

    Have a good day.. and just maybe a quick power nap! Being up since 5 just plain STINKS. : )

  5. Wow, you just put into words some things that I have been thinking about but not able to sit and write out! Thank you!

  6. Solid proof that God can teach you lessons even at 5am in the morning, haha!!!! Great analogy!

  7. Excellent analogy. But that still sucks!

  8. What a wonderful way to spin it around to a positive out look my dear! Sometimes it's the small things right in front of our faces.

    Sorry you had to clean up ;(

  9. oh no! What a terrible way to wake up - we've had that happen to us before and I can tell you right now my attitude was not nearly as good as yours about the whole thing! I love your analogy too!

  10. RJ,
    I love your take on this. It made for a bad morning I'm sure, but the truth that you gleaned from it is so right on track.

    Love you girl,

  11. Yes, the dogs knew better, but they just didn't care. They/us all misbehave once in a while. I like how it reminded you of your sermon. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Girl, you KNOW I totally "get" the talking to your dogs thing.

    LOL'ing over here as my dog, Pele, just got into my garbage yesterday between lunch (when I was home) and after school, when I got home. He was digging for the chicken wing bones I had disposed of after I finished eating.

    Oh yeah, but he sure did hang his head and run when he saw that I had figured out what he'd done.

    I can't say we're quite as lovable as furry babies, but thank goodness God loves us anyhow, eh?


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