Friday, January 01, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

*Woke up early to get to work on my house... time to take down the tree & decorations... & even more, I want to organize, organize & organize... I know its going to take more then a day to do all the organizing - but I now am pumped & ready to go... what is it about the New Year that inspires to get a clean slate? 

*I am in love with my iPod Touch... seriously, its true love!  I have the poor thing almost full to capacity of music already though.... do I see a 32G coming in my future?  I think down the road, it's gotta happen - I mean, I have now learned I cant live without it... (yeah, I can really LIVE without it, but you know how that goes)

*Can I brag on a bloggy friend?  I received a Christmas package from my awesome friend Dawn that just made me smile for the longest time!  I'm a total failure because I didnt take pictures of the package & once it was opened, things were scattered & gone all wild & crazy!  Girlfriend sent me a LOAD!!  Full of Belle fun things, a Princess tin FULL .... & I mean FULLLLLLLL of candy (Ricky totally loved that!), YARN, (Yes, sweet, beautiful yarn), knitting patterns, a tiara Christmas ornament (which you can see in this picture on my tree), a puppy bookmark, and a wreath that she made... it is honestly my favorite wreath now... & she even made it with "Minnie Mouse" themed colors ... & even more goodies... I'm telling you - it was the funnest package I think I've ever received...  If you dont think you cant make amazing friends through the blog world, you'd be wrong... I truly adore this lady & she inspires me with her love for God... so if you get a chance, stop by & say hi to her... you'll be so glad you've taken time to known her!

*Anyone else just dying for a new GLEE?  I've got about 7 episodes on my DVR & just keep watching them over & over...I totally need to go out & get the Season 1 DVD so I can just loop it & live in my GLEE world...

*Did anyone realize the days are getting a little longer now a minute at a time... yes, come on lighter evenings... PLEAAAAASSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!

*If you were wondering from my birthday post... YES - I did get a birthday cake!  My parents ended up coming over with the best pizza in the world & they also had a cake in hand.... it was so bright & colorful too - loved it... Look at Sophia just waiting for me to cut into it..

*Is there anything wrong with eating a huge piece of birthday cake after you run a few miles?  Cause that's why I look so lovely on my birthday - I just got done sweating... maybe the sweat killed off a few more calories...

*My brother, when he walked into my house for my birthday, he said, "Rebecca, all your dogs are the same shape... ROUND"... ahh, my poor babies... & for the record - only two of them are round... & if you want to get technical, its more oblong...

*Is "Avatar" all that its really cracked up to be?  I keep hearing so much about it, but still not sure I'm interested..

*Hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve & ready to start another year... I'm off to get cracking on the cleaning!!! HAPPY 2010!


  1. Happy New Year to you!! The tree is coming down this weekend at our place too and I'm all about the longer's hard leaving the house at 6:00 a.m. when it's not even light out. Ugh.

  2. RJ,
    What a sweetie you are!! Thanks so much for the kind words ~~ you know you rock my world my looieville friend =)

    I hope 2010 holds ALL God's best and glorious in you and Ricky's life!!!

    Have a Blessed and beautiful organizing, please come over and do the same at my house, kind of day =)


  3. I did some cleaning yesterday and plan on doing more and more.. What a fun day.. Glad you got your cake..

    Happy New Year.

  4. Mark and I watched The Proposal last night and loved it, but I can't tell you a thing about Avatar, sorry.

    What thoughtful gifts Dawn sent you! Blogging world friendships are wonderful...

    My tree is undressed but still standing there. I hope to get it out the door today :)

    Happy New YEar!

  5. P.S. Two more things...

    1) How could it be that I was not Following you?! I fixed that.

    2) Your dog cute!!

  6. Happy New Year, Rebecca!

    And yes, Avatar IS all it's hyped up to be...absolutely amazing! Really, a must see at the theater, although the 3d version might be too intense.

    Go buy Glee Season #1 and run to the movies to see Avatar!

  7. Happy New Year Sweetie! Love the birthday cake it's beautiful and I'm sure tons of calories burned so a big piece of cake is all good!!!

    Love the tree with a peak out the window, just gorgeous my dear! I'm with you I'm missing GLEE also. Not a big Avatar fan, my parents went but dad is a big sifi fan and took mom to that one :).

    So glad you got a bloggy treat arrive at your house. Loving it my dear :)

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New year :)

  8. Happy Happy New Year!

    I love my IPOD Touch too..
    What are your favorite apps!

    Calories don't count on your birthday : ) So have 2 pieces of cake!!

  9. Happy New Year, friend!!!!

    Love you :)

  10. We are not finished with Christmas around here so my decorations are up for at least another week. My son will be coming next Sunday with his family.
    I want an Ipod. I am beginning to think that I will have to buy it myself.
    You didn't get calorie free cake? That's what I get every year. It is a standing order.
    Happy New Year.

  11. Happy Slightly Belated Birthday ;)

    I think cake calories don't count when it's your birthday, so I wouldn't worry too much about it!

    I suggested to my husband that we take down the tree and he started getting all pouty, so I am happy leaving it up for a few more days *L*

    P.S. My word verification is "spityrot" and for some reason that's just totally cracked me up.

  12. Cannot WAIT for Glee to come back on!

    I HAVE noticed it's staying lighter after 5 now. Love it!

    My word verification was dogich. It made me laugh. I saw someone else had a funny word verification so I had to share!


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