Saturday, January 30, 2010

Project 365-3

I'm finding I'm aware now of having my camera & snapping away pictures... its turning into a lot of fun!  So here's my week:

Sunday 1/24/10 - STRETCH those needles....  I have so many knitting needles, its CRAZY... but when I needed size 6 & I didnt have them, I couldnt believe it.  So I ran down to the local craft store, got the needles & hate when they are kinky... so on the drive home, I do the next best thing & put them over the rear view mirror & let gravity start working on pulling a little bit of the "kink" out...

Monday 1/25/10 - SUGAR GROUP!  It was our small group at church for the youth girls & it was one of the girls birthday the day before.... a perfect excuse to bring a bunch of icing!  Happy Birthday Chayla (Aren't these the most awesome faces you've ever seen?)

Tuesday Jan 26, 2010 - PEANUT BUTTER!!!!  Oh, the joy the dogs get when we get through a jar of Peanut Butter.  They get the jar & lick it clean.  My mom will save hers up so we try to get them each a jar - but it doesnt always work that way - so its just whoever is in the kitchen.... today was Sydney's lucky day.  I love how she's got her paw wrapped holding the jar...

Wednesday 1/27/10 - Rockin' Youth!!!  On Wednesdays, our youth group takes over the music of the night.  We have such talented kids - its CRAZY!!!  The kids can pick their music for the night & its great to see everyone's taste... I just love that they use their talent for the Glory of God! 

Thursday 1/28/10 - "Feel better Mom".... We were supposed to have Knitting night at church, but I was feeling like doo doo... my throat was horrible.  So I came home & got on the couch with my knitting & Bruno hopped up on the couch with me & snuggled in the fold of my leg... how cute is that face... he stayed there all night long.  Even when the yarn was draping across his face, he just stayed... that's my boy...

Friday - 1/29/10 - GROCERY GAME BEGINS!  I saw "the Grocery Game" on Food Network last weekend & wanted to give it a shot.  If you have never heard of it, google it... or you can see a video on YouTube about it.  The point is they send you a list of whats on sale at your grocery, plus with the use of coupons, you are supposed to save a lot of money.  You can try it free for 4 weeks, so I thought, let's give it a go!  This is what I got off the list for the day

And this is my receipt showing a savings of 82%!!! 

And granted, this total is even with some additional things not in the picture - so if I strictly went off the list, I probably woulda saved more... I'm anxious to see if next week is a good savings too... Anyone else play the Grocery Game?  let me know what you think about it if you do...

Saturday 1/30/10 - Sun in the midst of snow.... we got more snow over night.  (...BIG sigh...) but I was looking out at our bird food holder & noticed the sun shine on it looking at me... so it gives me hope of Spring to come...

Click away photo friends... I'll be visiting to see your week!


  1. What a wonderful reflection of last week. My dogs have never had the chance to lick the jar clean. Hmmmm Would be fun to see how that works. Do you think I could keep it away from my dog that has a peanut allergy? We'll see soon.

  2. Great pictures!! I love the knitting needles on the rearview mirror!!! And the puppy love! So sweet! Our miniature poodle has decided that with the cold weather he needs to start out his bedtime by wiggling into bed between hubby and I and laying there on his back so we can rub his belly! Aren't their personalities so much fun!?

  3. I had to laugh at the needles hanging from the rear view mirror! I should hang some on mine...just for decoration! heehee

    You do know that you can boil some water and stick the cords in the hot water to straighten them out. Just hold the needles over the water (you don't want to stick the actual needles in, let the cords be all wet for a few minutes, and then stretch them out straight on a dishcloth. Run them under cold water a minute to make them "stick" that way. Voila!

    One more comment...and you know it's coming...about your foray into The Grocery Game. You Go Girl! You know I did this experiment last summer. I wound up canceling my subscription before I had to pay for it, but I learned some very important tips before I was done. Plus, you can get the same information for free on other websites. Just let me know if you need some help!

  4. Great pictures. Looks like you had a really good week. I hope the sun comes out and warms everything up. I don't much like the cold

  5. You make me want to try knitting. I love to crochet & embroider, and I think quilting is next, but knitting looks fun too!

    Sweet kids, sweet dog, sweet savings!

    Hang in there; spring is comin!

    BTW, I tried the Russian Chicken last night and it was DELICIOUS!!! I want to write about it on my cooking blog next week and I'll link to your post. Thanks for the recipe/idea. Yummy!!

  6. I have no idea what "kinky needles" actually means, but you're pretty smart to hang em from the mirror!!

    I have heard alot about that grocery game, I think I just might try it out!

  7. i'm going to hang my needles on my rearview mirror need to read my post a few days ago about 'danglies'...really.
    loved ALL your pics, especially doggie with p'nut butter :)

  8. I am also a knitter - and love knitting in the round with those needles.
    Love all the youth involement too.
    My husband is the youth pastor at our church.

  9. when I started reading before the first picture, I thought "how can knitting needles be kinky?" I obviously didn't know they were attached to a "cord"? my grandmother knitted beautifully but I never had the patience to learn. :(

    Sydney is beautiful!! I may have to try giving my Lily the empty jar of PB.

    Love, LOVE youth worship!

    I have not heard about the grocery game, but will go look it up when I am done...that is quite a bit of savings!

    great week!

  10. Funny! Our dog loves PB too and we often put a little in her rawhide to get her started, but I'll have to try the jar too. ;)

    We buy Lifewater too... will have to check out the savings. Thanks for the tip

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  12. The grocery game sounds great! I will have to check it out.
    Great idea giving the dogs the empty PB jars!!

  13. Great pictures! Your puppies are too cute...

  14. I haven't used round needles yet, but that's a cool idea. I really like the knitting night at church idea.
    Noticed the GPS in the photo too, don't know how i lived without one before!
    So wonderful, youth involved doing music!
    PB was the name of a dog we used to know, and you know why.
    Never heard of Grocery Game, interesting!

  15. Such cute furry pals you've got. I've never thought about giving them an empty jar of PB. I bet they love that treat!!

  16. I'm just loving that picture looking out your window, it's so cool!

    Sugar party count me in ... LOL

    Peanut Butter Jar that is so cool!

    Grocery Games I'm so going to have to check it out! Love me the Food Network.

  17. Hi Rebecca Jo. My mom is in Louisville, KY. I especially like the sun in the midst of the snow image. Very nice.

    You can see mine here.


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