Saturday, January 16, 2010

Project 365-1

I love when people are trying to get a picture of every day of the year for their blogs... what a fun way to look back for yourself & have good memories... So I'm going to give it a go.. & I KNOW I'm not going to be getting EVERY day, as I've gotten home from being out & then thought already, "Dang, I didnt take a picture"... but at least this is a start...

Sunday 1/10/10 - Went & got more totes to organize more of my yarn... WOW - didnt realize I had so much & this isnt even ALL of it... You cant even see how crammed in the yarn is in certain totes... at least now, its organized a bit.  Cottons, Sock yarns, Luxury Yarns, Wool... a system of some sort...

Monday 1/11/10 - Its dang COLD outside... look at the thermostat when I woke up... & yes, the inside temp is like 60 degrees... I took this pic to have proof that Ricky is trying to freeze me out of the house!

Tuesday 1/12/10 - Got to get my hair done & I was bearing gifts for a hair stylist at the shop.  She wanted a slouch hat & is a Pittsburg Steelers Fan.  I couldnt find the right color "yellow" so went with a black hat & then found this ADORABLE feather that can be added & taken off easily for game days... I think it added alot of personality!

Wednesday - 1/13/10 - Found even MORE inspiration for knitting in a Health Magazine! (Can you see what it says - Burn more than 500 calories an hour... at about 100 calories an hour... so see, I HAVE to knit 5 hours at a time - for my own health!)

Thursday - 1/14/10... Wrapped in Love... our "Fiber" group... dont wanna say Knitting group because we actually have more crochet-ers... or as I like to call them, "HOOKERS"... yes, I said it... its true though.. they use hooks!  Get your minds out of the gutters!... but all these projects were prayed over & ready to go to the local Cancer Center for little bit of hope to brighten someone's day...

Friday 1/15/10 - Yes.... after a VERY long & VERY busy week... this is my Buffy ready for me to lounge with her for the night... I was ready to curl up & snuggle with our "110 lbs-who-thinks-shes-10 lbs" dog...she already got a spot warm for me

One week down...


  1. So glad to see you doing this!!! It's alot of fun to see what catches someone elses eye and sometimes gives me some different ideas too! I joined a flickr group to help keep me accountable to taking a picture a day too and I love to look through and see what new pictures have been posted!

    I can TOTALLY relate to the 60 degree temp inside the house! I turn it up when I have kids here, but if it's just hubby and I he turns it down to about 58-60!! Says we have an electric blanket upstairs we can go and curl up under that and the other blankets and keep warm! Ha!

  2. I love Project 365! I have several friends that do it & last year one of them turned her Project 365 into a hardback coffee table book. She said that way she can have the memories & photos forever.

    This is yet another reason I wish I had a digital camera! :)

  3. Love the pictures! One of the brain tips on my Nintendo DSi said that knitting is good for some part of the brain (maybe the prefrontal cortex). It helps with concentration. Therefore, I think I should teach all of my students to knit and get in some quality knitting time while I'm at it!

    Love the blankets, BTW! What a wonderful cause!

  4. I was watching a local news show and they had a woman on there called a Rug Hooker. I totally want to be a hooker!

  5. Yay! I am trying this also! We can encourage each other!

  6. So fun! I can't wait to see more!!! And I LOVE Buffy! She is beautiful! We have a 75 pound lap dog too! :)

  7. this is really neat. I will have to do something like this also. Love it.. Have a great weekend. I love totes.

    Here is a fun tag I tagged you in if you want to play along..

  8. so glad you linked up with us!!! you will love this project!

    after reading your post....I need to learn how to knit!! then I wouldn't have to go to the gym, which I hate! :)

    your dog looks so comfy!

  9. Stick with it... I hope to. I think I might make a calendar at the end of the year... choose one pic from each month, one that I think best represents that month, or a collage of a few.

  10. Love the blankets or afghans you all made. So cool. I believe you have more yard than I do even! lol
    Isn't this Project 365 fun!

  11. She looks like a sweetheart, but gee, she doesn't leave much room for you on that couch, does she?

    Congrats on having such a wonderful talent for knitting. I'm very impressed!

  12. I'm a knitter who never knits ('cause there's no time). I never knew that about burning calories!!! Maybe I need to pick it back up. :) Thanks for sharing your week!

  13. loved the photo of the 'hookers' lol. that made me laugh. i have never been much of a 'hooker' but did crochet some potholders once. it's a great way to pass time. looks like a great week for you, and GREAT hat!

  14. Guess I need to take up knitting then! lol Anything that might burn some calories :-)

    Enjoyed your week-in-photos. Looks like you have a fun bunch of "fiber friends". Your hair stylist's hat is so cute with the yellow feather. Beautiful job!

  15. look at all that gorgeous yarn! I'm so loving it!


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