Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You ready for this? Yes, a cooking post... from me!!

I still cant believe I'm enjoying cooking... & I actually had a recipe that required white cooking wine... this was REALLY a first.  I felt so professional - like cameras from Food Network should appear at my home.  (I know - stupid... but this is all still so new to me)   I was excited about it & took pictures of the adventure.  This turned out so well & it was so yummy, I decided to share.  So, who would have ever thought the day would come where it looked like this was a cooking blog... miracles never cease to happen!

These are the ingredients you need...

Chicken breast, Swiss cheese, Cream of Chicken Soup, some herb stuffing & cooking white wine...

You then take some swiss cheese & put it on top of the chicken... I like my stuff CHEESY so I sorta double layered the cheese

Then you mix 1/4 c white cooking wine with the can of cream of chicken soup. Then add 1/4 c water and 1 cup herb stuffing mix.  Mix it all together.  Then you just later it on top of the chicken... spray the top with some butter spray to make it gold & pretty (ahhh, pretty food!)

This is before it goes in the oven

You bake it for 45 minutes for 350 degrees... It calls for being served over steamed rice, but I thought it would be too much with the stuffing already... and I didnt miss the rice... I did add a little extra stuffing though in the mix...

But this is the finished product

I had it with steamed broccoli & hmmmm... it was wonderful..

The true test... RICKY!!!!  He did his normal "What is this?" - "What's in it?" & then sniffed it & eyed it for 5 minutes.  When he heard it had swiss cheese, he was almost out & then he said "Dont be mad if I dont like it"... but he tasted it & then tasted it again & said "Wow, this is really good!"... it officially passes the picky taste test!

So chalk another experiment up to the win column...


  1. that looks so GREAT!!!! :D southern girls cook best ;)

  2. LOL If I ever cooked anything with real ingredients like wine the heavens would probably fall down from the sky!
    Looks great, looking forward to more cooking posts!

  3. That does look good!

    I got all misty eyed seeing Kroger products. I love Kroger!

  4. You go girl! I am impressed...and going to try this recipe out. It sounds great and not too hard.

  5. I'm going to have it try it!

    Although I don't have any white cooking wine. Looks like a trip to Kroger is in order!

    Good job, Rebecca!

  6. Looks delicious!!! Glad that Ricky liked it too!

  7. It's got three of the four basic food groups, Chicken, cheese and stuffing, how could it not be good? LOL. I stinking love broccoli. I think I want some for breakfast now.
    Thanks for stopping by yesterday. I know I'm being all sarcastic and grumbling about my one little ole wisdom tooth, but really, I'm just thankful we have insurance to help pay for it.

  8. Hey...that sounds so GOOD! If it has the hubby's stamp of approval, it must really be yummy!

  9. I've had this before! Loved it - ans swore not to fix it very much cause I could get addicted to the creaminess. Good job!

  10. YAY!!! You go girl. That looks incredibly delicious!!! :)

  11. You signed in above me today at SITS and I had to laugh...I had the same thought this morning! I want my GLEE back!!!!

    The recipe looks so yummy and super easy.

  12. Hmm, I have picky eaters...maybe I'll give this a try!

    ...swingin' by from SITS!

  13. if Ricky likes it - it's gotta be good!!

    Sorry I've been a bit absent as of late. Lack of computer access at work is putting a damper on my blogging during slow times :-(

  14. This looks so good - I can't wait to try it!!! Thanks for sharing!

  15. that does look yummy. I do love cheese too.

  16. Wait! No, I'm not ready!

    Ok, I'm ready now.
    That looks so yummy!!!! I didn't know you were a betty crocker!

    (I left you a surprise on my blog)

  17. LOL sounds like my Rick and the boys, every day Rick walks in and says what are you going to make me try tonight ... :)

    I think I've only come across a few that he absolutely hated.

    Looks amazing my dear :)

  18. I'm going to have to try that!! It looks yummy!!! Can't wait to see what's next!

  19. RJ,
    That sounds REALLY good!! I'd probably have to swap out the Swiss for Provolone.

    I just saw "The Traveler's Gift" on your read list. How are you liking it? I think it will be my next audio book buy. I'm really enjoying "The Noticer" what a wonderful book.

    Love you friend,

  20. mmmm i am def going to be trying this!! thanks for the tip.

    hope you are doing well lady!

  21. How r u??? I have missed you..

    I have to try this.. YUMMMY!


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