Saturday, January 23, 2010

Project 365-2

OK - Making it through my 2nd week & remembering more & more to snap away...

Saturday 1/16/10... RUSSIAN CHICKEN DAY - AGAIN!!! I'm addicted to this & so is Ricky!  For Ricky to enjoy something I make so well that he'll eat it two weekends in a row, that says something!  How easy is this - chicken breasts, Russian Salad Dressing, an envelope of Onion Soup Mix, & a can of cranberries (I use the cranberry sauce though) ... put in the crockpot, cook for 4 hours... OH MY GOODNESS... I use a little more then half the bottle of dressing & the whole can of cranberries to make alot of sauce... serve it over rice & use that sauce & its beyond yummy!

Sunday 1/17/10 .... YARN SWIFT REPLACEMENT...Ricky was out skating after church & I didnt have any extra hands around.  And yes, while the suggestion of using Bruno was fun in trying, it didnt work.  I dont have a yarn swift - which is a little contraption to hold yarn that isnt rolled up.  And to roll it up, you need to stretch out the yarn... think of the old pictures of people holding yarn out in between their arms... no such luck.  So my buddy, Auburnchick suggested to use the back of a chair... worked like a charm!  that's nice to know because Yarn Swifts aren't cheap...(you can see the little roller it goes to in front of my Belle painting... I love rolling up yarn... so fun to watch it come into a pretty little ball!

Monday 1/18/10 - WREATH SURVIVAL... We got a live wreath at work this past Christmas & I am doing everything I can to keep it living!  No one else cares in the office & they beg me to just "LET IT DIE REBECCA!"... I feel so much like Phoebe on "Friends"... I cant let it go... so I'm still faithful in watering it & it still looks good & smells good!  Its over a month old... I think someone will sneak it down when I'm not looking & throw it away though... I'll cry...

Tuesday 1/19/10... "My Jesus Year"... I am loving this book!  Its so funny but has some real insighs in it... I keep a book open on my desk at all times so when I'm on hold, I can get some reading in... Here's my desk with my book under all the mess...

Wednesday 1/20/10... NOT PIGGY!!!!!  Every night when we go to bed, Bruno MUST have his Piggy... dont ask why the penguin is named Piggy... it just is... but every night, he sucks on its nose like a pacifier.  And I'm getting ready for bed & look down & see the scariest thing ever... PIGGY'S NOSE IS COMING APART!!  NOOOOOOO!!!! I've gotta use some mad sew skills to fix it... Bruno will never be able to sleep again!

Thursday 1/21/10 - Frozen to sleep!.... Yes, you may remember our "Spat of the week" & the talk of LAYERS of clothing because I'm freezing... Ricky snapped this of me sleeping. I fell asleep watching "Project Runway" & I have on, no joke, 4 layers of shirts & am tucked under 4 layers of blankets... I must have finally got warm enough to doze off...

Friday 1/22/10 - Baby Blanket Charity Knit Night... while trying to stay away to watch Conan's last night, I did what I do... KNIT... This is the "Snow White" charity blanket I got in the mail the day before.  I was expecting "Snow White" colors as in her dress - yellow, blue, reds... so was surprised when I saw it was actually ALL white.  And can you believe I didnt have any plain white yarn?  So yep, had to go get a skein of white yarn.. mine is the eyelet section on the right side of the picture... love holding blankets that people from all over the US work on.. so cool!

Cant wait to see other Project 365 pics... SNAP AWAY!


  1. Yep, I'm doing Becky Higgins' Project Life this year, and I love it! The different things you take pics of, that you wouldn't normally; it's such a great way to preserve some "everyday" history of our lives.

    Love the bundled up pic! That's how I feel in my three layers, two blankets and two pair of socks! Midwest winters suck.

  2. I tried to keep our wreath up as long as I could...the one at your office looks GREAT!! Why don't you hang some little hearts down from the bow..that way, everyone at work will think it's for Valentine's Day and maybe not throw it out?!?!?


  3. “Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest”

    Your russian chicken looks so yummy!

  4. Still awaiting that digital camera so I can join you in Project 365...and the Russian Chicken is something I am going to try next week! Sounds delicious

  5. I am thinking I will make the Chicken tomorrow. Looks so very good. Will have to check the ingredients in the soup because MSG makes Stan violently ill. Hope there is none. I want to try it!!
    I like this project 365, but do not know anything about it. Can you explain, or give a link?

  6. That chicken looks PHENOMENAL! I want to try it! :)

  7. I'm so glad you were able to use my idea!!

    The chicken looks terrific! I think I'm going to have to try this one! Thanks for sharing it!

  8. I’ve made that Russian chicken a few times. To.die.for. mmmmmmm….
    I've used apricot preserves too instead of the cranberries. Also very YuMmY!

    Yarn: too funny. I have come up with a few crazy ways myself of rolling yarn. Never thought to capture it with a camera!

    Poor Piggy :-(

  9. that russian chicken recipe is also good on pork!!

    I would be the one throwing the wreath away!! ha!

    I have never known a dog to use something like a pacifier...that is hilarious! but you are in trouble if it wears out.....maybe you should start looking for a new one!

    the blanket is such a wonderful idea. How many people will actually work on it? will you get to see the finished product?

    great week!

  10. That picture of you sleeping cracks me up, haha!! :)

  11. Hope Piggy's surgery was successful. lol Funny Bruno.

    Great idea using the back of a chair to wind yarn.

    Russian chicken sounds delicious! Can't get cranberries or I'd try it myself. Instead I'll pass along the recipe to my son.

    Beautiful charity blanket!

  12. The blanket idea is really cool. I am interested and would like to find out more about it. It looks beautiful btw. All your pics are really good. I used to have a Cairn Terrier. Bruno made me think of her (she ran away last year). :( Will be back next week!

  13. The Russian Chicken looks delicious. I may just give it a try this week!

    Poor Bruno's piggy. When growing up I had a Ragedy Ann I couldn't part with and she ended up with calico feet and some creative "plastic" surgery on her face with some cream colored material just to keep her up and running.

  14. Yeah for joining project 365 - It is fun (so far) and helps me take a moment to see things worth remembering, snap a picture and enjoy them! That chicken looks delicious!

  15. Good work on the wreath preservation!!
    I love all the things you've got going on :-)

  16. Hope you can get Piggy mended for Bruno!

  17. You are a busy lady with all that crafting!

    I'm the same way on hold. May I please hold? Oh yes, no problem. I'd be happy to read a chapter out of this book I'm working on (or this blog I'm reading). :)

  18. Such a colorful dinner and so easy...looks good!!

    Now you don't have to spend all that money on a yarn swift...also a great thing.

    Fun pictures and I hope that wreath lasts until next Christmas!!


  19. That Chicken looks so good. Yum The blanket is just beautiful and I am always cold but you really look freezing:) Great pictures
    I popped over from Saras!
    Your Grandbaby is adorable.

  20. thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog... you have a very cute blog... and look forward to getting to know you as we go through the year.

  21. Enjoyed your post.
    Noticed we live in the same state. Go Colts!
    And we both knit. I only got back into it in November (after 40 years!). Great for staying awake while watching tv.
    I copied the recipe. Thanks.
    Book open at all times--wonderful habit.
    Charity blanket, great idea.
    Never heard of a live wreath, but i would be like you. i keep plants way too long. Still have the poinsettia from 2008!
    Have a great week!

  22. Sounds like a nice week!
    I love that you won't let that wreath die! Lol!
    And that is SO CUTE that your dog sucks on Piggy the Penguin like a pacifier! Awwww!

  23. Thanks for blogging over! I think I am gonna have fun doing this year long project! I get cold so easily that I am found under layers of blankets too! That crock pot chix dish looks yummy! I love my crock pot!

  24. Love your week in pictures. You knitting is cool. That snow white blanket is beautiful

  25. Chicken dish sounds quite interesting.
    I LOVE that you are trying to preserve that wreath!! I'd be the same way.
    And, MAN! You must have been horribly C.O.L.D. to have so many layers on!

  26. Love all your shots! I cracked up over the one of you all bundled up and sleeping! :) Poor Piggy! The toy, I mean the toy!! :)

  27. RJ,
    This is so much fun to see all of your pictures!!! I love that your keeping that wreath away. You tell those co-workers to BACK AWAY FROM THE WREATH ~~ BACK AWAY AND NO ONE GETS HURT!!!!! =) heehee

    And the pic of you sleeping ~~ priceless!! Tell Ricky Kudos ~~ GREAT SHOT!!!

    Have a Blessed week friend,

  28. great photos and thanks for sharin these with us! chicken dish looks really yummy!

    u may view mine here

  29. i really want to try that russian chicken, sounds yum. and that snow white blanket being worked on by so many people is priceless, where will it end up?

  30. I'm a penguin fanatic so I smiled to see Piggy - I'll have to remember that name for the next stuffed penguin I get (people know I collect, so it WILL happen LOL).


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