Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

*Grey... grey... & add in a touch of blurrrr.... that's what its looked like around here all week!  It is like we're living in some sort of scene from a movie - a HORROR film!  Because its just been cloudy, rainy & FOGGY all week!  Fog even during the day - the entire day!  I dont remember what a yellow sun or a blue sky looks like... I'm very glum because of this too by the way...

*Gotta stay up tonight to see Conan's last show... & you can bet, I'll never watch Jay Leno's show. 

*I'm shocked.  I saw pictures of Prince William the other day & he looks so much older!  He's even struggling with balding already!  I remember when he was born & he's already loosing his hair?  Oh, I dont even want to think of what that means for me & how old I am....

*I get "Facts of the day" on my Google page & saw today that the average woman eats 6 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime... maybe I need to just start smearing chocolate on my lips - 6 lbs of that sounds much better!

*SPAT OF THE WEEK:  The THERMOSTAT!! I know most husband & wives argue about this, but its getting ridiculous!  We got our electric bill in the other day & yes, we had a spell where it didnt even get out of the teens for the highs for a few days... so our bill was pretty high.  The highest one we had.  Ricky has gone into overdrive & is constantly turning back the heat.  Now, I'm a cold nature person.  I'll sit in my office at work during the Spring with my heater on... no joke!  So I've been walking around our house like the Michelin Tire man because of all the layers.  Last night, I had on long underwear & heavy sweat pants over them... a tank top, a t shirt, a sweatshirt & then ANOTHER zip up sweatshirt over that.  Plus, I put the hood on & tied it tight around my head... AND I was under covers... and I was STILL cold!  Ricky thinks I'm doing that just to make him feel bad but I seriously was that cold!  So if you dont hear from me on here for a few days - check to see if I'm frozen in my own home!

*Anyone else catch the new show on TLC "One Big Happy Family"?  I love this show... its a look into the world of an obese family & their struggles fitting in with the "real world" & their trek on loosing weight.  This family just is adorable though.  I love the mom & how sweet her heart is for her family... they all just seem to love each other & its great seeing a brother & sister get along so well... you really should check it out if you havent already.  (I think it may be on hiatus until Summer though)

*If you havent ever seen this blog, & are interested in doing a "Bible in a Year" sorta thing, check it out:  It really is nice.  Gives you the reading for each day & then adds a little "thought" & pictures that go along with it, even maps that may make things clearer... & I love it because they add a song to go with it for the day, a thought, a prayer & memory verse... it really is a nice site... totally recommend it!

*For the Bachelor fans... how happy are you that crazy-Michelle got asked to leave?  THANK YOU JAKE!  And I'm confused... I thought "Reality Steve" said Elizabeth was in the final four, but she got booted this week.  (Thank you again Jake for calling her out on her stupid "Make out with my forehead" thing!)  Did I read that wrong?  I've gotta research it again... PRAYING he's wrong because if you havent read it & you dont know who he says is the final girl... oh, I gagged & puked when I read it... so I'm hoping he's wrong!

*Kudos to GLEE for winning a Golden Globe for best Comedy!!!!  Was totally hoping Jane Lynch would pull through though... Toni Collette?  Seriously?  Who even knows she HAS a show?  Jane Lynch should have taken that  by a land slide!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!  And if you see a blue sky & a yellow sun, can you ask it to please come visit us in the Kentucky/Indiana area?


  1. I'd love for the sun to come to MN...along with some heat! : )

    I hear you about the heat bill. We have electric heat and goodness, I hate the winter. Our bill was high last month and I don't even want to see this month.

  2. You need to add a snuggy over all your layers of warmth!! We have the same battle over the thermostat! WHat is it with men?! I have been freezing, layered up and sleeping with my snuggy on under the covers!! Keep warm!

  3. We are so alike it's scary :)

    The gray gloomy days are killing me! I don't think the sun is coming back until spring.

    I saw that picture of Prince William, too, and thought the exact same thing. Where did that sweet little boy go?!

    I'm so happy for Glee! Can't wait til a new season starts!

    Good luck staying warm. Maybe an electric blanket and battery operated socks will help?

  4. What a week.. I am happy with Jake also. Have a great weekend.

  5. i will definately check out that 'one big happy family' show. AND the bible in a year blog. those both sound like something i would enjoy!

  6. Coming by way of Friday Fragments. I love the verse from which you get your blog title. It has meant a lot to me during all three of my pregnancies...each for different reasons.

    I can't believe Prince William either. He looked so much like his beautiful mother when he was younger, and now he's looking more and more like his father.

  7. Nope, no sun here RJ. Cloudy, foggy, ooky, just ooky.

    Oh and the cold thing? Just wait until menopause, it totally takes care of that whole cold natured thing =) hahahahaha

    Love you girl ~~ Dawn

    PS Was that too much sharing? heehee

  8. Awesome Friday Fragments! I was beyond thrilled about Glee! They SO deserved that win! I don't think I can wait until April for it to come back on! Yes, thank goodness that Jake sent Michelle packing. She was a fruitcake! ;)

  9. Sorry you've been dealing with grey cold...hubby and I have the same scenario going on with the thermostat - then he'll be the one too cold and crank it up...usually when I'm in the kitchen cooking so I'll get too hot! :)

    Prince William is starting to look old, isn't he? Where did the time go?

    I was SO glad to see Michelle leave the Bachelor - she bugged me! I wondered if the producers would have Jake keep her for ratings, but glad to see that didn't happen. He dodged a bullet with that one! ;)

    Have a great weekend - try to stay warm! :)

  10. I know how you feel about missing the sun! I leave every morning in the dark and get home in the dark, too. Plus, I have no windows in the classrooms I work in. Last weekend, the sun peeked out for the first time in many gray days, and it was wonderful!

    Bachelor-Wow. I saw a preview for Monday's show tonight; looks like he's had enough. And I agree on the crazy Michelle; her manipulative tactic backfired on her from the start. What's with the blond girl that everyone hates so much? Did I miss something?


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