Wednesday, January 06, 2010

You think AMERICA has talent?....

.... then you should meet my friends!  Because they REALLY have talent!  This blog post is totally to brag on all my crafty & creative friends because I am surrounded by AMAZING people... And being someone who loves to be creative & craft myself, I so appreciate every single thing that people have made for me... so allow me this chance to share the talent with all of you...& beware, its picture heavy, but so WORTH every picture!!!!

Of course, you all remember my wonderful knitted goodies that my best buddy Lynn & my amazing knitting daughter Julie made me....

But here are some other goodies.... first, check out this painting that one of the kids in the youth group painted me... Jordan is an INCREDIBLE artist & I literally had my jaw drop when I saw this painting she did...& remember, she is 16 years old! 

And even though she didnt sketch this picture for me, I had to show you - she made this for Joe & Erica of their new baby Emily... she took various pictures of her & made this collage...

Erica & I say that when she becomes a famous artist, we're going to have some "Jordan Originals"

Then for my birthday, I got the cutest little surprise from Lynn's daughter, Chandra... She made me a tissue cover.  I always have to have tissue in my purse because, as noted before, I'm a crier... & plus, who doesnt like to have tissue in their purse in case you're in a bathroom with no TP... but it always gets all squished & yucky in your purse... NO MORE... look at this cover she sewed... how adorable is that!

I also received the cutest box made by another one of the youth girls, Brittany... She "aged" it & I loved the cross she put on it.  My fav part of it though is my name she made with little rhinestones in it... & inside, I had to laugh.  She had me some beautiful Belle & Beauty & The Beast stickers, along with fudge & peanut brittle, but she also had tucked in there, a Diet Coke!  Do these young girls know me or what?

I also was able to take a picture of the wreath that my bloggy buddy Dawn made me... its so adorable!  I love the Minnie Mouse colored Bow & the word "Noel" in the middle just reminds me of the joy she has for our Savior, Christ...

And then there is this surprise I got last night... are you ready for this amazing piece of creative work... I mean, are you REALLY ready?  Because I wasn't!  When I opened this up, I literally did a "Flashdance" sort of quick-jog-in-place dance, accomplanied by a loud shreik, but it was all worth it! 

I am having a love of aprons lately - maybe its because I finally cook - or maybe because they are just darn cute... but take a look at what Christy, my sewing hero, made me!

For those of you that are not wise in the world of Beauty & the Beast, first, shame on you!  But as soon as I saw that blue color, I knew INSTANTLY what it was - a Belle apron!!!! 

Well, then Christy told me to open up another package... & all I had to do was open up & see a small piece of gold, & yes, let the screaming & jumping begin all over again!

How many people can say they have a Belle Apron?  Complete with TULLE no less!!!!  I totally said every time I cook, I could sing "Be Our Guest"... & it would totally be appropriate!

And Christy just didnt stop there ... she wasnt going to let Ricky miss out on all the fun!  As nuts as I am about my fairy tales, he has his love for Super Heroes (is that why we're a good match)... But look what she created for him...

A SUPERMAN APRON!!! With a REMOVABLE cape!!! Notice the spatula in his hand?  He's ready to hit the grill with such manly manhood!!!!

Yes - he is acting like he's flying... with the spatula still in his hand... the GRILLING SUPERMAN... with a dog looking at him wondering what the heck he is doing!!!!  Thank you Christy!!!
I am just blessed... blessed with amazing friendships & family & blessed by their talents...

Thank you isnt enough when someone makes you something - gives a piece of work by their hands... just makes me Thank God once again putting these people in my life!


  1. look at you and all your handmade goodies!! You've got some talented AND thoughtful friends :-)

  2. You run with some very creative people. I was truly amazed by the talent revealed. I love,love the aprons and your hubby's modeling skills are adorable!

  3. LOL! Love it! The dog's reactions are priceless!

  4. Handmade gifts are simply the best, with all the time and love that goes into them.

    I love the aprons! And you are so right, those paintings are amazing!

  5. This post made my day! I absolutely LOVE handmade gifts, they are THE BEST! It's such a blessing to have friends that lavish their talents on you :)

  6. Wow what talent and great gifts the both of you got. I love how your dogs are looking at you.

  7. Oh my gosh that aprons are adorable!!!!!

    And holy crap, you DO have some talented friends! Hmmmm...I think I can fold a paper airplane, that takes talent right?

  8. Oh my word superman is cracken me up, can I make him my screen saver lol.


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