Thursday, January 28, 2010

What the new year holds....

My class reunion is this year... 20 years... I cant believe it!  But Facebook has been the tool to use to meet up & catch up with people I went to school with.  There is a page dedicated to our reunion & it seems like daily, old class mates are logging on...

Its been fun to look back & see how people have changed, the families they have, the careers they have - who they've become....

Yesterday on Facebook, the fun of seeing everyone just took a screeching stop...

One of our classmates passed away Tuesday....

I knew of this young lady in passing, but was not close to her... but you know when you're in school, you konw someone who knew someone & its just like a big family.  And in the world of Facebook, you learn more about the person anyways...

Looking at her page & in her pictures, you see her young children she loved - pictures of hugs & kisses & love between them.  Pictures with her husband & the gaze she had staring at him... & then what really got me was the comments she had left on pictures. 

On our reunion page, people are putting up pictures from the good ole' days & she had comments on there about how fun memories were.  One comment stood out to me especially - it was with a group of friends & she had commented that one of the friends in the picture & her had a "falling out" & they hadnt talked in years but she missed her friend.... oh, how I ache for this friend who is still here, that wont be able to fix any "falling out" that happened...

And her last picture was a summary of her past year in 2009 & the comment she put on it was "Wishing everyone a fantastic New Year".... I got chills to think she made this little collage & had no idea what the new year held for her...

I guess that's the way it is for all of us.  We dont know what the year holds... but we should keep having moments of laughter & gazing & friendships mending & friendships growing...

But today, our class feels the loss of one of our own... & we pray for her two young children who lost a mother & we pray for a man who lost his wife...

And we carry on, none of us knowing what the year holds....


  1. Always so hard when someone leaves us too soon, especially when they are the same age as us. My husband is having his 20 year this year too...

    Thinking of you.

    Oh yes, I do believe the mailman (lady) waved back! :)

  2. What a very touching post. You're the best....

  3. WOW!!! Profound post and so so true. I’m going to go to my 10 year in 2012. I don’t want to be one of those people that wish they had gone and never did and regret it. It will be so fun to see where life has taken everyone!! Rebecca, and they say the 4 years of high school go by fast, it’s the years AFTER high school that fly!!!!

  4. I have been thinking more about this, and embracing the now.

  5. It breaks my heart to hear about young mothers (or fathers) passing many lives are changed drastically and forever. I will be keeping this family in my prayers.

  6. It just breaks my heart. Keeping them in my prayers!

  7. I'm sorry to hear that! I hope her family is OK and that your classmates can feel the joy she brought to them--even if they did grow apart or never spent time together way back when!

  8. Becca, This is so sad. I didn't know Jane at all, but it is so sad to see someone so young gone way to soon. Really helps you put things in perspective!!!! I have been lifting up her family ever since I heard. You did a wonderful job with this post!!!

  9. RJ,
    I'm so sorry!! How sad. What a reminder though, to laugh, to mend, to love and to desire God above all.

    Love you friend,

  10. Sorry to hear about your friend. Have a great day. Hugs..

  11. Wow, that is just so sad. It just makes you look at life with a whole new appreciation.

  12. this is so sad :-( I recently started connecting with old HS friends as we approach our 25th. Hoping I will not find out that we've already lost some way too soon.


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