Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pile it on....

Anyone a "Biggest Loser" fan?

I love that dang show - every season!  I am in awe of the transformations that these people go through - mentally and of course, physically.

I'm not sure I totally agree with the way they do it - I mean, people are going to the hospital in ambulances & helicopters all the time now.  I'm afraid they are going to push someone to have a heart attack one day... but again, they DO get results... & I guess, somehow, the ends justifies the means ?  Maybe?  I dont know... I just enjoy the show...

Did you see the past show?  There is a doctor who was trying to show the contestants the severity & reality of their weight.  One man, Michael Ventrella, was given an example of what his weight does to an average man...

here is Michael...He started in at 526 lbs...

Here is our wonderful, peaceful, tattooed Trainer, Bob.... LOVE Bob...

They had Bob stand there while they piled on weights to make him feel like the same weight Michael is.

Michael had to stand there as they did this & just watch.  Bob was doing OK about half way through the process, but then they'd add more vests with more weight on his back.  More weights added onto his legs.  At one point, Bob said, "My hips are aching"... & then he eventually had to sit down for a minute.  They had to help him walk & he struggled to walk down steps with that much weight on...

Bob looked at Michael & said "I dont see how you live like this"

Michael was visibly upset & said "I did this to myself"... & you could tell this "in your face" moment really hit home to him.

Me & my mind - & you all know it's out there sometimes - but I instantly saw a different scene in my mind...

That scene was one of Jesus standing next to me & taking all my sins & piling them on his back - except in this visual, he was taking them OFF of me & putting them on himself... & Jesus looking at me saying the same thing "I dont see how you live like this"....

He doesnt want us to carry around the burdens of past failures - he wants us to ask for Him to take them off of us... He wants to lighten that load...

& yes, I could respond the same way & saw, "I did this to myself"... & some people in this world refuse to hand over the struggles of the world to Him to carry... but if you do, how much lighter would you feel?  And Yep, Jesus is much stronger then Bob... He can take a whole lot more & then a whole lot more... always ready to pile it on himself, for our sake...

Thank you Jesus letting me live this life a little bit lighter ....


  1. I watch this show when I can. I think sometimes the weight comes off way too fast. Then some times when they go home they have a hard time. It is neat to watch the changes.

  2. Love your message today. I can take this a step that people don't "pile it onto His shoulders" because they want fast results--just like in weight loss. People want fast results ("I worked out for an hour...why didn't I lose 10 pounds?") and when they can't physically see Him bearing our weight or getting the relief they need for their personal pain, they give up because it didn't come quickly.

    And as far as the Biggest Loser--LOVE THAT SHOW!! : )

  3. I have to tell you that I got chills reading this. I've never looked at it quite that way before, but you are very right! Thanks for sharing and starting my day off on the right foot!

  4. I think the show is very inspiring! Thanks for sharing this with us! Coming by from SITS to say hello!!

  5. Awesome!!!!!! Loved this!!

    I seriously have never watched a season of that show and need to!!

  6. Rebecca, I love how you do that!

    Wonderful visual, and oh-so-true.

    Thanks for some inspiration!

  7. RJ,
    This is just EXACTLY what I needed in this very moment!!!

    Love you friend,

  8. Honestly, this show makes me want to curl up on the sofa and eat potato chips. But good for them!

  9. Watching "Biggest Loser" inspires me everytime! Awesome show! Yes, aren't we blessed that Jesus carries our troubles and our burdens for us so that we don't have to be weighted down by extra "baggage"?

  10. I really need to watch that show and get inspired!

  11. Great post.... and you know.... it is true that sometimes the weight comes off to fast... and then it just piles back on... but that is like sin too... sometimes we think we have it all under control... we've given that problem over... then it just piles right back on... it is the continual presence of Christ carrying those sins for us that makes all the difference.... the minute we try and carry them again ourselves... we are right back where we started!!!

  12. P.S. I left you something on my blog!

  13. WOW - I did watch that and was moved. But applying it to OUR lives and our sins .. woah. That is good stuff right there.

  14. This is the FIRST time that I've watched Biggest Loser and I have CRIED almost the entire show each time!!!! It is SO emotional. I just feel so bad for some of these contestants and how life is for them :)

  15. Eric and I watched last season for the first time and now we're hooked. I saw that episode and I love the analogy you gave for it. Eric did a similar lesson to our youth a few months ago and it was powerful (using Hebrews 12:1-2). "I did this to myself" - that gets me. Thanks for the post.

  16. I LOVE this show. Very powerful comparison. Thanks for sharing:)


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