Monday, January 11, 2010

I dont wanna!!!!

If you have kids, you've probably heard that statement before... "I dont wanna do that"

I know I just heard it from my husband this morning when I reminded him it was garbage day.  Every Monday, I like to make it a little tune & go, "Honey... its GGAARR-BBBAA-GGGEE DAY" to the most lovely tune.  He groans the biggest groan every Monday & I usually hear a "I dont want to take the garbage out"... I just drop the lovely tune & tell him to shut up & do it.. kidding - kinda! 

I'm going to keep track today how many times today I say to myself' I dont wanna do "something" - whatever it may be.  Wash the dishes, file some paper work,  run that 3 miles I have to run today... but you kow what, I'll end up doing it....

But for all of us complainers & whiners... we're not alone...

We were looking at the story of Moses yesterday with the Jr. High kiddos & the scene is where God is talking to Moses in a Burning Bush...

God is telling Moses what he wants him to do.  Moses just keeps making excuses. 

What if they dont trust me?  What if they dont believe me?  I'm a horrible speaker! 
... wha wha wha... sounds like me sometimes...

And even after God continues & continues to tell him He'll be right with him all along, he says it again:

But Moses said "O Lord, please send someone else to do it" -Exodus 4:13

Cant you just see him covering his ears & wanting to throw a tantrum of "I dont wanna do it"... a desperate "PLEASE" thrown in there... like a PLEASE, dont make me do it!!!!

But you know what - He did do it!  And man, look at where his life went & the changes he made in so many other God blessed him for doing what he was called to do... even though he didnt start off with the attitude of "no problem, I've got this!"

Kinda a little bit of encouragement to me - that even though I dont WANNA to something, there may be a blessing in it - from the big things to the small stuff...

Love that God can use whiners...just like me ... (& my husband... haha!! Love ya honey!)


  1. My two year old says, "I do want it" Tomorrow is our big trash day. We cleaned out the basement. We are going to look like trash kings tomorrow.
    Have a great day.

  2. I'm a whiner too and I'm thankful God can still use me! Great post!

  3. I think we all are whiners and procrasinators from time to time but, God willing, it's nothing we can't conquer!

  4. I will try to remember this at work today!

  5. I'm having those thoughts right now about my current job and working with my specific supervisor. I am trying to figure out my purpose for working right here, right now. It's so, so, hard and I want to say "Please let me move somewhere else so I don't have to do it!"

  6. I loved this….. Amazing how God can speak to us through our “garbage”…. No pun intended, haha!!!! :)

  7. I can so relate!! Actually our Pastor has been speaking on pride in a couple messages lately...not just the subject of pride in generaly, but it has come up in a few of his messages and the Lord is really convicting me of a few things...I can totally relate to what you are saying here!

    Thanks for your comment on my picture. I had a hard time deciding which one to use. I was surprised that the Blind Side was still so crowded too! Hopefully it will send a message that we would like to see more of this type of movie too! And I wouldn't mind having it held over and going to see it again!

  8. Probably should have read this before I went to the grocery store. Maybe I wouldn't have whined in my head so much!!

  9. Okay RJ, seriously we were separated at birth =) Go take a look see at my post for the day....we must both be feeling grumbly today. I know I was until just writing the post and reading this one. Now I'm going to go get my tookas working out...

    Love you girl,

  10. Good thoughts! For sure!
    Thanks for sharing..
    I needed to hear that today!

  11. Haha! I still say that and I'm an adult. I'm such a whiner, I need to take this to heart!

  12. I've been putting in a little overtime whining lately. Glad I am absolved ;-)


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