Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
Its Friday?  Already?  This is the first full week I've worked in quite a few weeks & it FLEW by... I seriously woke up this morning & asked my husband, "Is it really Friday?"... yep... "Did we work a full week?"... yep...I must be getting forgetful in my old age... anyways - Fridays mean Friday Fragments!

*Its DAAAAANNNNNG cold!  The high's this weekend are going to be in like the TEENS!  And the lows are pretty much negative numbers... that's just not right...but you know what, I cant decide what I hate worse, the extreme cold or extreme heat...

*Speaking of cold... doggie snow covered feet, jumping on you in the middle of the night,  is NOT a fun way to be woken up!

*Did you hear about the State of the Union the President is supposed to be giving?  They originally said that it COULD be on Feb 2... but people are freaking out because that's the night of the LOST premiere!!  I'm one of those people!  They just reissued a statement that said that its not a confirmed date yet... Please let Obama be a fan of LOST & move it to another night...

*SPAT OF THE WEEKThe Snuggie... Yes, we have been spatting over a Snuggie!  Why, you  may ask?  Because we only have ONE in the house!  And I want to wear it!  And yes, its technically Ricky's.  But when we got married, wasnt there a vow or something that said that what is his is also mine - or the two shall become one... same thing, right?  And I think I heard the Preacher breath something specific about Snuggies on cold days in those vows too... but Ricky doesnt remember that...

*Does anyone have the iPod Touch that they run or exercise with?  I'm asking because I got it to hold all the running music (Go PodRunner - love you!) & I bought an arm band - but just feel like its so HUGE on my arm... almost like the days where the big ole' cassette players were strapped on your side & weighed down your pants... is it the band I'm using?  Or do I just need to get used to it?

*Yes - I'm watching the Bachelor - & Yes, I am one of those few people that love Jake... think he's just a perfect Ken doll... and yes, think the season is already FULL of crazy gals... Seriously, you're going to bring jelly beans for gifts for the girls as they leave?  STUPID!  And you SERIOUSLY are already in love with this man because you saw him shirtless & doing a two step on last season?  ...well, I guess I can understand that! (JOKING!)... cant wait to see the drama for next week... I have a feeling it will be the MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER!!!! 

*OK - its like 2010 could be the BEST YEAR EVER... why?  A blog buddy informed me that "Beauty & the Beast" is being re-released in 3D this year... GASP!  I KNOW!.... & then I find out from my cousin that Steven Curtis Chapman is coming to the area in April, along with Michael W. Smith & Sarah Palin for a women's conference... my head is spinning from all the excitement!  The only thing that would make it a complete year?  A Knitting Conference... ahhh, that would would totally make it the best year!

*Go give our girl Julie a vist!  She's made it to 34 weeks!  She is now officially further then she was with Isaac... Praise the Lord!!!!  Go see how beautiful she is a pregnant mommy!!!

*My name is Rebecca.. & I'm a Diet Coke-aholic... but I've been doing very well so far this year!  I've been wanting to cut back & the past few days, I've only had 3 Diet Cokes - for the WHOLE day!  Now I've usually downed 3 by 10:00 am!  So this is huge for me.  I even went into the store the other day to get something to drink... I bought Flavored Bottle Water... HELLO, this is ME we're talking about... Ricky gave me a high five!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday & you're staying warm wherever you are!


  1. I have been sleeping in my Snuggie! It is soooo cold. This Florida girl just can't handle it! I have my jacket on in the house as I type this.

    Can't wait for Beauty and the Beast!!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. You want cold? Come to MN. -40 with the windchill. BRRRR!

    Love your post! Have a good weekend. : )

  3. Yes, the vows DO say that two shall become one... what's his is yours... but it is supposed to go the other way too... so you gonna share your yarn? Your ipod??? Nope... so don't push him... he might FINALLY think of those things himself!!! ;)

  4. I think you need to become a multi-Snuggie family. Don't break up your family!

    And if you send me a picture, I will put it on my sidebar!

  5. Julie has a blog?!! What is my problem and why didn't I know this? Or did I and it is the whole surgical menopause thing kickin me again? =) Okay so going to visit this mama right now.

    Okay I'm so glad your doing your own cut down on Diet Coke thing, because seriously, three before 10:00 am ~~ yep you need an intervention =)

    Love you friend!! Have a Super Blessed weekend,

  6. Lol I love the cartoon there! I totally feel that way! The kids just went back to school here on Wednesday after Christmas break and now they have had Thursday and Friday off due to weather. We're going to have to make up quite a few snow days this summer!

  7. Love this list ... cartoon cracked me up ... and, I hate fleece so much I can't touch it ... hence the bad relationship with the Snuggie. I wish I didn't have some freakish problem with touching fleece (makes me lick my fingers!). Yuck! But, enjoy yours (or Rickie's - ha)

  8. You know. You could splurge for an extra snuggie. Just saying.

  9. Congrats for kickin the diet coke to the curb, well almost.

    Ok I'm still laughing because that guy literally froze his butt off. I love it!

    (I hope you get to see lost! I am a season behind because I just rend the dvds)

    I want an ipod touch!

  10. I want to go to that conference! When is it? Holy moly!

    Ricky should so give you the snuggie. From one freezing midwesterner to another, I'm on your side.

    Glad the week went fast for you!

  11. Sorry, I couldn't get past your very first line... that you thought the week "flew by"... man, I wish! My coworkers and I were just complaining that this has felt like the longest week ever! I wish my week had gone like yours :)

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  12. I can't stand the cold. Period. I can take extreme heat any day, but ice cold air does me in.

    As for the state of the union address, I suppose any time will not suit someone. But doing it in prime time affects a lot of TV shows.

    My addiction is sweet tea. Sure, I have coke now and then, but ice cold sweet tea is the deal.

  13. I'm a Diet Coke-aholic too. Boo to the trainer who told me this morning I should work on cutting them out totally. I'm not a coffee drinker -- I prefer caffeine with bubbles in the morning. But maybe I can cut back to just my morning hit?

  14. I really need to get a Snuggie - it's been COLD here, too, and it would sure come in handy! I better get more than one, though, because Princess Nagger would probably snag it... :)

    I read that a White House spokesperson said that the State of the Union Address will NOT bump the premiere of LOST - they've decided not to do the address on Feb. 2nd. :)

    Finally someone else who's watching The Bachelor! I agree - Jake is a cutie and seems like SUCH a nice guy...I saw him on last year's Bachelorette and was hoping he's be the next Bachelor. There are some crazy women on this year!

    Way to go on the Diet Coke cut-back! :)

  15. I think everyone must have a snuggie these days lol...except me! The cold these days is crazy...I live in the south because I HATE THE COLD...but that strategy hasn't been working to well for me lately lol...

  16. You've gotta be kidding me, Ricky will wear a Snuggie but is not open to a murse????

  17. I bought my dad and friend a Snuggie but it didn't arrive until after Christmas. Bummer! Well, I gave my dad his anyway, but I am contemplating keeping the other one for myself! BRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't wait to watch the MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER! hahahaha

    Congrats to Julie!!!

  18. Hi there, just dropped in via Fragment Fridays. Nice page, lovely family. Drop by sometime for a visit. It is freezing here too. Seems everyone is feeling the cold this year. Happy Friday.

  19. I do love my Snuggie! I end up wearing it backwards half the time though because my shoulders and neck are always so cold!

  20. Soooooo jealous. I am soooo coming to see Sarah Palin, haha!!

  21. Okay, I must confess, I think the dude is HOT, HOT, HOT, but that scene (now two scenes, actually) with him bawling at the railing? Not so hot.

    Gotta get to bed. Thanks for fragging with me!!


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