Wednesday, June 23, 2010

**crackle**... Thanks Dad...

My dad just went for knee surgery a few weeks ago.  It wasnt his first... & unfortunately, it probably wont be his last. 

When I was sitting there talking with the doctor after the surgery, I asked him if this was hereditary.  He shook his head yes & said that it does tend to run in families....great....

I've not had good knees my whole life anyways.  I was on crutches at a young age with knee injuries & have always had pain, swelling, just bummed out ole knees.

Every day when I leave work, I walk out with a coworker & she makes a point to listen to my knees pop with every step I take.  Its actually in a long hallway so I even get a good echo with my popping... but at the bottom of the steps, after that final pop, I'll say "Thanks for the knees dad"....

Then I think about my teeth - they break easily!  I seriously have cracked my teeth on roller coasters - or even grinding them in the middle of the night!  My mom doesnt have the best teeth & has had issues with hers breaking easily as well... Thanks mom...

And my stomach has issues that we dont EVEN want to get into... that can actually go to both parents... Thanks mom AND dad!

But then, I look at my eyes & I have always loved the brown color they are & everyone always says how my eyes are just like my dads... so Thank you dad for that...

And I have a love of laughter & a sense of humor where I can sit & laugh at the simpliest things... I get my sense of humor from my mom who always makes me laugh... so Thank you Mom...

And I have a love for Jesus that was taught to me growing up from my parents... so thank you mom and dad..

So much is passed down from our parents... good & bad... you probably even see some things of yourself in your children.  I see Ricky's eyes in his daughter & even his heart burn has been passed down.  Little things and big things, all passed down.

Yet, I was reminded in our youth lesson a few weeks ago - we were created in God's image...

We were passed down some qualities from Him that we all share... love, kindness, mercy, forgiveness

So for all the things that are passed down from my Heavenly Father - Thank you!

May we all look for those qualities God has given us in our lives & pass them down ourselves....

"Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness..." Genesis 1:26


  1. Very nice post!

    And I'm also have the knees that crunch and pop, thanks to my mom!

  2. WOW! This is good girl. There’s always a lesson to be learned in the good and not so good things!!! Thanks for the reminder!!! Love you!!!

  3. Never thought about traits handed down in that way before!

  4. I have creaky knees and feet, too! Got it from my dad, also. sigh...

    Did you get my card? I put it in the mail right before we left for Florida...hope it made it to Indiana!

  5. Oh know.. Sorry about the knee. But Brown eyes do rock..

  6. Yep my knees are from my dad too. Hmpff, but I have my mom's tenacious spirit and love for music. YAY!!!

    Beautiful post ~~ love you friend,

  7. I have knee problems as well. They aren't lined up right. I blame years of practising pairs skating lifts without a partner on a hard floor. Meaning I'd throw myself into the air and land as hard as I could on my knees. I wasn't the most brilliant child. I do have TMJ though which effects all my joints, mostly my elbows and jaw that crack all the time

  8. great post... and great reminder.


    BTW, I have Rice Crispy Knees and Feet too.

  10. I think maybe our parents are related lol. Sure sounds like we have an awful lot in common!

    I think the most important one is a love for God and a realization that everything comes from God...and that he has a reason for everything as well!

  11. Great post!

    My mom's family has terrible knees & my knees have crackled forever!


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