Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
Its Friday.... & I'm grumpy.... dont know why.  I've been grumpy all week actually.  Maybe some fragging will help cheer me up....

*Some of you have already heard, but we got to spend most the Monday morning (& by morning, I'm talking 12:01 AM kinda morning - not like the nice 10:00 AM kind of morning) in the emergency room again with Ricky & his chest pains.  And as usual, they didnt see anything.  They sent him home with a holter monitor on that he wore for 24 hours.  That does nothing to ease his mind though.  He can feel these things but they tell him everything is alright... so now, he's just convinced he's going to die in his sleep.  That's always fun to listen to every night this week... sigh... can you all say a prayer for Ricky - his heart - the doctors who see him - just the whole situation... please & thank you!

*I finally got to see Avatar... & loved it.  It's such a beautiful movie visually.  I can see where it would be amazing in 3D ... but I get so motion sickness or if anything weird is happening with my vision, I'm down for the count in nausea - so 3D is not smart for me.  Ricky said during one of the big battle scenes, "This reminds me of Star Wars & the Ewoks fighting"... um, ok... but the rest of the night, whenever Ricky & I would see each other in the house, we'd jump & land in a stance & hiss like they did.... if only I were blue... & had "feelers" on the end of my hair...

*So you Think you can Dance!!!!  I think its gonna be the guys year!  I love all of them - sad when some other great guys didnt make it... but I just love the adorable little Kent Boyd.  I also love Alex Wong.  I hope he makes it far only because he gave up his place in the Miami Ballet & not sure if he can get it back (Miami Ballet - you all are losers for making it hard on this guy!).... Anxious to see how it works this year with only 10 people - & bringing back some All-Stars?  Comfort? Thumbs down... Mark?  BIG thumbs up... TWITCH?  ALL THUMBS UP!!! 
*Two word... Salma Hayek!!! Have you all seen the video of her freaking out over the snake coming on the set during an interview?  I literally watched it like a dozen times & had tears coming out of my eyes.... ONLY because I know, if that were me, I'd be the exact same way!!!! I hate snakes.  But her climbing all over Maya Rudolph is the best thing EVER! 
*When I heard they were remaking "The Karate Kid" - I just rolled my eyes.  But now, I want to see it!  When the original came out, that was when I was actually IN martial arts so I loved it - even the corny kick in the end, which I think everyone did for months, or maybe even YEARS, afterwards.  But I gotta hope for one thing in the new movie - that the guy who played Johnny will make an appearance in this one!  "You're the BEST... around... nothings goona keep you down"... oh yeah, singing that in my head now as I'm wiping on, wiping off....

*I just finished reading "The Help" (you can see my book blog for the full review) - but I had to mention it here too because I just LOVED that book!  Anyone else read it?  Did you love it as much as I did?  I so love when a story has me so entranced that I cant put the book down... over 400 pages just whizz by

*I am beyond EXCITED... I just got in the mail yesterday my Bible Study... my awesome, amazing, adorable friend Dawn had the idea to do this study amongst some friends via blog world.  You do the work book & you're supposed to "meet" every other Tuesday with a group.  Well, God laid on Dawn's heart to expand it to where we can "meet" in blog-land & do this study together.  So we've got some ladies joined up ready to do this together & Dawn will be posting on her blog her thoughts & questions & we can even put things on our own blogs.  I'm just ready for God to speak through this study & these other ladies.  If you are interested in joining us, its not too late.... go visit Dawn - you should do that anyways because she's just plain awesome, amazing & adorable (cant stress that enough - haha!) & come get some studying going on!

OK, so fragging did help me with my grumpiness... Try it!  Frag away & see if it helps your day become a little brighter!  Happy Fabulous Friday!


  1. Oh sweet RJ,
    How you Bless my heart!!!

    I love Kent too and I also like that little Billy. He is so amazing and differnt. Comfort....really? Hmmm they should have let the viewers pic who they wanted back. Where is Benjy? I mean seriously!!

    I saw this book in my google reader on you book blog. I need to check it out, but 400 pages. It would take me the rest of the year =)

    Thanks so much for the shout out. I would totally love to have a jammed blog every other Tuesday because of Bible Study traffic. Oh how we all NEED The Word in our loves. Yep let's do us some study girl!!

    Have a Super Blessed day,

    PS tell Ricky to hang in there. Many prayers going up for him.

  2. Rebecca...grumpy???? Oy!

    It sounds like you need some Skinny Cow ice cream.


    First of all, "Wax off" your bad mood and "Wax on" a happy smile.

    Like my reference?

    When we saw Prince of Persia, we saw a preview for the new Karate Kid, and it looks AMAZING! Can't wait!!!


    Oh girl, we are on the same page! LOVE Kent!! I think, because I hail from a small town, my heart is truly with this guy. I did live in Miami for a few years, so I'm also partial to Alex.

    And you know, wasn't the opening dance last night AMAZING?!!! The first thing I though was, "How did Mark not win that year?" He's so quirky and incredible! LOVE him too! Wish the all-stars had a chance to win. heehee

    Ok...I'm off to do a bit of this and that.

    World Cup starts today, and I got up extra early, thinking the first game was at 6am. Nope. Not for two more hours! And school is out!! And Rooster doesn't have to get up until 9 to be at work!!

    What was I thinking?

    Hmmm...might need to go eat some Chocolate Fudge ice cream.


  3. I just finished The Help, too, and I LOVED IT! Except, at the end, I wanted more. I wanted to know what happens when Skeeter goes to NY, and if the maids really see a difference in their jobs. And what happens to Hilly.

    Sigh. It was a great book, though!

    What a great way to do a bible study! My summer is way too busy right now, but I'm up for one in the fall once the kids are back in school. Would you please keep me in mind?

    So sorry about Ricky. What are the doctors saying? Muscular pain? GI problems? Drop me a line and I'll ask my doctors what they think...

  4. I can't wait to see Avatar! It looks great.

    I hope they figure out what is wrong with Ricky! I know that is so stressful for you both! I'm praying for him and you.

  5. The Help...yes! Love it!

    I think it'll definitely be a guy's year on SYTYCD, since they already outnumber the girls, and there is no reason to keep the same numbers of each. It'll be interesting how that works out.

  6. I have several SYTYCD episodes to get caught up on. Can't wait this weekend!

  7. I know!! okay AND FRANK has a girlfriend tooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I mean realllllllly???!!!! Why get so jealous of her with other guys, when you HAVE a girlfriend too...moron...they are all...morons...

    moving past TV...

    I was doing a Kelly Minter Bible study (No other Gods) when I got saved...a friend invited me to church, and her friends invited me to their Bible study, through their mentoring (and God) I was saved.

  8. I would sooooooooooooooo be like that if I saw a snake!!!!!!!! And I’ve heard about that Ruth book and so cool ya’ll are doing a bible study via blog world!!! 

  9. I'm still not sure about the Karate Kid remake. I loved the original with Ralph. He was one of my teen heart throbs.

    I wonder if the book Ruth is the one my girlfriend has been raving over.

  10. I just said a prayer for Ricky. Sounds like a fun book club!

  11. Still praying for Ricky ....

    I started 'The Help' a few months ago, but didn't get past the first chapter. Not because I didn't like it, but I think I was in the middle of bible study at the time and it's hard to share my small brain with other things. You've inspired me to pick it back up.

    I'm doing Ruth as well with a few girls from here. Cannot wait. I LOVE the book of Ruth.

    BTW ... thank you for always taking the time to comment and encourage me on my blog. You are so sweet to do that and your words mean so much to me!

    Love you, sweet friend!

  12. I normally hate remakes but this one I cant wait to see either the actors of the new karate kid were on the view today and they looked great can't wait

  13. I don't want to scare you (I am NOT a doctor and don't play one on TV) but keep after those doctors! My hubby had a number of *normal/don't see anything* test results before they finally realized his heart rate kept dropping to nothing and he needed a pacemaker. He had even had one of those short term monitors with normal results. They finally put him on a better one for 2 weeks and knew what the problem was almost immediately.

  14. Loved, loved loved The Help!! I didn't think I'd enjoy it because it didn't sound like the books I normally enjoy (thrillers) -- but you are correct that it was so good I just breezed right through it last summer.

    Sorry to hear about Ricky - praying that they will be able to get to the bottom of things and ease both your minds...


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