Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy First Birthday Emily

So many of you have prayed for baby Emily over the past year.  If you aren't familiar with her story, please run on over to her mommy's blog at (I tried to do the link, but Blogger is being a BOOGER)

Emily has been battling Infantile Seizures over the past 7 months.  She has had many hospital trips, many long days of seizures, many nights with no sleep... & many days of successful fighting, many days of strength being shown, many days of love being lavished on her by people who care for this baby, & most importantly, love being shown by her parents, my friends, Erica & Joe...

But this weekend, we got to celebrate... Emily is one year old!  Her birthday was actually last weekend, but Erica & Joe didnt want to intrude with Carly Sue's graduation, so they scooted the party up another week...
AND... the biggest news of all... we got to celebrate that it has been over 2 weeks since that little baby has had a seizure!!!!!  A miracle in itself & one we're praying keeps on going... Joe & Erica are giving thanks to God for EACH day that Emily doesnt have to face the seizures, they call "Monsters"... I'm telling you, stop by Erica's blog, she can explain, with such heart, the daily things they go through...

But how can I go to such a fun celebration & not take pictures?  You know I cant.... So as you look at this little baby's face, can you lift up a prayer for her?  And a prayer for her parents... & a prayer for her doctors & all the people researching on this disease... & all the people who are dealing with this in their own children every day...

You have to know... I totally want a tutu just like Emily's to wear... & you KNOW I would actually wear it too... wouldnt the world be a more beautiful place with tutu's?

This is Angie... she & Erica have been best friends since they were young kids... & have stayed friends through the years... isnt that fantastic?  Friendships like that are so special....

Erica & Joe have been such a big part of the youth in our church & all these kids have loved Emily since the day Joe & Erica announced they were pregnant... love seeing these kiddos love this baby with all their heart...

Look at this cake!!!!  Yep, my sister-friend Lynn made this specatular creation... she's becoming quite the cake decorator & designer!  It was perfect for a Princess....

Happy Birthday Beautiful Princess Emily! You are loved by so many...


  1. She's so beautiful!!!!! What a great celebration. I love that cake!!!!!!!

  2. Yep, the world would totally be a more beautiful place if all us ladies could wear tutu's!!! I'm so with ya, I'd wear one to!!

    Emily is so beautiful!! That is such good news that it's been over 2 weeks and no seizure.

    What a beautiful cake. Yep the girl as talent.

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed week,

  3. Oh how cute is she??? What a sweet celebration, so glad for this big milestone in their family and her little life. I love that the students have been a part of their journey, watching their faith deepen and be put to the test, what a testimony they will never forget!! Praying for more seizure free days/weeks/years to come!

  4. Thanks Bec!!! You have been such a blessing during all of this. I could not ask for a better friend!!

  5. So beautiful and so sweet. What a precious miracle. And that cake is out of this world!! :)

  6. So beautiful and so wonderful!! Happy Birthday pretty girl!!

    and that cake is awesome!! =)


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