Sunday, June 06, 2010

Project 365-18

Its been a busy week (aren't they all) - so let's see where all the clickin' lead to this week...

Sunday - I have Super Heroes for friends!!!.... This is actually at church.  Its Mighty Mac & Jordie... I want to do a whole blog entry for them because they are just SUPER... But I had to put this picture in... wanted to show my massive guns... dont be afraid... I wont unleash my super muscles on anyone - unless provoked.

Monday - Memorial Day left me puzzled... we didnt have air so I just sat in front of a window fan & finished putting this puzzle together.  I'm getting addicted to doing puzzles lately - does this mean I'm getting old?  Doesnt take a lot to entertain me...

Tuesday - oops... I guess going back to work after a long weekend & no air made my brain fry - no picture

Wednesday - What an amazing gift.... One of the girls in the youth made this for the pastor of our church.  It is made out of clay - & you can tell a little bit, but those are words written all over it - scripture actually - her favorite verses.  Isnt that just amazing!  People that have that natural artistic talent just blow my mind.

Thursday - NO!!!!!!!.... I took my daddy for knee surgery on Thursday (thanks for all the well wishes for him via Facebook, text & Twitter)  I had to laugh because before they do surgery, the doctor will come in & write NO on the leg they are not doing surgery on, & YES, along with the docs initials on the correct leg.  The nurses checked it was on there before they took him back.  I guess it makes sense because in the pre-op next to us, the doc went in & said "We're doing you're right leg?" - the man was like "UMMMM - no, its the left"... yeah, exactly why they have to do this...

Friday - I love my parents!!!... so I'm sitting at work & around the corners come flowers!  It was funny because I instantly thought, as did everyone in the office, that they were from Ricky because he's been torturing me with no air... Nope - they were from my parents... I should have know - see the blue flower.  I've told you before how blue is my mom's signature color... Do I have the best parents in the world?  The answer to that is a definite YES!

Saturday - Carly Sue Graduates!!!... Carly Sue isnt her real name - the Sue isnt the real part - but I've always called her that through the years... I love this girl!  Ricky & I sat next to her momma, my buddy & pal Lynn, & the rest of her family, & we were just beaming with pride too - pride of just knowing this young lady.  You want to know about some of the kids that holds the future in their hands?  Rest assure, young ladies like this will give you hope... good values, a heart bigger then anything, a love for God - just know that you'd love this girl too!!!  Congrats Carly!  Now onto College!!!

Hope you've had lots of click worthy moments in your week....


  1. Your photos are so fun and I've been dying to put a puzzle together lately!

  2. Oh what a fun picture post.. You look amazing in the shots.. I love Carly Sue's dress.. Way cute..

  3. Beautiful flowers and I love that artwork. What a talented person that made that. I love working puzzles and that one is beautiful! Thomas Kincaid right?

  4. your parents sound like incredibly special people!! They are so sweet to you. Tell Ricky I can now skate with my feet to the side - kinda sorta working on the grapevine as MB calls it :D

  5. YAY!!! I can leave a comment. I'm so happy. anyway...

    You look so cute with Carly.

    Those flowers are just gorgeous.

    Yep I've had NO's and Yes's and Docs initials on these old knees of mine. That always strikes me as funny. They didn't use to do that. Guess it cuts down on mistakes.

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed week,


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