Saturday, June 05, 2010

Six Word Saturday


I know in my wedding vows, they mentioned something about for better or for worse - except when its over 90 degrees & we're sweating to death... so I had solid, valid grounds to pack my bags & head to a cool place with freezing air...

But no need for those bags to be packed now... WE HAVE AIR!!!!!! 

Ricky put a part on last night & we prayed & prayed & prayed again... & it seems to have worked.  I woke up this morning with it still being cool in the house & I thought I would cry...

Now I'm just nervous that part is going to blow - like its all too good to be true...

But peace & love & happiness & no more drooling dogs is what our home looks like today! 

I guess that means I gotta start cleaning... because there was no running around getting MORE sweat going while the AC was broke... so lots to do...

Hope you all are enjoying AC wherever you are!


  1. ~thank goodness for air conditioning...glad your bags didn't get packed!! wishing you a wonderful cool weekend...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. believe me, i know how you felt. my own ac went crazy weeks ago and i still haven't fixed it. :((

  3. SO glad to hear you have air now! And if you aren't really in the mood to clean yet you could always wait based on the fact that your body may need some time to "readjust" to the air conditioning after being without it all that time...hehe! Have a blessed weekend.

  4. Yuck! I am in love with air conditioning right now - it's so blasted hot and humid already. Think how hot August will be? So glad you have air now. Keeping my fingers crossed it stats ON!

  5. My six:

    Thank Goodness For That Air Conditioning!

    Wishing you a Happy Six Word Saturday and a great weekend too!


    PS Mine this time is HERE.

  6. Life without AC is miserable...glad you got yours fixed!

  7. Glad you have air! It is miserable without it!

  8. AC is of the utmost importance to any good marriage...unless you live in Antarctica I guess. :)

  9. Yeah for AC I saw that you got my tag. I am glad you want to play along.

  10. We broke down and turned the AC on last night. It's no fun trying to fall asleep when you're laying there sweating to death. Ugh! So happy your AC is fixed. I hope you can get caught up on all you need to do.


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