Saturday, June 19, 2010

Project 365-19

My world was sad last week when I didnt snatch moments of my week... so I was all on top of things this week... here's another week in my life...

Sunday - Organic Cotton... ahhh.... I finished up a baby blanket for some friends.  They live in Colorado & have unique tastes, plus, they dont know what the baby is going to be - so I got some organic cotton that feels like Heaven, & went with all the natural colors.  I'm sure not everyone would care for it as a baby blanket... but I totally love it... & pray it wraps that new baby up in tons of precious moments!

Monday - ERICA IS BACK!!!... it was our girls small group night & we've missed our friend Erica.  She's been busy being one of the best mommy's ever - but Joe, her husband sent her a message & told her she was going to group tonight & he would take care of Emily.  So we got to laugh with our friend & hear her insight on God things & life things.... it was just like she's never been gone... (BTW, those are Oreos in their mouths)

Tuesday - GET IN THE HOUSE!!!.... I was watching TV when the President was on talking about BP & they kept putting weather reports at the bottom.  I looked out, saw the wind kicking up & had to head outside.  These clouds were all "funnel-y" & I just stood out staring - even when it started raining.  The neighbors pulled in while I was taking pictures & rolled down their window & screamed "GET IN THE HOUSE!"... I wanted to yell, "come out in the rain with me"! 

Wednesday - Pray to live in Peace... we got the update of our World Vision child... she's growing up so fast (dont they all?) & her progress report about killed me with the last statement.  Her prayer request:  to live in peace... what 6th grader wants that?  Most want prayers to get the latest iPod or some cool clothes... peace... what a different world this little girl lives in...

Thursday - Surprise from my daddy.... My dad & mom used to clean the office building where I work & every time I'd come in after they would clean, I would find little notes that said "Love ya, Dad" - somewhere!  There is even a note that is STILL on the ceiling... dont ask how he got that there!... but I opened up a CD to listen to Thursday & there was another note - & they havent cleaned for years... so it was fun to get a surprise to make me smile.

Friday - The Best of Both Worlds!!!... isnt it funny, I just put how I cant find the GLEE Deluxe CD & lo & behold, lookie what I found. The last one too!!!  Snatched it up, along with the little novella (is that what they call it?) from Twilight... if I had only had some sort yarn with this purchase, then this would have been like the Perfect Storm - the best of 3 things coming together!

Saturday - Walking for Emily!!!  It was the Epilepsy Walk & there was a great turn out for TEAM EMILY!  We expected horrible heat but God was once again so faithful!  A storm came in that kept the sun away for the beginning & then it brought in a breeze that just made the day so much better.  Towards the end, the sun came out & we had blue skies, but it still wasnt miserable... Thank you God!... And Team Emily raised over $1,000 ... We want to gear up NOW for next year's event ...

(Emily had the hook up with the fans on her!... nice!)

(These girls made me laugh the whole walk... Good times ARE always better with friends!)

Hope you've all had click-worthy moments in your life this week!


  1. I am so glad that you have kept up with this! I feel terrible that I have failed miserably and also in realizing that I STILL haven't sent the email I told you I was going to send to you out yet! I will send that out to you soon, I promise!

    Great pictures! Keep it up! I love seeing what you post each week!

  2. you seriously have the nicest group of friends to do things with - you are all so generous with your time. Very inspiring...I was just packing up the baby blanket I crocheted for my niece too! I love the earthy shades you used. Just perfect for that Colorado outdoorssciness. I'm sure they will love it :-)

  3. I LOVE the baby blanket!! Seriously!! I think the colors are awesome! (My husband and I have unique taste, too. Ha!)

    Beautiful storm clouds.

    Wow. Peace.

    Look how sweet little Emily is!! That's great y'all raised so much money!!

  4. What a fabulous week! The baby blanket is gorgeous.

  5. The baby blanket is gorgeous! Those notes from your Dad are priceless. What a great treasure.

  6. Just wanted to say congratulations - you won my June book review + giveaway!

  7. LOVE the blanket! What a blessing that will be!!
    My husband loves to stand out in storms too. He once watched a tornado a few years ago, while he sent the rest of us to the basement. All I can say is you guys are crazy! :)
    I love the note from your dad! That is an awesome thing!
    Have a super week!!

  8. That baby blanket is love the colors! Great job! And love that you found a note from your dad all this time later, what a nice surprise! And what an accomplishment on your Eplipesy walk and the monies that were raised; my youngest son has Epiplesy and last week went to Camp Cadlelight (a week long summer camp for kids with epilepsy). He had so much fun!

  9. What a lovely baby blanket... I love it!
    The note from your Dad is priceless... what a surprise to find it now.

  10. I like the blanket too!
    And it will be useful forever, not over babyish. Great colors.
    Sweet love note idea. I should try that more often.


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