Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Every Little Step

I love documentaries... to me, they are the ORIGINAL reality TV...

Netflix is great about having tons of documentaries to choose from.  So the other day, I was scanning through & saw one about the Broadway show "A Chorus Line" - called "Every Little Step".  I love anything Broadway & always love the behind the scene stuff so I knew I had to take a gander at this! 

It was playing the tape that Michael Bennett recorded one night with a bunch of friends who tried to make it on Broadway - their own stories.  He took these stories & created this play - created the songs.  It was very interesting really.  And then it was great to see how the play was still going & how people were trying out for these part, kinda like art imitating life - for real!...

For you So you Think Can Dance Fans - Tyce Diorio is in it... He was a cocky little dude...& by the way, got cut in the FINAL round... so much for cockiness Tyce!  It was kinda funny though because when he got booted, he said he was OK with that because he envisioned himself in a bigger place - standing up one day receiving an award in front of the world... Uh, didnt he win an award for some of his dancing on the show?  Or if he hasnt yet, he WILL, for that Breast Cancer dance... I thought that was crazy he said that when it was videoed YEARS ago...

But one of the dancers was trying out for the lead role.  Dont even remember her name... & this process was so long & took YEARS to get chosen for each positioin.  But when it came down to her & one other lady, she went & talked to her father about going into the last round...

He was a ballet dancer in his prime.  They showed pictures of him, in black & white, & he looked majestic standing there holding up two beautiful ballerinas.  It then showed how the years of his career had blown his knees out - the thing he loved to do the most took its toll on his body.  He then said these words & they just were pretty powerful to me... I instandly grabbed a piece of paper & wrote down what he said:

Ask the Olympic athlete whose shoulder goes out if it was worth it when he won that metal.
Ask the farmer with callouses on his hands if it was worth it to have crops grow.
For me, it was totally worth the result of my knees for what I did.
You never know what tomorrow holds.  Every day was opening night....
Because you dont know if you'll make it back to the stage again the next evening...

I just loved that attitude....making sure you do what you love in life because you dont know what each day holds... will you get another shot tomorrow?  Who knows...

Where are you in your life?  Is what you're doing worth it?  .... I just think so many people have taken a dream, a passion, a love & pushed it aside...

Whatever you do - wherever you are in life...I think its a question we can all ask ourselves...

 Is it worth it?  ...Because we dont know when its our closing night...


  1. That sounds like a very interesting movie. I saw Chorus Line and I felt bad for all those ppl who got cut throughout the movie.

  2. Sound pretty interesting. I just can't get into the show You think you can dance. I am not sure why I can't..

    Have a great day..

  3. Oh friend,
    So true. We must live like it's closing night!!! So powerful, so true!!

    Love you friend,

  4. What a beautiful message! I love it

  5. Oh, this is a great post!! I ask myself that everyday as I go to work at my mundane job. Not worth it.

  6. Rebecca,

    I'm thrilled that you're interested in helping with the NICU project! There's really no specifics other than not to use wool because of allergies. I have to collect them by June 24th, so whenever you are done you can just send me an email and we'll work out a time I can pick it up from you. Thank you so much!!


  7. Very interesting!!! Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Wow! That is certainly a thought to get deep in my brain. Thanks for sharing -- I hope you are having a good day!

  9. I love Netflix for those documentaries, too! Elijah is way into the history channel ones, and the mythbusters series :)

    I feel like I am totally living my dream, and I am so blessed to be able to say that!

    Great quote!

  10. I'm a sucker for documentaries too, thanks for the heads up on this one!

  11. Tyce is such an amazing dancer, but the cockiness is of NO surprise to me!

    I LOVE documentaries TOO!!! and like the "biography" show lol

    I am hard core passionate about becoming a teacher :) 1st grade preferably!!!! or even specializing in reading disorders such as dyslexia

  12. WOW!!!! This was profound!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing this!! :)

  13. That sounds really interesting and I adore that quote!!


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