Saturday, June 26, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Health Insurance seriously makes me sick....

My work, a few years ago, cut out health insurance for their employees...

So I've had to purchase health insurance on my own.  Every year, when it gets close to August, I cringe because I know what's coming... And yesterday I got my letter to inform me that once again, my insurance is being increased.

I was anxious to see what would happen too because, Thank you Jesus, this past year, I have not gone to the doctor one time & did not have one prescription that needed to be filled.  My health insurance card was not pulled out one time... & STILL, my rates just went up a good $50 a month...



  1. Ugh! That SUCKS!!

    We need to purchase insurance but we just can't afford it so since I was laid off (almost a year and a half ago) we haven't been. Thankfully we've had no emergencies that required a trip to the ER or doctors.

  2. I so agree. My hubby's just went up at work.

    Have a great day !!


  3. Man what a pain. We pay for our own insurance also. We have ours do that in Dec. ouch. Right around the holidays..

    Stay cool. I hope you took that award..

  4. I am so glad I live in Canada! Not to put salt in your wound....

  5. Ugh! That stinks! I hate health insurance too!

  6. What a blessing that you at least have coverage and have been healthy!

  7. I'm sorry! That is ridiculous! Especially since you didn't even USE it!

  8. Wow! $50 a month?? That is crazy!!

    We haven't had insurance for about four years now. That is what self-employment will cause. It is just way too crazy expensive!

  9. I'm fortunate to have good insurance, provided at no cost to me by my employer. But I realize not everyone is in that boat. I'm thankful that I have it though as my medications alone would bankrupt us without it.

    Thanks for playing 6WS.


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