Sunday, June 27, 2010

Project 365-20

Sunday - Heading down Memory Lane.... when I was at my parents for Father's Day - I found this old basket FULL of diaries, pictures, notes from friends through the years... I cant believe I have diaries back from 1984 - 1989... that's a lot of my middle school years through most of my high school years... so funny to look back & see what was important in my world.  It really gives me even more insight in the youth I get to talk to at church... the drama of teenage years...

Monday - I got a HUG in the mail.... My awesome blog buddy, Heather, from "This is the Day" is
a-MAZ-ing at making homemade cards... & I got one in the mail.  It just made my day with the kind words she wrote inside that gave me the best encouragement!  Thank you Heather!  Cant wait to meet you face to face & give you a big ole REAL hug one day! :)

Tuesday - Ruth brings women together... I was waiting so anxiously for this study to start!  Dawn - ANOTHER blog buddy (How lucky am I with all these wonderful people I've met here?) - she had it on her heart to do this "virtually"... to have it where we could do the study & come together every other Thursday & discuss it via blog.  And it was really neat.  There are 5 of us, & we had some really good "talks" going via the blog... I cant wait to learn more about Ruth & to get to know these women better as well... Bible Studies can happen anywhere, cant they! (& yes, that's a Diet Coke next to the computer - it brings me closer to God)

Wednesday - Dont you have time for me? .... I got home & ran on the treadmill for a bit, came up just in time to grab something to eat & then had to run out to church for youth... & I look around the corner & see my poor Buffy... yes, her head is LAYING on the ball... & she kept it like that for awhile.  Long enough for me to trek around & find my camera & even kneel down & take the picture.  Yes, I had to take a few minutes to toss the ball for her after that pitiful display....

Thursday - Geez... that took forever!!! ..... this was my first 1,000 piece puzzle.  see all that green?  And all the colored flowers?  Whew... this took me quite a few weeks... but I was determined that I wasnt leaving it after I got down to about 100 pieces... whew... I think the next one I do will be a no brainer, no more then 500 pieces - get a puzzle break.

Friday - Of course! .... there were two different covers for the Entertainment Weekly.  One with Kristen Stewart & one with Rob Pattinson AND Taylor Lautner... & which one did I get in the mail?  UGH... of course!  I was going to save this "Eclipse" cover, but now, I'll just put it in the pile to send to Goodwill.

Saturday - Love the smell of clean... pretty much self explanatory.  Saturday is my cleaning day & that's pretty much all I did for the day....mainly because there was AC in the house & it was like hotter then hades outside...

Hope you all have wonderful things to view through the lens of your world...


  1. teenage drama.....dealing with some of that in my own house lately!! ugh!

    What fun to do a bible study with your blogging friends!!! let us know what you think of the study when you are down...I'm always looking for good ones to use at church.

    your puppy is SO SWEET!!!!

    we do a puzzle every december and leave it up to work on for the holiday. We've only done one 1000 piece and it was KILLER!!!

    great week! btw, it's hotter then hades here too!

  2. What a great week for you...
    a run down memory lane...
    homemade cards in the mail...
    Bible study...
    Cute doggy...
    Finishing a huge puzzle...
    and enjoying the smell of a clean house...

    Love it!

    Hope this next week is another fabulous week for you!

  3. It must have been fun going through the basket of old journals, pictures and diaries! And poor puppy...that picture is kinda pitiful but in a super cute way!

  4. Looks like a full and fun week. I am waiting impatiently for Wednesday to see Eclipse!!! Just watched 1 & 2 on Saturday with some girlfriends to get ready!

  5. Poor, pitiful dog! Mine gives me that same look.

  6. what a great post. Loved all of the pictures.. Looks like you had a great week.. Loved seeing the puppy. Have a great MOnday..

  7. What a fun find of your old things and anything that can give in insight to teenage drama is helpful! :)
    Really wanted to do the Ruth study, but no one here was wanting to.
    Poor the color effect too!
    So are you a "Twi-Hard"? Isn't that what they call it?
    Have a super week!!!

  8. the doggy picture!! Mine have been giving me those looks too. I really need to go out and get a package of tennis balls. It takes so little to make the pups happy.

  9. RJ,
    I LOVE that card!!! WOW she is one talented card-maker!!

    Hey, my blog made your blog, how cool is that? I just showed my husband who is currently hurting, ahem working on my leg =) dumb leg. Anyway..... and he just smiled at me. I don't think he saw the coolness in it. Bt it wasn't lost on me =) heehee

    Came here for some cheering up and it worked!!! Your Diet Coke CRACKED ME UP!!

    Would you like to come clean a sista's house? WOW I need a Saturday cleaning day!!

    Love you friend ~~ you are SO great!!!

    Have a Blessed evening,

  10. What a fabulous weekend! This reminds me, I need to clean! You are motivating me, haha.

  11. Love your recap! YOu would think the magazine people would pay attention to who the subscriber is and try reason which cover might be of more interest. SHEESH! Oh and that pic of your baby is So adorable. Love how you accented the red ball!

  12. Aww, I'm so glad my card brightened up your day. You are such an inspiration,'s a privilege to call you "friend".

    Hope you're having a great week!

  13. Wednesday's pic sure brings on the guilt!

    I've been in cleaning mode lately too - which has been a rarity!

  14. That's great that you guys have put together a Bible study group via Blogland. That's the kind of thing I can see myself doing. Just being realistic about my current situational lifestyle...

    Poor, poooooooor Buffy.

    Wow. That puzzle is gorgeous! I bet it WAS a challenge! NOW what are you going to do with it?


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