Tuesday, June 22, 2010

God was watching....

I am a mover... & a clapper... a fist pumper at appropriate times...& will even get some hip action in there, swaying side to side sometimes.  I am a WORSHIPPER!

I love music period.  I sit at my desk during the day & have been caught many times moving my shoulder WHILE typing to a song on a radio ... & yes, that is talent to do both at the same time!  I will sing dramatically in my car to music, while doing the Roxbury brothers head bop.  I am one of those people whose body refuses to sit still when there are notes playing through the air.

Worship Music is a whole other level.  I love songs with words that praise our Heavenly Father - that talk of the gift of Jesus - it always pumps me up,  or brings a tear to my eye... just moves me, sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally....

Recently, I witnessed something though that broke my heart.  I saw a young man who WORSHIPS... & I mean WORSHIPS.... every time I see this young man, I want to go stand right next to him because he is infectious!  His face says it all.... there's just a peace across it... it almost glows because love is just shining...

Sometimes, he will jump to the beat of the music (which I personally love to do myself - that's what years of working with youth & youth events will do to you!)... sometimes he will just lift his hands up with his eyes closed & his mouth not even moving... I've seen him drop to his knees with tears just streaming down his face... its a blessing to witness his worship....

The part that breaks my heart.... I witnessed people making fun of this young man.  It wasnt subtle.  It was literally a mocking.. an elbow hitting the neighbors, with pointing & a mocking movement of what he was doing, followed with laughter & more elbow pokes...

Believe me... I KNOW people worship differently & there is nothing wrong with any of it.  I know there is not one specific way to worship.  If someone wants to stand still & just experience a moment alone with God, no one should have a problem with that... if someone wants to worship the way this young man does, no one should have a problem with that either...

I guess what bothered me more then anything is that God was watching these people too... & they were more focused on what this young man was doing instead of focusing on the one who deserves that worship.

I guarantee you though, if that young man knew someone was making fun of him, I have no doubts that it wouldnt have bothered him though... it wouldnt have stopped him... & that makes me smile.  Know its gotta make God smile!  And that makes me want to be even bolder in MY worship.  Who cares what anyone thinks?  God is worthy of all the praise we can give him... & if people want to point, then maybe the worshipper can point them directly to God!

Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.
Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.
Look to the Lord & his strength; seek his face always!
-Psalm 105:2-4


  1. It is clear that this young man loves to hear some worship music, take in the joy and doesn't care what other's think!! That is a man that is not only secure in himself, but comfortable letting the world know his relationship with God. : )

  2. Oh girl ~~ I LOVE To worship God!!! I sway and sing, lift my hands, dance before the Lord, Oh girl, I LOVE ME SOME WORSHIP!!

    This young man makes my heart dance inside. PTL that he is bold in his worship and doesn't worry about what others think. I used to worry about what others think of me, but God has really done a work in me over the years, to just focus on Him. Glory!!!

    I love you girl ~~ have a Blessed day ~~ "see" you tonight =)

  3. I tell you, the ones I really feel sorry for are the people mocking, because they are ones who are missing out!!

  4. thanks for sharing this post.. I hope you have an amazing day..

  5. That's sad that he was being made fun of but GOOD FOR HIM for worshiping how he loves without letting anyone else be a distraction to him.

  6. I love to see true worship, I am sure that the people making funb of him did not think about how God would view their actions one bit.

  7. Oh Rebecca. How my heart hurts to hear this.

    I so GET what you're saying about singing with every fiber of your being. There is such a joy in that!! You know...there are so many people in this world who do not have this kind of joy. Sad but true, eh?

    I'd venture to bet that those people making fun of the young man are quite uncomfortable with such displays of worship. It's a shame they felt free to mock him, but I suspect it comes out of a jealousy that they do not feel so free as to do the same.

  8. i would love to stand next to that man and worship with him! i wish people weren't so quick to judge and instead found the joy in how much he loves God and the music.


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