Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

It IS Friday - right?  I was off work on Monday due to the holidays & then took yesterday off to take my daddy in for a knee surgery... so I'm totally & completely lost at what day it is.  I'm sitting here at work & no one is here yet so I was getting nervous that it was really Saturday.... (Dont laugh - I can see me doing something like that!)  But looking at the calendar & it does show its Friday - so let's Frag away!!!

*I saw the weirdest thing this morning... going down my street, I looked over & saw a cat walking on top of a roof!  How in the world did it get up there?  More importantly, how is it going to get DOWN?  Hope it makes it down before the sun gets high in the sky... talk about a cat on a hot tin roof - OUCH!

*TICKS TICKS TICKS!!! Ricky has had them all over him this year - I had to pull one off that was so deep, but I got tweezers & was to the rescue.  It left a HUGE mark on his back that turned red & swelled up - its still healing up a few weeks later.  And yesterday, I literally just walked in from my car to the house & I felt something, looked down & saw a tick walking down my arm... ughghghghghghg!!!!  They are so bad this year... & I'm a nervous wreck about them down, constantly checking the dogs & Ricky & I keep checking each other's heads for them in our hair... we probably look like a pair of red headed chimps picking stuff off each other on these tick checks!  The fun of living in the country...

*OK - I'm going to admit - when I visit my blog buddies & you all talk about summer vacation - I turn a little green with envy.  I want a summer vacation... I remember the good ole days of having 3 months off in the summer time to relax & sleep.  Why dont they incorporate that in jobs?  Wouldnt the world be a MUCH happier place if everyone got 3 months off at a time? There's my cure for world peace...

*The HOFF is out & Howie is in...America's Got Talent just seems to be better with him on it already!  I think he's one funny dude - & I love funny!  I can sorta get his germ phobia too... if I really sit & think about the germs on people's hands, I dont want to be touched either.  I love when he ran through all the people & crotched low & said "I dont want to be touched"... at least he doesnt hide it!  .... I am already in love with the little 18 yr old that sang "Somewhere over the Rainbow" while his dad just BEAMED off stage.  You watching this year?

*No...we still dont have our air conditioner fixed... I told Ricky when I file for divorce, I'm just taking a picture of our air conditioning unit & handing it over to the judge for my reason why - attach that picture to the file....Or a picture of me with sweat running down my head...

*Bridezilla... How have I never seen this show?  When I spent the night at my parents the night before dads surgery - my mom & I watched like a 3 episode run & I was sitting with my jaw dropped through most of the show!  This lady right here, Karen, was BLOWING me away... The attitude was in sane..the fits being thrown... I kept thinking, this lady CANT be real - its gotta be for show... then I realized I know someone just like her... that freaked me out more then anything!  I need to let this person know she too can become a reality tv star! 

*I taped all the shows of Vampire Diaries ove the summer... & over this past weekend I finally sat & watched them all.  Now, THATS the way to watch a show - when you got all the shows together in one place, go straight from one to the next - no waiting a week in between for the answer to the cliff hanger... loved it!  But now, I've gotta wait till next season to see how it all turns out?  I shoulda waited to watch it all the week before the season premiere...

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  1. Good Morning RJ,
    How did your daddy do with knee surgery? My heart SO goes out to him!!

    Ticks ~~ EEK they FREAK ME OUT!!!!!

    Have a Blessed weekend friend,

  2. Bridezilla's is one of those shows that makes me shake my head and wonder, "are you really in this for the marriage or the attention of one day?"

    Speaking of which--photos are on the blog! Got the disk yesterday! : )

  3. Happy Friday..

    I got my husband to turn on the air and I am so happy about that.. I loved the show with Howie.. It was great..

    I love the Vamp too.. Have a great weekend.

  4. Praying for your Dad as he heals and recovers from surgery. I worry about ticks all the time when we are down at my in-laws farm, too. They freak me out!

  5. I watched Dawson's Creek that way. I hadn't ever seen a single show til they were out in video. Loved it and no commercials.

    Hope your dad is back on his feet fast.

  6. I can't believe they kicked The Hoff off. I am shunning that show!

    And I am with you on the vacation. I have to say, that I know that teaching is a hard job and I could never do it, but it would make it easier to swallow if I had 3 1/2 months a year off.

  7. Wow! I don't know if I could make it without my air conditioning. These hotflashes are killing me!! lol Oh the joys of getting old!

  8. Our cats, love roofs, for cats the higher the better. Usually they find their own way down, once in awhile we have to help them. They are amazing jumpers and climbers.

    Oh and I can't get over the fact that it's friday, not Saturday myself. I'm never off on a friday but now my shifts change (Like you I work all summer, but I often get less hours in the summer) and I KEEP checking my calender thinking "Really, it's not Saturday yet?" It's great! I love that it's only Friday haha...

  9. I like your 3 month off idea for all work places.

    Cats are amazing! They are better at climbing up than at climbing down though.

  10. We've been watching AGT and enjoying it. I especially love that there's something new ON TV in the summer.

    Here's to a quick recovery for your dad :)

    Ticks--HATE 'em! Living in the woods doesn't help, but so far this year, I've been able to avoid them. (KOW) Mr.4444 hasn't been as lucky.


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