Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Want to meet some Super Heroes?

I told you earlier that I had to tell you more about Mighty Mac & Jordie...

Our Children's Minister at our church found a need & with her family, they set out to fill that need. 

Ever heard of Bibleman? If you have kids in a church, you probably have.  He's a super hero kinda figure that teaches about God & about the Bible & does it in a way that grabs kids attentions.  You want Bibleman to come visit your church or the kids, you can do that.  But our little church couldnt afford him.  (Not a slam to Bibleman, by the way.... I dont want any masked man showing up at my door beating me with a Bible now).  But honestly, for small churches like ours, it really is a cost we couldnt afford - as many churches, especially in these economic times.

(Mighty Mac & Jordie under over)

In steps our Children's minister, Sha & her husband Bobby... they came up with this idea for Mighty Mac.  Getting more of their family involved,, their daughter, Jordan, aka Jordie, is the partner of Mighty Mac & they are superheroes out to help kids learn about God.  The costumes are fantastic, there is a villian, which is played by Bobby's brother, there is music, laughs & a wonderful lesson that is taught when these caped crusaders come onto the stage.

(Getting help from Chas who gives them some Scripture to help them in their quest)

They really wanted to be able to expand this ministry where more people & churches, like ours, could have the same kind of experience of having someone like Bibleman come & really get to these kids....

(Here comes the villian who wants to make sure a little boy doesnt clean his room & disobeys his parents)

As an adult, you would love it too... This family has the best sense of humor & incorporate it in their skits.  Like, the downfall of Mighty Mac & Jordie is MUSIC... it makes them dance & they cant stop, which lets the villian get away... (check out the video at the bottom for a part of it)

Isnt it cool when someone sees a need in a church community & steps up & does something about it?  I know one day, Mighty Mac is going to be a name you all hear... you can say you heard it here first!

(Jordie giving scripture to the little boy & praying over him so he can now know the truth of what God says)

By the way, Jordie (not just a sidekick) is the amazing young lady in our youth group that you've seen her beautiful pictures she had painted me through the years... A talent all in of itself... but as you can see, get her on the stage & she's a performer! 

(After the skit, Mighty Mac & Jordie explain to the kids in more detail what they can do to listen to God)

If anyone is interested in having Mighty Mac & Jordie come visit your church or camp or school, let me know - I'll get you in touch with them... you wont be sorry!


  1. Very awesome! We have several creative arts ministries in our church too. It's amazing what can be done through music and drama ... especially in children's ministry! Gotta admit us *big kids* like it too!

  2. I love it when people make church and learning about God fun like that! :)

  3. This is so wonderful and so neat!!! :)

  4. Anytime you can "teach" without "teaching", I'm all for it. What a fun way to share and I'm sure everyone got something out of it! : )

  5. That's awesome! they must be a great blessing to have in your church!!


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