Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Top 10 Glee!!!!

Glee is done with its first season... what are we going to do over the summer?  I kept all the shows on my DVR, so I can replay all I want... But I saw on Entertainment Weekly the other day, they had their top 10 favorite Glee performances.  There was like 2 I agreed with - but most of my favs & my ALL TIME fav was left off... so I'm doing my own Top 10 Glee Performances... see if you agree...& if you havent ever watched Glee, maybe this will get you interested, or you can click on some of the links & take a listen.. & fall in love too!

10. - Home - Performed by Kristin Chenoweth - I love EVERY song she sings & was torn between this one & the one where she did the version of "A house is not a home" with Will... but I just loved this one because here is a lady who played Glenda on Broadway & was singing a song from "The Wiz"... & this song brought tears to my eyes... most of these songs that made my top 10 made me cry - that's how I know they were awesome! ...

9. Imagine ... When they had the School of the Deaf signing the song, that was enough for me, but add in the Glee crew & their voices AND the signing - Oh yeah, that was a moment that stands out.  And the pride on Mr. Shue's face when he sees his kids connect the hearing & unhearing worlds together... a top fav! ...

8. I'll Stand by You - by Finn... when he was singing that to his unborn daughter, which actually WASNT his daughter (gotta love a little bit of drama), who wasnt a little teary eyed when he was looking at the ultrasound picture. ...

7. Like a Virgin - I actually cant stand this song, but loved the way they did it with 3 different couples singing it.  I loved that Santana got a break & we actually heard her voice too, & girl can SING!  And who didnt love that Rachel & Emma had on basically the same night gowns from the 70's - Rachel's complete with a capelet!  ...

6. Total Eclipse of the Heart ... Rachel along with all her men...Oh, the pain in Finn's eyes.. Puck feeling a little played... & Jessee & his dancing with Rachel in the ballet studio... all wrapped up with "turn around, bright eyes"... how could this 80's song NOT be on my top 10 list?  ...

5. Dont Stand so Close to Me/Young Girl... Oh yes, this mesh up was awesome!  Mr. Shue had to sing this to Rachel who developed the crush of all crushes on her teacher.  Thinking he would sing this song showing her how he really felt was awesome.  With Emma sitting there swooning just as much as Rachel, I think I coulda pulled up a chair & swooned right along.... (The actual clip from the show... LOVE IT!!!)

4. Smile (Charlie Chaplin version)... this song just tugs at my heart anyways, but add in the clip of the kids getting ready for their hard earned year book picture... & then to see all the football players making fun & marking up the pages... "just smile"...

3.  Keep Holding On ... Who doesnt remember the long hard sigh of Quinn - who doesnt remember the look on Kurt's face as he spins her around, looking like he wants to cry right along with her.  The gang was letting Quinn know they were behind her with this pregnancy & the looks on all their faces was so awesome.  Finn taking his hands & holding both Rachel's & Quinn's hands was so moving too... A definite top 3 on my list! ...

2.  Defying Gravity... Rachel had been singing this song since she was a child - her signature song so she was prepared to take it on, but had to step back as Kurt too could knock it out.  Trouble was, Kurt's dad was just learning of the sexuality of his son & Kurt didnt want to make it harder on his dad then it had to be. So what does a Glee member who loves his dad do?  Throw the note that we know he can hit.... oh, the agony on Kurt's face... What a song to remember...& when Kurt looks at Rachel on the line "you wont bring me down" & looking at Mr. Shue on "I'm done excepting limits, cause someone says their so"... who wasnt rooting for Kurt then?  ...

1.  I Dreamed a Dream... Yes, my #1... I cant imagine anything ever topping that.  Idina Menzel - enough said!  The words of this song & with the story of a mother giving up her daughter for adoption & the two of them singing it - holding each other on the floor ... I have yet to watch the scene from the show & not tear up.  I think every week should have a Idina song on it... Bring in Kristin Chenoweth & do a "Wicked" show... maybe THAT would be the only things that tops this song for me. ...

So you have any favorites that didnt make my list?  Are you a Gleek?  If not, WHY NOT? :)  Are you counting down until the next season starts?  I know I am...


  1. I love GLEE! I was just commenting on another blog about it. I loved when Kurt sang Defying Gravity. It was beautiful. Also loved the song Rachel sang with her mom. They did a beautiful job together.

  2. I have only watched a few...but I loved Poker Face and Defying Gravity!

  3. I agree with most of these but Don't Stop Believing is still in my Top 2. I can't decide if I like that one or I Dreamed a Dream better.

  4. They are playing the entire season over the summer on Fox. So you can watch it all over again!!

  5. Oh goodness I need to start watching Glee!! Defying Gravity is my favorite song of all time!!

  6. I just read another blog that referenced Glee too. If only I wasn't so out out of touch with current TV and wasting my brain cells on all those real life crime dramas...

  7. i keep meaning to rent these on netflix...looks like a great show!

  8. Okay, we have different lists (though you have good ones...there's too many!). Here's mine..

    10. Lady is a Tramp - I LOVE Puck and think this highlighted his voice and looks in a humorous way.

    9. Run Joey Run - LOL This is hilarious, especially in the context of the show (Rachel trying to highlight all the guys who want/wanted her).

    8. Express Yourself - I really didn't like this episode, but two of the songs made it on the list because they did them well.

    7. Hello - Their voices go SO well together.

    6. Take a Bow - This song sold me on the show.

    5. Jump - Simply fun!

    4. Total Eclipse of the Heart - Tied up that episode well.

    3. Like a Virgin - Totally with you on this song, but cleverly done!

    2. Safety Dance - Fun, fun, fun!

    1. Endless Love - How they did this defines why I love this show. Good singing, good songs, and GREAT humor.

  9. I admit I haven't gotten into Glee but with a selection like this I may have to.

    Also I'm not sure what happened but your comment disappeared from my blog...hmm...thanks for your suggestion about having someone come in to watch the puppies.

  10. I'm hoping this is going to be on in re-runs this summer so I can get in on what I missed!

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