Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Can I get a WOOT WOOT for Friday?  Let's frag, shall we?

*We're preparing to get our sweat on tomorrow!  You know we love our baby Emily (like how I say "our"?) & tomorrow, there is a Epilepsy Walk that lots of people are ready to hit the pavement for "TEAM EMILY"!  (Another WOOT WOOT is needed!) Its also going to be like 95 degrees... egads!  But that's OK - we'll stay hydrated, I'm planning on pouring water over my head if need be, & we're going to walk in support of that beautiful little girl & everyone else who deals, fights, struggles & WINS over Epilepsy every day! 

*Netflix is my friend.... I usually, during lunch, will catch up on all my shows on Hulu, but its summer time so I dont have any shows to catch up on.  So what was I to do?  I pulled up Netflix & saw where you can watch all the old TV shows that are out on DVD.  The girls in the youth are always talking about "Bones" - so I started on Season 1.  I fell in love instantly.  Being an old "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fan anyways, David Boreanaz makes me happy... except when stories of him cheating on his wife come out!  Boo on you David!  But I am loving watching all the episodes of Bones.  Can I say, Emily Deschanel is an odd looking woman though... dont know what it is, but she's just odd...I think its her eye brows or something...

*Ever listen to Pandora?  Again, at work, I listen to that for most of the day.. (How would I work without the internet? First Netflix, now Pandora!!)... but did you know you can create a new station & for what artist you want, you can type in "Glee cast" ... & the songs from Glee - the ones they sing & the originals & even more kinda songs in that genre start to play.  For all you Glee fans, you'll enjoy it...

*Speaking of GLEE... I still have not gotten the newest CD - only because they are still sold out!  What is this?  The new iPad?  They have the regular CD, but the one with the "extras" - which includes the song "Home" by that cute little gal, Kristin Chenoweth - keeps selling out!  I have a rain check for the CD... a RAIN CHECK for a CD... how crazy is that? 

*Watching The Bachelorette?  Then you know this man in this picture is INNNN-SAAANNNEEEE! But in a funny, entertaining, keep him on TV kinda way!  He randomly breaks out in song & just reminds me of Elf - make a song up as you go along.... ("I'm singing... in a store....) Then Kasey goes & gets a tattoo on his arm to represent him "guarding & protecting" a heart.  All because Ali told him he wasnt being "real"... running out to get the tattoo shows how real you are... how REALLY CRAZY this man is. .... the BEST line ever though was by Kirk who said after yet someone else picks up a guitar... "What this shows needs is another man singing"... haha!!! I almost fell off my couch & spit Diet Coke across the room simulatneously!  I want him to win just for that line alone!

*SYTYCD!!!!  Forget the contestants this year (...still love you Kent & Alex!)... but I'm so dang excited to see Mark back!  And then Twitch came out... & Neil???? Oh man... its like a little piece of my dancing heart just jumped for joy!  It definitely was no shock to me to see the bottom 3 this week were all girls.  Season 7 is going to be the season of guys.  Old & new.

*Talking about dancing... I heard on the radio "Cold Hearted Snake" by Paula Abdult & thought about that video.  Remember when it came out & it was so "racy"... haha!  Who knew what was to come in videos... with things like Lady Gaga in clothes that I dont really consider "clothes".... how different the world is... but now, are you singing "Cold Hearted Snake"? .... look into his eyes... he's been telling lies!

*And speaking of dance again... have you seen this video?  Seriously - I am in awe of the moves on this kid!  How does he know to move like that? Latin Salsa runs through this kids blood!  I see him being on SYTYD in about 15 years...

Hope your Friday is full of dancing!


  1. That baby is hilarious!!!

  2. That baby is so funny. My grand daughter Morgan is 7 and every time she comes over she just has to show me all the funny baby video's on U you think that will count as a created memory with her?
    I am trying to do that now. Think of something I only do with each of the 11!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh my gosh I am so with you about having Mark back on sytycd!!!!! He is my all time favorite!!!!

    (I want the new Glee soundtrack so bad!!!)

  4. Happy Friday..

    I see you will be up for BB12.. I am so happy to have you again.. We will have fun for sure.. I hope you have a wonderful weekend..

    That baby has some moves..
    Is that picture you have the newest Glee CD? I have the one from the last show for my husband for Father's day..

  5. Have fun on your walk! I love Bones!

  6. I missed that line by Kirk, but you're right - that is funny! And, I love your Elf analogy - so true! Haha. Such an entertaining season, even if she does bug me!

  7. Wow what a great Fragmenty post!! I am so out of it... never watch videos or TV much... I only saw GLEE once!! Perhaps I should try and fit it in!

  8. I have to share my tv with a history/science/travel buff hubby and son, so I don't get to watch many of the shows you mentioned, but we DO love Netflix! We recently got hooked on the old Pink Panther movies from the 70s, and Netflix has them all.
    Haven't tried Pandora radio yet. Love the jewelry though...ha ha
    I remember that video being such a big deal!
    have a great weekend!

  9. Are you sure that "baby" isn't really a 20-year-old kid in a diaper?! That's amazing.

    Yes, we're watching The Bachelorette, even though I read all of the spoilers by Reality Steve. That show is so entertaining.

    Loved your FF button today, BTW!

    Hope you stayed cool today and that you enjoy a nice, relaxing rest-of-your weekend!

  10. I ordered the CD online in mp3 so I didn't have to worry about that. I then burn it to a CD for when I want to belt it out in the car.

    Mark is the one I was most excited to see return, but also excited for Courtney, Twitch, and Kathryn. I love that we have at least *one* good dancer to watch each dance!


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