Monday, March 28, 2011

Time for zeee Jive, a trumppalyne & a shout out to Charrlie Sheen ...

Week 2... I'm so excited to see how it goes.  Can Ralph make a definite stand as a real dancer?  Will Kristie be able to pull off Ballroom, which means classy?  Same for Kendra.  Will Petra be able to shake her hips in Latin?  Will we see love bloom between the Disney Princess & Mark?  All things I'm antsy to find out... so lets get this party started... we're LIIIVVEEEEEEE

8:00 - "They're back for one more time before the first elimination.  Those at the top will dance to keep domination... while those at the bottom will dance for redemption..." -Tom

8:01 - "For the last time before one of them has to say goodbye, let's bring out all our stars..." -Tom

8:04 - "Its going to take time... but I'm not easily discouraged" -Sugar Ray

8:05 - "This week is zee Jive" - Anna ....
"My biggest struggle is the jive is so fast" - Sugar Ray ".... this week is my rematch"

8:05 - ... starting out the dance in black & white.  It always makes me think my tv has blown a tube.  Stop that Dancing with the Stars! 

8:08 - "someone has to go home... based on that performance, I think you're in jeopardy" -Len

8:15 - "This week, we have quick step so we're going to work hard on getting rid of that tomboy inside of you" - Louis to Kendra

8:16 - "The quick step is all about being a lady... I'm not a lady" - Kendra ... "I need to shave"...

8:17 -"I dont feel beautiful... I feel like a boy... everyone thinks I'm that sexy, confident Playboy..." -a crying Kendra - "this is so much more about dancing to me.  This is about being someone I didnt think I could be"

8:19 - Tom whispering in her ear, "You didnt look like a boy at all.. in the least" - (She does look very beautiful with her hair pinned up)...Holly Madison in the house!

8:20 - "Its very tough being a lady, isnt it" - Bruno
"Elegance is a state of mind" - Carrie Ann

8:21 - "you are a self professed tomboy, but you were crying in rehearsals... why so emotional" - Brooke - aka Mrs. Pour Salt In Wound

8:26 - "I dont want Chelsea being eliminated first... so I'm pushing the boundaries.  Its still in the jive realm - just giving it more of an edge" -Mark

8:27 "I'm afraid you're going to kick me in the face" -Chelsea... "If I do, I'll get you an ice pack" -Mark  "Gee, that's reassuring" -Chelsea

8:28 - "I have a crush on your brain" - Mark, as he's rubbing Chelsea's head (mmm - sparks flying?)
"I dont usually get a lot of compliments on my brain" - Chelsea

8:29 - Jive via Crazy Circus!!!!

8:30 - "I love choreography like that... but I think there is a time & a place for it... & I dont think the time was now" -CarrieAnn
"This girl has fantastic potential... but not with dances like that" - Len

8:34 - WATER FOR ELEPHANTS PREVIEW... I'm DYING to see this movie... RPatz & Reese Witherspoon?  In a time period movie?  I'm soooo there!

8:38 - "... I have to tame the dancing beast for the Quick Step" - Cheryl

8:39 - "My wrestling trainers are nothing compared to Cheryl... I'm terrified of Cheryl Burke. I dont want her yelling at me" - Chris

8:42 - "... it was bright, breezy, good frame.. you did a good job" - Len
"All I can say is, I'm loving some Chris Jericho" - Carrie Ann
(It really was impressive... he was so "peppy" & light on his feet for a big muscle man)

8:47 - Thank you ABC for reminding me to set my DVR for the new "Body of Proof" - that looks like a interesting show.

8:49 - "The jive is hard for tall people... what am I supposed to do?  Get shorter?" -Petra. (OK - rub it in Miss 7 foot super model)

8:50 - "The trumppalyne helped me get over the fear of tricks" (she was on a trampoline... her little accent made it a new fun word though)

8:51 "This girl can go from uptown girl to floozie in the flick of a hat" - Bruno "you need to work on your core strength though" (That is what they tell EVERY super model... but I am impressed with her. Thought it would be way worse)
"Its a fatal combination.  Long legs, short skirt, bad technique...but I must say, she did it beautifully" - Len

8:59 - "Our 2nd dance is the Quick Step"- Maks ... "I'm assuming that means it has to be fast?" - Kirstie

9:00 - "Has it been just as difficult for your skinny partners to do the Quick Step" -Kirstie talking about her average has been loosing 5 lbs per week since dancing.  "So I have to make it finals to reach my goal (of 40 lbs)"

9:01 - "You know what Quick step means?  at least 20 lbs" -Maks
"Yeah!!! WINNING" -Kirstie (OK - she wins all my votes just for throwing a Charlie Sheen quote in there!

9:02 - a big ole lip smacker at the end of the dance with Maks & Kirstie... I think they are a fantastic pair

9:03 - "You are so in your element... I LOVE to watch you dance.  You are aware of your body....the connection between you & Maks will be unstoppable" -CarrieAnn
"You dont need to worry your weight when you have talent... & you have talent" -Bruno

9:05 - "I'm going to be honest with you - its jive or die time" -Mike "This week - the main motivating factor?  Explode Len & Bruno's face with my fire-y dance move"
"I think snot just came out of my nose" - Lacy from laughing

9:11 - DR DREW in the audience!!!

9:12 - "I've got good news... it was better then last week.  But dont get excited." - Len
"You look like a fly stuck on fly paper" - Bruno

9:14 ... oh snap... Chris Brown rehearsal footage... at least there was no throwing of objects... just dancing.  Keep Brooke Burke away from him.  If anyone is going to irk him with questions, it'll be her.

9:19 - "This is a typical ballroom dance (the quick step) - so I want to see Romeo be romantic in his move" -Chelsea .... "Like those abs" -Romeo ... yeah.... not so romantic

9:20 - "Chelsea wants me to be charming... I have no idea what that means.  I was born in the 1990's - not the 1900's" - Romeo (really?.... REALLY?)  Hey Generation Y - Romeo is throwing you all under the bus

9:23 - "You are the one to watch"- Bruno
"That was the best dance of the night" - Len

9:30 - "Its very difficult being criticized - but I'm going to take the judges advice..." - Wendy

9:31 - "I feel like I have to go like this" (Crossing arms while jumping)
"WHY?" - Tony.... "Because of MY BOOBS" - Wendy "NO one needs to see ALL that"

9:34 - "It's a step in the right direction..." - Bruno

9:40 - "We did that double turn & the crowd ROARED... its one of those moments I'll never forget" - Ralph

9:41 - "I'm the dad of 2 teenagers... let's face it... I have to make sure I dont embarass my kids" - Ralph "I know I can count on my family to tell me if I suck"

????Did he really name his son DANIEL?  I wonder if its because of Karate Kid?????

9:44 - HOLY COW.... DUDE CAN DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That was simply amazing!!!!!!

9:45 - "You have a HUGE likability factor...." -Bruno
"If you want to go further, you have to be sharper" -Carrie Ann
(Are these judges INSANE?  They are judging him like a pro & not the same as all the other stars... picking on his kicks?  Really judges?  Moments like this is when I'm screaming at the judges)

9:52 - "When I saw Kym do the Quick Step, I thought, why did I sign up for this" - Hines

(Yes Kelley - I also think this dress makes her look like a horse...)

9:53 - "I'm cooler then a polar bears toe nails" - Hines teaching Kym some "lingo"

9:55 - "I think Emmett has to retire his title of "Twinkle Toes"" - Carrie Ann
"I was very impressed" - Len
(Did Carrie Ann just burp?  What happened?  Bruno & Carrie Ann are laughing & Tom just said "Pull my finger" - LIVE TV people)

10:00 -"At the top forthe 2nd week in the row is Ralph ... & Mike is at the bottom" - Brooke

What did you think DWTS fans?  I think we have a competition!  I have 4 that I really like - Ralph, Hines, Kirstie & Chelsea... I even think Chris Jerricho could slide in there.  There are some good moves happening this year!    You picking a favorite yet? 

Did you think Mark & Chelsea were judged unfairly?  How about Ralph?  Who wants to see Dr. Drew dancing on next season?  And did you catch what happened with Carrie Ann?  Did she burp or what?  Tomorrow is elimination night... anxious to see how the votes will fall...Until next week Dance Fans!


  1. I have two words for you...HINES WARD! He is such a cutie patootie and he can DANCE! I love his smiling face! Of course, Ralph, Chelsea, and Kirstie are great, too! Yes, Chelsea and Mark didn't get judged fairly last night...I think they flat tore it up! I have no idea what happened with Carrie Ann at the end that had her and Bruno laughing hysterically. How did we miss it?

  2. SEE!! I told ya!

    I caught that, too, with Ralph's kid named Daniel. And I DO think it was because of the Karate Kid (I think I read that somewhere). I think they knocked it out of the park!!

  3. It was a great night. Mark was judged very harsh I loved it. Thanks for your kind words today. My baby girl has had a fever all day long up and down. Which has put me in tears. Have a great night!

  4. Kym doesn't need a dress to look like a horse, Rebecca.


    That was mean, wasn't it.

    Vote her off and leave the star! I want the good dancers on by the time I get to watch!! heehee

  5. I watched it with my mom last night! LOVE it!!!!


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