Thursday, March 24, 2011

You are what you eat...

I love documentaries... I love Netflix just for that alone...

Yesterday, I watched one that has been out for awhile - "Food Matters" ... I sat with my jaw dropped for most of the documentary. 

Its a simple concept - "you are what you eat" ... but we forget what that means.

The part that got me was the discussion on pharmaceutical care & how much nutrition can make a difference, but yet, its not taught to our physicians in today's schooling/learning.  Why?  Because our country is fueled by "big companies"...

I cant do it justice to explain it... I just think its worth watching...

Something stuck with me - they were talking about how some medicines for chronic conditions arent made to cure... why would they?  That would mean you'd stop using the medicine... that is so disturbing to me.  But the idea is "There's no money in "health""...

Makes me want to learn more about nutrition - that's for sure.

And believe me - I'm not saying anything bad about anyone that takes medicine or against medicine in itself... but this is just eye opening.  I think its a side we dont ever hear about... or learn about...

But it does make sense what they say. 
By the way - since I watched this - I havent had a Diet Coke!  Now is that proof how much this documentary freaked me out?  :)

You can check out their site at:

Anyone else ever see it?  What do you think?


  1. We watched it on Netflix the same night we watched The Beautiful Truth and were absolutely blown away by nutrition. It made me really want to be more conscientious of what we feed our kids and showed how modern medicines are not always the best methods for healing. (Although I'm very thankful for the modern medicine we do have!).

  2. RJ,
    I have not seen this, but now really want to.

    How is your vegetarian eating going? Did you like tofu?

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed day,

  3. I remember watching "Super Size Me" (the one where the guy eats McD's for a month) and was so grossed out! I do agree that there is truth in nutrition and it has a large impact on everything. I think I'll have to put this in our netflix queue. I think it's time to get freaked out again so that we can make some positive changes. :)

  4. We've watched this as well. It really does open your eyes to things doesn't it? My lil man watched Super Size Me in health class... he hasn't been a fan of McDs since we watchd Jamie Olivers Food Revolution and he showed what nuggets are really made of, but now he calls McD's McNasties!! LOL I love it!

  5. I would like to watch that show, but I'm a little afraid to, to be honest! I do my very best to eat healthy and, thankfully, I don't have to take any kind of medication on a regular basis. I'm sure there's a lot of information in it that really makes you THINK!

  6. I haven't seen it, but the preview alone freaked me out! Might have to add it to my Netflix list.

  7. I have not seen it but it sounds pretty wild!

  8. Will be watching it soon but haven't seen it yet!! This has been my mantra for the last two really are what you eat!!

    I just read a bit on an interesting site yesterday. Look up the Weston Price foundation. There are so many theories out there on the "right" way to eat. It's easy to get confused.

  9. that movie sounds like an eye opener for sure.

    And I'm so happy to hear you are still off the diet coke - yay!!

  10. I'm a vegan for a reason. I don't want nor need saturated animal fat, I don't want high cholesterol & I don't want to take medications. I also don't want to be part of animal suffering. I love my dog and my pet parrots (which are animals) & I have them living in my home & they are part of my I could not in good faith or conscious run out and eat other animals. I eat very well & am very healthy & happy eating a plant based diet.

  11. No diet coke? Girl, I think you check your temperature!!!

    BTW, I've been reading about nutrition for years and years. A great book to read (and it's super easy to understand and plain ole logical) is Jordan Rubin's "The Maker's Diet." He was a very sick man who was on the verge of having his entire colon removed when God led him to a healthier way of eating.

    As you know, I changed my diet in December, and I feel sooooooo much better than I ever have!

    I'm proud of you for watching this and for cutting out the coke. It's a start, my friend!!!

  12. I'm afraid to watch...I like to eat too much!

  13. This scares me. Great post. Thanks for making me think : )

  14. I have not seen this, but I did read an article on the dangers of drinking soda {and diet soda} and what it does to your body. I've not touched one since. Scary stuff.

    BTW, I was wondering why I hadn't seen an update from you in my reader, so I clicked over to just be sure I wasn't missing anything. Sure enough... I was. Not sure why but your feed isn't updating in my Bloglines.


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