Saturday, March 19, 2011

Six Word Saturday


Some of you saw my Facebook status Thursday...

The sad, pitiful, post...

... that I did a run that was probably one of the worst runs ever...a run that involves tears...

I went out ready to "pump it" (I love running to the Black Eyed Peas inspiring me) - when I get 1/4 into the run & my first piece of KT Tape comes off.  Half of the support of my knee is gone... then I keep on & before I even make 3/4 of a mile - the other half falls off. 

KT Tape - I had so much faith in you!  Turns out, its my fault - you're supposed to put it on & not exercise 60 minutes.  I had put it on & walked out the door - didnt give it time to "adhere"....

So my knee is feeling OK, but I'm leery of hitting the hills.  That's all I've got around me is hills - no other option.

I dont know if I had a bad lunch, if it was PMS, if it was a lack of sleep, if it was the 30 mph wind that I was running against - I dont know what it was... I just know I felt HORRID - like my body was 5,000 lbs & I couldnt take another step forward.

All it takes is one negative thought to get another one going & then another & then another...

Next thing I know, I was running with the devil... I told Ricky that.  I felt like the devil was sitting on my shoulder whispering every bad thing ever. 

"You're too fat to run"
"You cant do this"
"Who do you think you are trying to run another half marathon"
"You're a joke"
"You're knees are mush"
"You're doing that ugly cry"... (which at this point, I'll admit, it was an ugly cry)

... I did cry... on my run...& at one point, I just had to find a rock & sit on it & sulk...

Is running sounding fun to you now?

But I didnt give up - I got my 5 miles in.  A big slap to that devil on my shoulder.

The time was horrible - my body felt worse... I just wanted to get in the shower to sulk some more...

But know what?  Today's a new day.  I'm going out to get in at least 8 miles - may try for 10 miles...

But I'm going without that devil this time. 

Just me & the Black Eyed Peas...PUMP IT!


  1. Awww I'm sorry it went badly! But kuddos to you for resisting the devil!

    I admire your spunk!

    Happy Saturday!

  2. Rebecca, How absolutely insightful you are. That you were down and for no reason other than being disappointed in yourself you saw it for what it was.You could have lived with that, but you knew once that devil starts pushing he doesn't let up.You let him in your head and in your heart and listened to his blasphemy. BUT, 'You' did not leave everything to him. You took control back.You let your interior voice, (The Holy Spirit), take the lead. You ran right up that mountain (you called them hills)and straight to the finish line. You controlled your emotions instead of your emotions controlling you.You are Rebecca Braveheart and you deserve a gold medal.

  3. Oh heart goes out to you, my Friend. I love how you still pushed through. Isn't it wonderful to know that you will always be victorious because God is on your side?

    During times of weakness, keep repeating to yourself that you are a daughter of the King. You were created in His image, and you are beautiful - whether you run one mile or ten.

    Love you, my Friend!

  4. I got a feeling, that today's gonna be a good day.
    Your Friend, m.

  5. That devil is a pain when he gets in your ear like that. But always remember Psalm 139:14 .

  6. Go girl!!!! Show that devil what you're made of!!!!!!

  7. RJ,
    I have been there for sure. Some times I still am.....ya know the "your knee is not getting better" "you will never run or even walk for exercise again" "loser"....yep been there. It stinks, but so important to not listen to all that garabage and pick ourselves up and keep going. Good for you girl. You rock!!!!!

    Hang in there beautiful ~~ I love you,

  8. Visiting from 6WS - regardless of the devil on your shoulder you're doing more than I am. Anyone who has the will to run is admirable, I have tried to be a 'runner' but just cant make myself like it.

    Cheers, Fi

  9. Pump it!

    Good for you for finishing, even with the devil sitting there, trying to get you down.

  10. Kudos to you! Hit the devil right whre it counts at the finish line.
    Im here from 6WS

  11. I hope that you have a better experience running this week. You need to be so proud of yourself for just getting out there & doing it!

    Hugs & love,

  12. I think we all experience workouts like that from time to time. I'm sorry you had such a rough run but definitely just get back out there and DO IT! And yes, BEP are great for workouts!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


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