Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... friday... FRIDAY!!!!  This week has felt ETERNALLY long... but we've made it... let's frag

Tomorrow is my 10k.  I'm nervous - only because I havent ran ALL week long, trying to let my knee heal up.  Which it is feeling better. (yipee)  So a few things could happen tomorrow.  *my knee is going to hurt all over again - maybe worse ... *Or it may be healing & totally will be OK ... *My body is going to be hurting because I havent ran in a full week!!! ... *Or my body will be rested from a week off & I may be better then I expect.  See?  I have no idea what tomorrow will hold.  I'm going to pin on that bib number & cross that start line & just see how it all works when I cross that finish line... wish me luck! :)


TIME CHANGE this weekend!!! I have two feelings about this:
1.  I'm THRILLED because its going to be light later.  You cant even imagine how happy that makes this Sunshine-Girl!!! 
2.  It will TOTALLY mess me up.  First, I have to be at church at 8:00 am Sunday - throw in the time change, its kinda like having to be there at 7... you have no idea how my lack of sleep is draining me lately & throw that in.  UGH... Plus - it just takes me a good week or two to adjust to time change. 

I guess I'd rather trade some sleep & sleep adjustment for more sunshine though!


I am honestly, truly, working on kicking back my Diet Coke habit.  After dinner, I usually have one (or two.. or three) more Diet Cokes before I go to bed.  This week, I've actually pulled out my water bottle & filled it up & added some "Crystal Light Green Tea" to it & drank that instead.  (Yes - I know that has artifical sweetner in it too... but its gotta be better.  Right?  Small steps people... small steps)
But Ricky saw me doing this & he just stopped... stared... & then said, "Where's my wife?  What have you done with her?" ... scary thing - I think he was really afraid...


There's Ricky's name.. so let's jump into THE SPAT OF THE WEEK!!  This week its on JEANS!  Oh mercy... blue jeans... blue jeans... blue jeans.  They are everywhere in our house.  I am on a laundry kick - trying to get caught up.  Well, no wonder I cant get caught up... Just one day alone, I washed 31 pairs of jeans... 31 PAIRS OF RICKY'S JEANS PEOPLE!!! That's not even including the jeans that are already clean & not including some jeans that are still straggling around - not in the laundry basket!!! And remember, these are all Ricky's jeans... & that's not ALL his jeans!  ... & then ... get this... Ricky calls me over to the computer to show me what he just ordered online.  Take a big guess what it is... ANOTHER PAIR OF FREAKING JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....  I just shook my head.  


Question:  Why is Easter not on the same day every year?  How much does that mess everyone up? We know Jesus' birthday is Dec 25th (not really, but you know what I mean) ... but Easter?  It changes every year.  That just bothers me for some reason...



I saw where a lot of people were upset about Glee this week.   For some reason, this one didnt offend me.  I appreciated they put a "Viewer Discretion" up beforehand.  And maybe I was just blinded by joy with Gwyneth being back on the show.  Plus, John Stamos back for a bit?  Yes - I was in my own happy world.  Tango'ing with Mr. Shue in my mind & singing "Landslide" for days afterwards.... I heard someone is supposed to DIE on the show before the season is over - GASP!  I'm actually trying to avoid finding out who it is because I want to be surprised.  (Please dont let it be Gwyneth....)


Bachlorette:  Women Tell All... anyone watch?  Women are some catty people sometimes.  I dont know if Michelle's tears were real or not (I'm on the doubtful side) - but even if you dont know that & there's a possibility they COULD be real, those women who wouldnt let up on her?  WOW... anyone else thinking they're a little bitter? I just cant wait for the finale.  If Brad doesnt pick Emily, then I just chalk him up to be competely idiotic.  When its over - I'll miss most of all Brad's "Dear God" ... I LOVE when he says that in his country drawl.  But I'll recover fast from my missing Brad because DANCING WITH THE STARS will be on!  Trading Brad for Bruno?    Now there's opposite ends of the man-spectrum for you....

OK - hope you all have a great Friday... dont forget to SPRING forward!!!


  1. Good luck with your run! I'm sure you'll do great!! :)

  2. i hope you excel in your run and that your knee does not hurt much at all!! you will finish, i know you will, keep your goal in mind, girlie, you can do it!!!

    i love more sunlight,, but the time changes just knock me around.

    we have jeans all over the place here... why on earth would he buy more??? silly ol bear!!

    my best friend watched the tell all bachelor. she even skipped a phone call to watch it, so it must have been good. we don't watch glee. my hubby says no way will we watch it, so i don't.

  3. Tear it up tomorrow,'ve got this, remember? Wow...that is A LOT of jeans! That cracks me up that he ordered more, though. Oh, you know I didn't care for "Glee" this week. I just thought it was over-the-top for primetime...or any time, for that matter! When Gwyneth held up a cucumber in one hand and a condom in the other, I was done. I can hardly wait to see "The Bachelor" on Monday night...Brittany will be here to enjoy it with us! WOO HOO!

  4. I'll pray for you and your knee, Rebecca.

    The blue think Ricky needs a self-help group. Either that, or he needs to start doing his own laundry (the Mr. does his).

    Easter...I found the following web site to explain why the date changes...

    Bachelor...I'm rooting for Emily as well, although I won't be watching the BIG moment. Guess I'll have to read about it in People Magazine.

    Please make sure you do your DWTS updates this season. I'll be missing an entire month!!!!

  5. Will be thinking of you and praying for you tomorrow while you are on your run! Hope that the rest will have helped the knee and the run won't be too rough on you!!

    Trying to ignore the time change here...really not a fan of loosing sleep. I like the fall back much better! Guess it's worse because Saturday and Sunday are usually my late days/nights preparing for church...why couldn't we switch on a Tuesday lol?!

    Congratulations on working on kicking the diet Coke habit...hubby and I are working on kicking the caffiene habit...he used to drink like nine or ten Mt Dews a day. I think he's down to one or two now. I've been down to one in the morning for quite a while now....every once in a while I'll have one in the afternoon if I know it's going to be a long day.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I'll be saying an extra prayer in the morning for you as you run! Hope it is a great run and that the knee problems are gone!

    I love the time change too but your right, the hour less of sleep always messes with me for a few days too. Bring it on though....

    Hope you & Mr. Blue Jeans have a great weekend!!

  7. Even *I* don't own that many pairs of jeans. And that's saying something. WOW.

    I loved Glee for having Gwyneth on there, but seriously the whole gay thing is getting old. And Quinn is on my nerves. But yes, I had Landslide in my head for 2 days...and now it's back.

  8. here is the short answer for why Easter is not on the same date every year..

    Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the Spring Equinox.

    Ricky really has that many Jeans??
    wow! and I can't get my husband to buy another pair (he has 4)

  9. Oh girl, be careful with that knee tomorrow. I know you'll do GREAT!!!

    Ricky has 31 + jeans? I don't think Dick and I have that many jeans between the two of us. Ricky I say that a lot =) He brings a smile to my two are hilarious!!!!!

    Love you girl,

  10. Good luck tomorrow!

    All those blue jeans would make me kuh-razy. I think my husband has about 6 or 8 pair. I just don't see how one person can need that many blue jeans?

    I'm with you on the Easter thing. It would make things much simpler.

  11. Hi- I'm visiting from Friday Fragments.

    We were just talking about the Easter thing is it THIS year?

    That is WAYYYYYY too many jeans :-)

    Green tea is supposed to be good for you, so it has to be better than soda. I have actually cut back my coffee consumption in favor of green tea.

    I would love for you to check out The Blogging Buddies...dedicated visitors and comments.

    Have a great day!

  12. I hope the 10k went well!
    Good luck kicking the Diet Coke addiction. I'm currently addicted to Diet Dr Pepper so I feel your pain!
    I couldn't believe how nasty the girls were on "Women Tell All". Even Chris had to tell them to chill! I didn't like Michelle either but geesh, have a heart.
    I can't wait to see who he picks although I'm pretty sure it's MY pick! =)


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