Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Never noticed....

I'm still sitting here with my leg up... bandaged... & an ice pack near by

My stupid knee... it just had to get messed up right in the middle of the running season.

I've already done 2 5k's & this Saturday is a 10k - then the 10 mile-run, then the half marathon.

I just want to get through the 10k.  I didnt pay to enter the 10 miler, so I dont feel so bad skipping on that one ... that will give me 7 weeks until the half marathon.  So I can take a week or two & lay off of it, but still have time to train in the end. 

Those are my plans anyways... funny... we all know how often our plans work out how we want them to - right?

Yesterday though, I really noticed how I use this leg & exactly when the pain would hit.  Not even counting running... ordinary, daily life...

*Pushing my chair back away from my desk
*Squatting to clean under the bed
*Walking up 2 flights of stairs to get to my office
*Pushing the gas & brake pedals in my car while driving
*Turning over in the bed

All simple things... things I do everyday... & before this pain - I never even noticed or realized everything my muscles were doing.  We take it for granted, dont we?  Not realizing how important the things are that we cant see...

Then I thought about God & how sometimes, we take Him for granted.  He's always there - always helping us through our day & we dont even realize it.  Until we're in pain or hurting do we notice He's there...

When my pain goes away (Lord, please let it go away soon!) - I think I'll at least be more aware of this small area in the front of my kneecap...

When there is no pain in life - the good days - I want to be even more aware of the God who is with me in every step & every move I make...

The Lord will keep you from all harm-
he will watch over your life,
the Lord will watch over your coming & going
both now & forevermore.
-Psalm 121:7-8


  1. Oh, RJ, I hope it feels better soon. Take care of yourself, and rest it when it when it is demanding to be rested!

  2. Love your analogies! Always spot on! And praying for your knee! Maybe God just needed you to take a little time out and rest a little. Hopefully you'll get some relief soon! xoxo!!

  3. I am so sorry to hear that your knee is bothering you as badly as it is. Please take good care of yourself and get better QUICK! You know you'll be close in my prayers! Hang in there, my friend!

  4. The thing I'm working on is being thankful even during the painful times.

  5. I love how you take the little moments in your life and turn them into a lesson for life.

    I'll be praying for your knee!

  6. Oh that stinks, I'm so sorry about your knee! :(

    Now I'm singing "Every move I make, I make in you, You are my way JESUS!" lol

  7. I'm so sorry about your knee and will say a prayer for your quick recovery. But I love how you turned it into a sermon and one I need to be reminded of often.

    May God bless.

  8. RJ,
    I hope that knee starts feeling better real soon. Have you been to the doctor yet? If it is in the kneecap area, you may need to get that checked out.

    Love you girl,

  9. oh i am so working on this now! thank you for this post today. praying your knee heals up soon and the pain goes away.

  10. Wow. That's a really good analogy! I don't think I would have thought of it that way either.

  11. Great post! Be careful with that knee!

  12. Awww feel better Rebecca! :-(

    Great post though! As always, very inspiring!


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