Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes...

I told Ricky it blows my mind that you can have "actual conversations" now with little tiny people that are 6 years old... especially when you remember holding them in your arms just a half hour after they were born. 

Last Friday, hanging out with my twin nieces, I had such fun talking with them too... so funny how their minds work.

Here's just a couple of snippets of some conversations:

Madi:  Aunt Bec, why do you have to sing all the time?
Me:  Because Madi... that's just what Disney Princesses do.  Dont you watch the movies?
Madi:  Oh ok.. that makes sense


(We were "mouthing" words & trying to see if the the others could figure out what we were saying.  Since we were in a Mexican Restaurant, I mouthed the word "BURRITO")

Sophia: Are you saying "Bears eat toes?"
Me:  Yes - because I say that phrase every day of my life
Sophia:  I thought so...

Madi:  Sophia is so good at making friends.  I'm just not good at anything! (that broke my heart!!!!)
Me:  Madi - everyone is good at something!... Sophia, tell your sister what she's good at
Sophia:  Oh Madi - you are sooooo good at learning 
Me:  See Madi - you are good at something!  You are very smart!  Not everyone is good at learning!
Sophia:  But I can tell you TONS of things she's not good at.
Me: Sophia, want me to tell you what you're not good at? Knowing when to stop talking! (said with a smile)

Sophia:  Look Aunt Bec! (pointing to her front tooth) Its loose & is going to come out anyday!
Me:  Hey - I lost a tooth last week myself! (I told her about my crown falling off)
Sophia:  What did the tooth fairy give you for it?


Madi:  I want to go to Build a Bear. (they got gift certificates for their birthday)
Me:  ME TOO!  I want to make a bear.
Sophia:  What kind of bear would you make?
Me:  A knitting, roller skating, reading Princess Bear!!!!
Sophia:  So it could have skates on its feet, a knitting needle in one hand, a book in the other & a tiara on its head!
Me:  Doesnt that sound like the coolest bear EVER?
Madi:  umm.... no....

Madi:  Where's your babies?
Me:  Right here (I was holding Bruno & Sydney was lying next to me)
Madi:  No!  you're REAL babies... didnt you ever have any?
Me:  (just shaking my head no... this conversation could go wrong quick)
Sophia:  You mean you're a grown up & God didnt give you any babies?
Me:  I didnt have any babies of my own, but I have lots of babies to love on.
Sophia:  So God didnt give you babies so you could love ME more?
Me:  That's exactly it
Sophia:  Ahhh.... (Really thinking about it)....that's so nice of God

....You just never know what a converation will hold with a 6 yr old...


  1. You should have given us a three hanky warning, Rebecca! What sweet little girls, and what a wonderful aunt you are. They are so fortunate to have such a God-loving, generous, caring woman in their lives. I wish I'd had you around when I was younger. I sure could have used a positive role model. Hugs, Friend.

  2. Oh that one about the bear toes and the Build a Bear were so funny!!! Annnnd then I got choked up reading the last one...so sweet. What a great gift you've been given!

  3. Too, too sweet! Really brings back some priceless conversations I've had with my girls over the years...sniff, sniff.

  4. I can tell you are the most awesome aunt!! The girls truly appreciate all your love :-)

  5. I love Bears Eat Toes! That is adorable!!! 6 yr olds really are adorable. My best friend's little boy is turning 6 tomorrow. He's adorable! I want to squeeze them.

  6. I just said adorable 3 times. OMG!!!! I so did not meant to do that! LOL!!!!!

  7. That is so fricken cute!!! What a sweetheart!

  8. Oh man, what great girls they sound like! Great memories for you.

    Hugs & love,

  9. All I have to say is how sweet are children.. Have a great day..


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