Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Brother's Hobby...

My brother is 7 years older then I am...

Growing up, he had a weird hobby... something I tell someone & they dont believe me.

But I have proof now.

Going to my parents one day, they are sorting through all our family photos.  I started going through my box & this is the picture I see...

(Sorry the quality is bad - it was taken with my cell phone
& I dont have a super-awesome phone....
Im still sporting the old flip kind... feel bad for me...)

Sorry Tyra... there is no "Smizing" in those eyes...

What am I doing?  ... I'm crying...
What am I holding? ... my arm...
Why, you have to be asking?

...because my brother hit me... & then took my picture...

Yep - there's his hobby right there.

It was funny because in the pile of pictures were at least another 4 pictures of me with a tear stained face & holding some part of my body where he would hit.

My mom said she would usually hear this - in order:  SLAP - sobbing occuring - then see a bright flash

My brother working hard at aggravating....

Isnt growing up with a big brother fun?

I think its going to come back & bite him in the butt though.  His daughters, the twins, saw the pictures & Sophia asked him "Why did you hit Aunt Bec?" - He told her it was how he showed he loved me...

that caused a sparkled in Madi's eyes...

I have a feeling she's going to show her sister just how much she loves her really soon.

.. maybe with a camera in hand.


  1. my older brother used to pick on me too. However, I would wait and wait for the right opportunity to get when my mom made him take me to the movies with him and his friends and he was in line leaning against the wall. I saw my opportunity and slugged him in the stomach. I knocked the wind out of him and his friends never let him live it down!

  2. LOL! That post was so hilarious Rebecca! :D I loved it!
    I grew up with a big brother too, he was evil! We would wrestle or should I say, he would beat me up everytime our parents were out!
    Looking back at it, it makes me laugh because we have so many good memories about it now and we still laught about it! :-)
    Thank God for family!

  3. Sorry, I couldn't help but laugh!!!!!! Ha!! :)

  4. First of all, you MUST go buy yourself a better phone. Seriously.

    Now, I have to say that I found your story rather sad. I know that you are very close to your brother, but I just don't see how this was funny. It makes me really sad to think that while you were in the middle of crying, he took pictures.

    I am glad that you forgave him and that you were able to move past this. I don't know if I would have the same attitude.

    Oh, and I say this with the full knowledge of what my husband did to his brother whenever he had to babysit him (the Mr. was the oldest). Must be a boy thing.

  5. It's not just brothers...

    My oldest sister used to tie me up in her room, tickle-torture me, then leave me in the dark for what felt like hours (probably 5 minutes).

    And yet I still love her. Weird.

    I don't even know how to download pics off of my phone, so don't feel bad :)

  6. WOW now that right there is the nature of having a big brother. I have a brother that is about 5 or 6 years older than me and he used to chase my sister through the house, and punch holes in the wall and I locked myself in the bathroom one time because he told me Santa wasn't real. The audacity.

    But he has made one beautiful, heart felt adult. I'm so happy he no longer punches holes in walls =)

    Love you friend~~ have a Blessed day,

  7. Uh no.. Trouble ahead.. My brother was the same way but did not take pictures.. Have a great day..

  8. Oh my gosh! LOL I was older than my brother so I never got picked on like that, but honey I would have put up a fight for sure! You shoulda punched his mug back! LOL

  9. That's definitely a brother for ya! I grew up with 2 older brothers myself. I don't recall them hitting me, but they'd take a wet towel, give it a twist or two, and pop me with it on my legs. OUCH! I'd go off running yelling, "MOM!" I got them in trouble every single time. HA...they had it coming!:)


    I needed that.

  11. I didn't have any brothers. Wish I did though as it sounds like fun - in a painful kind of way.

    and you were too darn cute!!!


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