Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Roundup

* My goal going to bed on Friday was just to sleep... I havent been able to "sleep in" for quite a few weekends, so I had a stern talking with the dogs to not wake me up... & then that same talk with Ricky... & I was ready to snooze away...

*... I woke up Saturday morning at 5:30 am... DANG IT!!!!

* I had a Senior Portrait Session on Saturday morning.  I hadnt ever done an early morning session because I like the look of a setting sun towards the end of a session... so this was a new experience.  But this young lady had to be at work in the afternoon & she was actually scheduled for the next weekend, but we had a beautiful day & next week is a 10k I'm running, so it just made it easier on me... plus, she was excited to do pictures.

Look how beautiful this young lady is... red heads?  You know I love them

It was so cool that her dad came with her on the session.  Usually its moms, but her & her dad had a fantastic relationship...  & he was Mr. Helpful.  He was carrying my supplies for me, using my reflectors however I needed him to... I think I need more dad's to come along.

* So not only did I walk 2.50 miles in doing the Senior Session (yes, I wear my pedometer 24/7... I may move my legs while I sleep & I want to count those calories... it is Girl Scout Cookie season afterall) ... but it was such a pretty day, I went out & ran 6.20 miles... a 10K... gearing up for the 10K I have this Saturday.  Beautiful days just inspire me to stay on the road... even with burning, neuropathic feet (boo!)

* I took my shower when I got done running & left my hair up in a towel until I went to bed.  I woke up around 2 am shivering... my hair was STILL damp... that's cold in the middle of the night!  So I wrapped it back up in a towel so I wouldnt feel it... let me tell you.  CRAZY HAIR doesnt even describe my look when I woke up on Sunday.  Praise the Lord for straightening irons.  They truly are like magic wands.

* TIME CHANGE!!!!  ... it will take me at least a week to get used to the adjustment.  Always bothers me, whether we Spring Forward or Fall back... it all just means my internal clock is messed up!

* STUPID WEATHERMAN!!!!!.... I had a Family Portrait Session scheduled for Sunday.  But earlier in the week, the weather forecast said it would rain on Sunday.  Even said showers ALL DAY.  So we went ahead & canceled... & guess what?  It was the most beautiful day of the year!!! Warm, in the 70's, sunny - absolutely PERFECT!  I was so angry that the appointment was canceled...

I did enjoy sitting on the back porch with my dogs & my Kindle though...

* I may have to boycott Facebook during the NCAA Tournament time.  I cant stand it.  I know I live in "Basketball Country" - people are VERY passionate about B-Ball here.  I know some of you, its Football.. here's its all about the hoops.  And you either "bleed Blue" for the Univeristy of Kentucky - or you're a Cardinal for the University of Louisville.  Ricky BLEEDS BLUE!!! Through & through... so UL didnt have a great season at all.. but Ricky isnt the type of person who says anything, makes comments, rubs it in.  But UK lost their first game in like 24 games in a row & the messages started rolling in to him... texts, phone calls, Facebook comments.  Really?  I dont even care about basketball & dont even watch it (not "allowed" to watch it is key since I'm bad luck) but really?  Are people 5 yrs old?  Sports justs brings out the worst in people... cant we all just get along? ...

* I find myself so excited for Sunday nights ... ONCE UPON A TIME... so yes, I too am like a 5 yr old.  Give me my fairy tales :)


  1. That's a fantastic photo! Color me Jealous of your mad skills! And of course, she's beautiful. She looks like she is at one with nature. As if she grew out of that field. Do I make sense or do I sound totally crazy?
    Happy Monday!

  2. Lovely photo!

    Coem to think of it, it was meant to get ugly and rain here too, but it didn't until overnight. A gentle rain woke me.


  3. Your photos are inspiring, as always.

    LOVE Once Upon a Time.

    I wear pedometer from the moment I wake til the moment I climb into bed...never thought of wearing it all night. Hmmm...

  4. How sweet that the young lady's dad accompanied her on the portrait session. The photo you shared is simply breath-taking. I, too, love redheads ... we have red hair in the family, and I was hoping for at least one redheaded grandchild. ;-)

    We're going to have 70-degree weather today ... sitting out on the deck with my dog and my Kindle sounds like an excellent way to spend the afternoon.

  5. I saw the pictures on your facebook - you take such awesome pictures! :)

    Even though the appointment was cancelled, glad you got to spend that time reading :).

    Best of luck on the 10k! :)

  6. That photo is absolutely AMAZING! So warm and cozy! Great job.

    Can I ask what kind of reflector you use? I am thinking I should get one.

  7. That IS a great picture - I love redheads too :)

    You know, my wet hair just makes me HOT. Maybe it's my age - heh.

    I rarely have anything to be excited for in the NCAA - I pull for NC State, which hasn't done much since the days of Jimmy Valvano :)

  8. I so thought of you last night with Once Upon a Time! I love, love, love this show!!!!!!

  9. So after last week's snoozefest {Grumpy} this week was amazing! I was like DANG IT! Stinking cliff hangers. I love this show!

    That photo is AMAZING. I thought I'd get good the more I used my camera, but I haven't haha. Oh well.

  10. C'mon! March madness is called that for a reason. ;) it's all in good fun. Ricky has teased me many times before. HA!
    Most of my family is die hard UK fans, I gotta give them a little taste of what they give me. Heck UofL doesn't win as much LOL!!


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