Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Fragments... with a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Friday... FINALLY!!!!


Yesterday was SPRING SPRING SPRING everywhere...
but I'm sorry... I'm still bummed...
I have YET to wear my flip flops & I have yet to even think about the need to switch over my closet from heavy sweaters.

We're getting snow again at the beginning of the week

I may have made this face when they said temps are still getting in freezing levels
... AND a chance of snow...

This isn't the March Madness everyone is talking about.

I have yet to see one bud on a tree
... I'm depressed...

... & I don't have mine yet...

My order number at Amazon
 Come on Amazon!!!
Get it to my house today please so I can sit in the cold & at least SING about it


By the way,

This does NOT apply to me

It TOTALLY bothers me in every way at this point


I've always loved Jen from The Little Couple

I have watched her when she met her husband Bill & they got married
& built their house, & going through their adoption process
... which the episode where they adopted their daughter Zoey - so sweet...

Jen is just amazing.  The awesome inspiration of not letting ideals of people stop her. She is just kind & thoughtful & so intelligent...
& now, she's fighting cancer... & sharing that with us as well.

I just have such respect for this woman & her family.
Anyone else watch this?


Its amazing how TLC has such an amazing woman on their network
& its the same network that has Honey Boo Boo


So is anyone else following "Grandma Betty" on Instagram?

Her name is: grandmabetty33

her grandson made her an account & posts pictures & videos of her.
She's battling cancer, but my goodness... this woman's attitude is incredible.
I tear up a little at each picture she puts up.
FOLLOW HER - you won't regret it.


On the radio this morning, they were saying that the new movie Divergent isn't all that good.  Dang it. I'll have to check it out, but now, I may wait to see it on DVD.
I really want to read it first anyways.

That gives me a chance to see the new Muppet movie instead!!!

 I grew up with the Muppets.  Watched their show every week.
Had their board game. Had real Muppet puppets.
My brother used to do all kinds of comparison to me & Miss Piggy
... a whole other story...
but it just reminds me of being a kid

Plus, COME ON... Tina Fey, Ty Burrell & Ricky Gervais?
I gotta see this!

I gotta find a kid.
When previews of it was on when we took my nieces to see Frozen, they were both like, "Blah"
WHAT?  What is wrong with kids today!!!


Me today



Scandal... anyone else watch?

I can't even speak about it.
I was doing the ugly cry last night

those are my tears raining down



I was given a copy of Angie Smith's book - Chasing God
& they are letting me give a copy away...

I'll just pretend its because Angie Smith is my best friend & she's really the one behind me being able to give this away...
she's cool like that.
(I just KNOW we'd be best friends... & we'd be the coolest redheads around)

So just leave any sort of comment about any of the Frags today,
but just type in "YES to Chasing God" anywhere in your comment so I know you want to have a chance at winning it.
Some people may already have a copy, it may not be something others are interested in
... that's cool...
I don't want to force a book on you :)
So if you want a chance at getting a copy, just speak up :)

I'll do a random draw on Monday Morning.

Hope its a Fabulous Friday!!!



  1. i am definitely gonna look up grandma betty on instagram!!! so great!

    i am so excited that Frozen is out!!! i can't wait to own it & watch it all the time :) that is seriously my favorite movie in a really long time!!! :)

    p.s. YES to Chasing God :)

  2. I watch the Little Couple and love their postive outlook. I would love Angie Smiths YES to Chasing God!

  3. I am so over the cold too. SO.OVER.IT. We haven't had near the snow you've had, though. Hang in there, Spring is .... actually, I have no idea when Spring is coming.

  4. My husband made me turn from Scandal to basketball last night.... Boo!

    Yes please, to Chasing God!

  5. Spring is a long way here too. No buds yet.

  6. All of your pics cracked me up! A friend of mine bought the kids frozen yesterday....they've already watched it twice. It's really such a cute movie. YES to chasing God! Happy weekend!

  7. yes to chasing God!!

    This post made me smile and laugh this morning...and I needed that, it's been a very rough week.

    loved reading Divergent but am not all that impressed with the previews. I am going to see it, but am gearing my self up to being disappointed.

  8. Love all the pics. My hubby and I are planning on renting Frozen tonight :) We haven't seen it yet. YES to chasing God! Happy weekend!

  9. I haven't even ordered a copy of Frozen yet. I think I'll try to find it in the store this weekend and if I can't then I'll order a copy from Amazon, along with Saving Mr. Banks.

    I watch the Little Couple sometimes. I did not get to see the one of their adoption of their little girl. Maybe I can catch it on "On Demand". I thought from the commercials I've seen she might have cancer. Poor woman. Hasn't she been through enough! Bless her heart.

    Honey Boo Boo -- nothing to say to this except what a boo boo!

    I'm following Grandma Betty now. Thanks for the heads-up.

    After listening to all 3 of the audiobooks of the Divergent series, I'm not sure I want to see the movies. I really enjoyed the books, and I don't want to give anything away. But can I just say I was disappointed in the ending of #3 and I just don't think I can stand to watch it.

    You don't need to take a kid if you want to see the Muppets. Just go and enjoy! Although, I know it's much more fun to go with someone. I think Hunger Games was the first time I ever went to a theater alone. It's not so bad. :)

    YES to Chasing God and thanks for the chance.

  10. Watching frozen tonight. I watched scandal for first time last night. My daughter explained everything. I'll stick with revenge.

    Yes to Chasing God. I mean shouldn't we all be chasing Him!

  11. I think my order number at Amazon is after yours ... idiot-me said "let's save some money and go with free shipping!" ... adding another week to my wait time. :(

    But YES TO CHASING GOD! I need more of Him in my life. Don't we all? :)

  12. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Jen from the Little Couple and I cannot wait to see Frozen! Grandma Betty on IG cracks me up!!

  13. Oh YES!!! Scandal. Love, love, love that show. And Tony Goldwyn as the President. Swoon. I heard they're 4 less episodes this season because Kerry Washington is pregnant. Understandable but darn.
    Happy weekend

  14. I'm with you, and so over this winter weather! I love watching the little couple. I'm just getting caught back up on it and think those kids are adorable. I love they way Will talks, "Homa!"
    Have you tried Amazon Prime? We just started a free trial and I think I'm hooked. I've ordered like 4 things already. Can't pass up free 2 day shipping! I see shopping problems in our future.
    And, YES to Chasing God!

  15. I still haven't seen Frozen! I need to rent it! And going to follow Grandma Betty now, ha!

  16. I went and picked up "Frozen" the day it came out. Sir Cuteness and I saw it at the movies and decided we needed it THE DAY it came out. So that is what we did, and we had PaPa Murphy's (well they did) =) and the movie. So much fun!!

    Yes to Chasing God..... always. =)

    Love you friend ~~ dawn

  17. I made that baby face multiple times this winter. I am so over it. Today I wore flats...that is getting one step closer to flip flops!

  18. Yes to chasing God :)

    We got our copy of Frozen on Tuesday, but we waited until tonight to watch it. The kids had already seen it, but this was the first time for me and my husband.

    Our take away: Elsa is like the hottest ice queen ever!

  19. We have some buds on the trees here ... not that it matters much because snow and freezing temperatures are in the forecast for next week. Ugh!

    I watched Frozen with the grands on Thursday ... and I admit that I catnapped through a little bit of it ... so now I want to see it again ... all of it. My grands love that movie so I won't have to twist their arms to agree to watch it with me. ha!

  20. Oh, and I could NEVER say that the cold never bothered me ... and the term "cold" is relative ... for me anything lower than about 65 is cold. ha!

    And yes to Chasing God! Thanks for the offer!

  21. Grandma Betty: I've been following for about a week now. Pretty awesome!
    Scandal was pretty emotional on Thursday.
    I don't think winter will ever be over.
    I haven't read the book yet, so YES!

  22. Oh no, I'm not caught up on Scandal yet. You are scaring me.

  23. Grace (and I) have watched Frozed a total of 5 times since she received it on Thursday...LOVE, love it! Hope you received your copy this weekend!

    No more more more snow...say it with me ;)

    The Little it too!

    Hope your weekend was great :)

  24. You always have so much that I want to comment on! lol
    Let's talk Scandal! AHHHHH!!! I cried so much! Oh my gosh! the way Cyrus cried and how Jake sat with the dying guy (don't remember his name)on the street.
    Oh Jake!
    Oh and I am so sick of Olivia and Fitz!
    Not sure if I've asked you before but do you watch Parenthood?

    P.S. I now follow grandmabetty. She is awesome!


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