Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time
It's been a long week....
But we've made it to Friday!!!
Anyone else still riding the Weather Roller Coaster?
It was 70 degrees on Tuesday... snow on Wednesday
Its going to be in the 60's today & tomorrow... snow on Sunday
how I feel every time I open my door
This is so messed up!  Spring is next week!
I know its usually warm & things are blooming....
now?  I'm still seeing piles of snow that won't melt.
What the heck happened to that missing plane?
Anyone else freaked out about that?
Just reinforces my fear of flying.
Now its not even about crashing... its about just plain disappearing
When we were in the hospital with my dad, my phone rang.
I have the ringtone from "Party Rock Anthem"
Yep... it kicks off, "Every day I'm shuffling" & then that cool dance beat
... it went off with the nurse in the room & my brother, being my brother, said
"Well, that's just embarrassing"
I loved that the nurse said, "I kinda like it"
YES! Score one for me.
But now I'm a little conscious about my ringtone
I actually just downloaded "Do you want to build a snowman" from Frozen as a ringtone....
any less embarrassing?

Speaking of Frozen...

I'm so giddy about the movie coming out on video!!!!
Ricky asked me, "Are you really getting it?"

I said, Yes... & we'll watch it once a week


Finally finished the book "Gone Girl"
I just haven't been able to read like I want to lately
I feel like this is one of those books you can't say anything about because you don't want to give away any sort of mystery about the book.
I'll just say, I hated the language in it (geezzzz!!!) & the ending? Not sure how I feel about it. I guess everything is messed up about the whole life of the book anyways.
Cant wait for it to come out in the theater now!
now that I've read the book... this looks even more awesome to me
Anyone else have Windows 8 & still hate it as much as I do?
Do you know it doesn't play DVD's!!!!
I went to put in my Jillian Michael's work out DVD the other day & nothing...
I pulled out another movie... nothing..
I look on line & it says Windows 8 won't play things like that
... you have to download some sort of program..
& PURCHASE something that makes it easy & simple.
Really?  I HATE WINDOWS 8!!!!!!
I hate you!
Who thought, "Hey let's take away one of the features of a laptop that everyone uses?"
Let me meet that person so I can throw my dvd's at their face.
I'm sorry...
the song by Pharrell, "Happy"
... it gets on my nerves something fierce...
But yes, I'll end up snapping my fingers to it.
I'm caught up with the Walking Dead
Now what to binge watch?
I'm thinking I may try out House of Cards.
I love Kevin Spacey...
just hoping I can follow.
I'm not good with politics...
but if its as good as Scandal?  I'll give it a try.
Frank Underwood... let's see if you are as good as Olivia Pope
I keep hearing about 'Drunk in Love" by Beyoncé
... I went to You Tube to look at the lyrics...
I now feel my brain just became more stupid
What is wrong with songs today?
I remember when George Michael's "I want your sex" was the most controversial thing around, & it was actually about monogamy.... & only have showings of the video on at the top of the hour so you can make sure your kids weren't watching it.
Now?  Turn on the radio & holy disgusting lyrics...
I'm scared for the next generation

I just like adding in Schmidt whenever I can
 Funny of the Day:
Frozen Honest Movie Trailer...
the end where it introduces Idina Menzel ... still cracks me up...



  1. My daughter is home for spring break next week and she has already said we are all watching Frozen together. (I haven't seen it yet).

    My ringtone is Raise Your that could be embarassing. Of course my husband's special one is Thunderstruck from AC/DC and everyone thinks I'm playing it because of the OKC Thunder. I just have it because his nickname years ago was Thunder Dan. They stole his song. Do you think they would pay me rights for it?

  2. I haven't seen Frozen yet, so I'm excited. Don't know about hubs but he's a good sport : )

    We travel a lot, fly a lot, so yes the plane disappearing is worrisome. So sad for the families left wondering too. I do hope there are some answers soon.

  3. My cellphone is so old fashioned that it doesn't have specialized ring tones.

  4. I can't wait to get Frozen and Saving Mr. Banks!

  5. Minnesota has been on a weather roller coaster since December. It has finally leveled off--we were in the 40's this week! WHOOO! ha!

  6. Okay, I heard the ending in the Gone Girl movie is different from the book! Not sure what that entails but I'm definitely curious! I felt so-so with Gone Girl but I liked Sharp Objects a lot better!

    And you will be SO hooked on House of Cards-- it started off a little bit slow at first and I didn't like it....but then I gave it another try and was hooked! Kevin Spacey does an amazing job!

    And I really don't care for the song "happy" either-- it annoys me and i'm not sure why!

  7. Our weather is 50, blizzard, 50 again. Right now my sliding door is open and I'm letting some fresh air in... it feels amazing but I know it won't last. :(

  8. I haven't seen Frozen yet (I pre-ordered it on Amazon and it will arrive on Tuesday), but both of my kids saw it in the theater and loved it! My daughter has the soundtrack and she listens to it constantly. Although, I must say I would rather have Party Rock as my ring tone than any of the songs on the Frozen soundtrack!

  9. I don't know...I think my generation had some pretty racey songs, too; we just didn't realize it. I didn't, anyway--I thought Afternoon Delight was just about a happy afternoon.

    I totally get why you hate Windows 8; I'd be mad, too.

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  10. The weather here has been insane. It's basically snowing today, and then on Tuesday it's supposed to be 70 degrees! I don't understand.

  11. We need a new show to binge watch after we finished Breaking Bad, still sad that is over. We watched the first episode of House of Cards over the weekend and I have to say I wasn't that impressed! I'm going to give it another shot though because everyone is obsessed with.. hopefully it will get better!

  12. I am looking forward to buying Frozen so I can watch it ... whether or not it's with the grands! ha!

    I understand your concerns about that missing plane because I'm here to tell you that I'm going through the same thing! Like I needed another reason why not to fly!


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