Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Its gonna hurt....

Its Wednesday which means I'm usually doing the Hodgepodge with my Podgy friends... but I'm just too tired to answer questions.

Plus I wanted to give an update on how everything went yesterday.

We knew we had the time to be at the hospital - 11:00am - so I was actually excited of the idea to get a little bit of sleep.

Well that went out of the window when I got a phone call from dad at 7:30 & he said, "get over here now, they called & had a cancellation - we need to get there as soon as possible"

Nothing like jumping out of bed & getting things done in 15 minutes.  Or at least attempting to get things done in 15 minutes.

Waiting to get called back

The hospital dad has this done at is about an hour away, so we hit the road & got there.  I hate this place is so far away, but let me tell you.  Its such an amazing hospital. I say its like a hotel for sick people.  Its beautiful, the rooms are amazing, the technology gets a thumbs up, every single person that works there is kind & friendly... it just doesn't have the "hospital feel"... even their cafeteria has chefs there & their food is amazing.  What real hospital can say that?

But they got dad in bam, zip, BOOM! 

Before the surgery, all marked up

The surgeon came & talked to us & he was one of 74 people who told us, "oh, this surgery is painful.  He's going to hurt"... wonderful...

I felt so bad for dad though because I heard him say, no less then 10 times, "My shoulder doesn't hurt - my hip does" ... but in order to fix one, he had to start with this surgery.  In the end, the doctor said he's really going to be the actual Bionic Man.

Dad did wonderfully through the surgery & we were back with him in recovery in just a few hours, to see him wrapped up & a hundred tubes coming out from every where.

Mom & I stayed until the evening & he had been up once & that was hard enough.  I think he's going to learn to just pee in a bottle after that trip, but it was good for him to get up & moving. 

The real pain starts today... the block they put in his neck during the surgery wears off.  The pain from feeling part of your shoulder being sawn into & replaced with metal... yeah, that's gonna hurt.

They are going to keep him in the hospital for a few days to monitor his pain - which I'm thankful for.  They'll start his physical therapy today too. Don't waste any time.

The funny thing, my dad's friend is actually right down the hall way.  He had his knee replaced the day before & was waiting for his buddy to get in his room so he could walk down & visit with him.  Friendship makes bone replacement easier... right?  (Fingers crossed)

And then I got home to a house full of dogs ready to eat, get some attention... & a husband who is sicker then a dog...

It just never ends, does it?

Thanks so much for the prayers for dad & all the nice comments.  So appreciated.  Truly appreciated.


  1. I'm glad it went well... hoping for a speedy recovery! :)

  2. Glad to hear that everything went well. Praying that his pain is less than he imagined. My brother in law needed a hip replacement, then hurt his other hip and ended up getting the hurt one done before the really bad one done. Now they are both done and he is very happy!!

  3. So thankful it all went well! I'm also thankful that they're keeping him for a few days. I think hospitals can sometimes be about "patient turn over" more than "patient customer service". Don't be afraid to ask questions and hold your ground if you and your mama feel that something isn't right!!

  4. I've been thinking about you today friend. So glad things went well. Your poor daddy =( Hopefully he will be feeling better sooner rather than later.

    continuing to pray.....

    Love you friend ~~ dawn

  5. Thanks for the update on your dad. Glad the surgery went well. Too bad the hospital is so far away, but that's wonderful his friend is right down the hall. God is good! Hope your hubby feels better soon! Will keep praying.


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