Friday, March 07, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Friday - I think.  Taking off work on Tuesday & leaving work early Wednesday has me totally off kilter.
.... it doesn't take much...
Its time to SPRING FORWARD!!!
I'm tore about this. 
First of all, I'm thrilled for more sunlight at night... makes me happy
But I've been so happy that its finally turning light when I drive to work.
& now I'll be back in the dark on the drive for the next few months.
Why can't they just leave it alone & not mess with it at all?
I don't understand.
Plus, I heard it takes at least 3 days to recover
... & its the same as recovering from a 'bender weekend'....
OK - I've never been drunk before & the way that the time change makes me feel makes me know I don't want to be drunk...
This will be me next week for a few days.... at for the rest of my life...
Cadbury Eggs are everywhere!!!
Makes me happy
Makes my waist line sad
I could eat every single one of these
I will say I've done pretty good on them this year though.
I am like a 3-Cadbury a day kinda girl & I have only had 4 the whole time since Christmas!
Speaking of food & things that aren't good for you,
Have you ever tried Taco Bell's Apple Empanada's?
Take me back to childhood because they taste just like the apple pies that McDonalds used to have in the 70's
If you have calories you need to burn - this is a good thing to use it on.
All this talk of fattening food?
I've probably gained 3 lbs just thinking about it
So we're still trying to get down to see the new grandbaby.
Life has been in constant turmoil right now.
You can only do so much in a day.
I need some sort of super power to be able to do everything
 & make everyone happy.
Anyone else ready for the fiasco ending of The Bachelor?
I said from the beginning that I bet he ended up with no one.
& even if he picks someone - I still stick with my thinking
& I bet they've already broke up
... like 2 days after...
if that long
Yes, you should
I'm sorry....
On Real Housewives of Beverly Hills -
whenever Kim is on, I have to fast forward.
She just bugs me.
She doesn't ever seem to make sense to me & she just grates on my nerve.
She's not my most-disliked-housewife though
That honor will always go to Ramona from New York.
Someone please get her off the show.
If you are someone who takes tons of pictures with your phone, you really need to check out the app Groove Books.
No joke. 
I'm not getting compensated or anything for saying that.
I just got my first book in & love it.
It prints up to 100 pictures in a photo book every month from the pictures on your phone.
It prints regular pictures as well as Instagram pictures.
You can even mark it to print multiple pictures of the same print.
You can leave it in the book or you can tear them out to frame or share.
All of this for $2.99.
Example - the pic on the left is a normal picture (filling up print)
the pic on the right is a Instagram Pic (White borders)
I was waiting to see if it really worked & the quality.
The paper quality isn't the BEST...
But pictures from my phone that are edited printed really well...
the Instagram pictures are sort blurry but that's the low resolution Instagram uses
...but I love having little mini books of all my pictures through the year.  & for $2.99?  How do you not beat that?
If you use the app, you can use CODE: VINCENT122 for a free book
I get nothing for that code being used - but its a way to give it a try.
I'm rounding 3rd base when it comes to "The Walking Dead"
I'm in Season 4... & I actually started taping this season on my DVR so I can keep on going
I'm just holding my breath on wondering whose still alive & whose been zombified
(not to get confused with Travolified)
walking dead....heck yeah!!!
Funny of the Day:



  1. With you on leaving the clocks as natural as possible however what can we do!

  2. Just remember....the darkness in the morning is short! It WILL be light soon! Very, very soon!! :)

  3. So sorry you haven't seen that new grandbaby yet! Hope it's soon.

    I was just complaining to hubby about the time change and saying why can't they just leave it alone!!!

    I gotta take a look at the groovebook thing. Sounds good. And I may have to check out that tonight show app. :)

  4. I almost sent Jimmy my misheard lyric but it certainly wasn't as funny as the ones he put on the show.

  5. My hubby complains about the losing an hour's sleep when we spring forward. Yet he doesn't complain about losing an hour when we change time zones. I contend that any issues with the change to DST is psychological as much as physical. But then I LOVE DST ... I love having daylight longer in the evenings. I'm up, but I'm not doing anything fun outside at 6:00 or 7:00 AM, so if it's dark then, who cares? ;-)

  6. Doesn't take much to throw me off kilter either : ) I mistakenly walked thru the Easter candy display aisle at the supermarket today. Temptation is everywhere!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Yes daylight savings time is always a mystery to me. What in the world? I heard a few years ago that the heart attack rate goes up around daylight savings time. It always freaks me out a little, because of Dicks heart condition. But i will not freak out this year. I WILL TRUST!!! Yes, that is the plan, and its a good one =)

    I never know what shows you are talking about. Yes I do live under a rock =)

    I don't think I have ever had a Cadbury Egg. The gooey middle freaks me out. Hmmm..... now you have me curious.

    Hopefully you will get to see that baby soon.

    Love you friend ~~ dawn

  8. Is Ramona really still on RHONY? I haven't seen NY in forever.. maybe not since Bethenny left. And YES to the Bachelor being over. Is it bad that I kind of hope he ends up with no one? This season has been the worst.

  9. I'm torn on daylight savings because I don't want to lose an hr of sleep... but I'm so desperate for more sunshine!

  10. Yea, you're almost caught up on Walking D! Who's your favorite character? My favorite is.... OH! I can't tell you! Because then you would know that person is still alive! :)

  11. I love, love, LOVE Taco Bell's caramel apple empanadas! I will skimp on "real" food to get one. :)

    Thanks for the tip on the photo book. I'm definitely going to have to check that out.

  12. Oh, my those were funny! I haven't been watching RHBH; they're just too fakey. Ramona: UGH. Talk about grating on one's nerves! I'm just glad for The Bachelor to be over, even though I read the spoiler & know what's going to happen, along with knowing who the new Bachelorette is going to be. I wondered why they didn't get Renee, but after see the Tell All, I understand. I bet they asked her, but, since she's apparently in a "situation" she turned them down!


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