Thursday, March 06, 2014


02.27.14 - Drama is back!!!
I was so excited about these shows coming back.
I can't get enough of Scandal. 
02.28.14 - Target Saves the Day
Because we bought a purchase on my Red Card, Target was able to help us with a TV that blew ...
I know Target has had problems with their security on Black Friday, but on this day, I thought Target could do no wrong.
03.01.14 - Healthy Eats
Went to Sam's Club & get so excited all the healthy food you can get for such a good price.  It still took a chunk of my checking account, but it would have cost a LOT more at the grocery store... not to mention, it'll last for awhile.
03.02.14 - Warm House on an Icy Day
This winter is never ending....
Sunday we had an ice storm come in... & I was just thankful for a warm home to stay cozy in
03.03.14 - Happy Days
Just Thankful that Sydney is still enjoying her days.  Not sure what the future holds for her (or any of us really) - but she still finds happiness in every day. Even if its just sitting in cold snow watching the neighbor's dogs at the fence.
03.04.14 - Dad's Surgery went well
Yep - you've all read the posts the past few days.  All went well.
They actually sent him home yesterday!  24 hours after the surgery & he's back at home in his recliner.  Luckily, they're sending out physical therapy to his home 3 times a week since he can't drive.  Time to get that shoulder moving.
03.05.14 - Let there be light
I am constantly having at least one light out over my sink in the bathroom.
It makes me happy when I turn on the lights & they all come on... ahh, I can see.
Maybe I don't want to... I can see...all the wrinkles...yikes!
(& yes, I have scripture taped to the top of my mirror so I can read them every morning)
What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Such great news that your daddy is better place to recover, in my opinion! Hope things continue to proceed well. I shop at Sam's all the's the only place I buy my fruit and veggies.

  2. So happy to hear your dad's surgery went well & he's back home! I hope physical therapy goes well too! And you put my grocery shopping to shame! So much goodness you have there :)

  3. So glad all went well with your dad, praise God! Target and Sam's are the best aren't they :)

  4. So happy to hear your dad is doing well and gets to go home! Look at you stocking up on all those healthy foods! We have a slight obsession with Costco/Sams Club. Growing up, we had Jeremiah 29:11 taped up on our mirror in the bathroom for YEARS and I loved it. I may have to start doing that again!

  5. We have scripture on our mirror too. So glad your dad went through surgery well and is home. Love the sweet pic of Sydney.

  6. I just caught up on Scandal last week so now I'm up to date! I hate waiting for new episodes... I miss when I WASN'T caught up and could just watch them one after the other, ha-ha!

  7. Scandal is back!! Frankly, I'm getting annoyed with the whole Olivia Fitz thing but this past episode has me hooked again. Adnan is working with...tan tan tan! Suspense!
    I absolutely love the scripture over your mirror. I must try!
    So glad your dad is doing better. How are the K9 friends doing?

  8. I've fallen in love with Sydney! What a sweetie! How wonderful that your dad's surgery went well & he's home!!


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