Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Bachelor...proof first impressions aren't always true

I don't normally give The Bachelor this much attention of its own post, but my head may explode if I don't talk about it.

I was so tired yesterday.  Even stopped for an ice coffee to pep up just so I could make it through my work out.  I figured that I would get home, take a shower & konk out.  But I got home & got ready for bed right as The Bachelor was coming on.

I was hooked...

HOLY COW... what a train wreck.

Did anyone else see it?

I had it on in the room Ricky was in & he even said more then once, "Is this guy serious?" ... you know its bad when people who don't know anything about the show is calling this guy an idiot.

From the beginning, we see its bad when Juan Pablo's family is even warning the ladies of how miserable they're going to be... oh, I mean, that he's a difficult guy.  Warning flags should be FLYING in these girls minds.

And then Juan Pablo says something disrespectful & rude to Claire?  Oh man... US Weekly or TMZ needs to jump on that right away.  I thought for sure in the end Claire would spill her guts on what he said, but she stayed classy.  I guess I have no class because I would be like, Guess what this fool just said to me....

Can we please have a live audience all the time for sound effects during The Bachelor?  When Juan Pablo would say things & the audience would groan or laugh, I just loved it....

I didn't read the spoilers from Reality Steve, but when they didn't even know Juan Pablo doing the meet up with Neil Lane, you could see there wasn't a proposal coming.  I think Neil Lane was even like, "Keep my association away from this guy."

I have to say, all season long, I was NOT a Claire fan, but the way she handled herself at the finale, when Juan Pablo, in his usual 'dumb talk' was just like, "yeah, I'm not picking you"....

I was like the whole audience - I was wide awake & cheering & giving fist pumps...


& then poor Nikki with her slit in her dress up to her arm pit... & who designed these girls to walk in heels in sand?  Couldn't they have laid something down?

But how does the girl, who just cried the night before because this guy is so dense & keeps telling the last 2 girls he's not sure about what he wants, how do you stand there & just take even more humiliation... or that's what I call it.... by accepting a rose.

She's declaring her love to him... & he says, "I like you ... a lot"...



& how do you say, "I know 100% that I don't want to propose to you"... seriously?
Not another way to say it?  This guy.... I just had to laugh at this point.

Believe me, I don't want the guy to say he loves anyone if he doesn't, but there's a better way to handle things... Juan Pablo has been awful at handling everything this season.

By this point, there is NO WAY I'm falling asleep.  I'm sitting on the edge of the couch like its the Super Bowl of dating & I can't wait to see what's going to go down on the "After the Rose" special... & still waiting for Claire to spill all on this dude.

Again, she kept it classy... dang it...

But as soon as Juan Pablo came out, you could feel it in the air, how everyone was like, is this guy for real?

how I was with everything Juan Pablo said & his facial expressions of "What?"

How is he going to sit there & be so 'whatever' about the whole experience.

I have to say, Chris Harrison was awesome in the interview not letting up on him. 

I mean, how do you get this beautiful girl to still stick with you for 4 months & you don't tell her how you feel about her?

& the whole "there's going to be a surprise" & fizzle out quick when Juan Pablo says he doesn't know what anyone is talking about.  The surprise is that he's there with Nikki? 

I know the producers, AND Chris Harrison had to be just like this.....

"Get him off of this show now"

I'll admit, I was so excited when I heard Juan Pablo was going to be the next Bachelor. I think everyone was.  I mean, that accent... that I learned gets on my nerves like finger nails going down a chalk board.  If I never hear a moan & groan & an "ay ay ay" in my life, it'll be too soon....

Remember the whole "Juan-uary" promotion?  I bet The Bachelor is regretting all the choices they made with this guy now.

But I did say from the get-go that this guy was too big for his britches... ay ay ay... (had to say it)... because he was too popular to begin with.  & not the humble popular like Sean was. 

Speaking of which, wasn't he awesome sitting there with his wife?... THAT's what a Bachelor should be. 

I think we're all glad to move on from this one...

I think Nikki wouldn't admit it there, but I have a feeling she's going to be really glad to move on soon too....

Did you watch?

Did you want to punch Juan Pablo as much as I did?

Are you excited about Andi being the next Bachlorette?


  1. We are brain twins!! It was too much!! I kept telling my friend that he didn't really care who he picked. The guy just didn't care one way or the other. Kudos to Claire, who I never really like either...those constant duck lips got to me!! Nikki and Juan deserve each other and I give it another few months before we read that they called it quits.

    Now can we please talk about Andi being the next Bachelorette. I might just gag. I cannot stand that woman.

  2. This season I got into it more than normal. First it was because Juan Pablo was totally hot, I mean who wouldn't want to watch that man on the screen. But like you and most the world, I think after a few episodes the novelty of "good looking" wore off and we were all like, this is odd.
    Then to skip ahead to the last few episodes and the end. OMG, I couldn't believe either of them went to meet him.
    Several episodes ago, I was thinking, maybe it's all a language barrier thing and this guy just says stupid things because he has no clue what the girls are saying. But after hearing his family, clearly the guy is a jerk and his family was even okay to admit that.
    I sat there watching it last night with my jaw dropping, because I couldn't believe how jerky this guy really is. But if they wanted ratings, they got it, bad bachelor or not! I don't see the Nikki thing working out past hanging onto his arm, my guess is they parted ways after the show.. Well if she is smart:)
    As for Andi, I figured they were setting her up at the women tell all to be the Bachelorette. She's not my favorite, but then they rarely pick a girl who is. I generally only watch it to see what types of guys they pick for the girls anyway:) Okay, I'll shut up now, sorry about the long comment:)

  3. I don't watch the bachelor but have heard bad things about this season. I'll stick to The Voice. :-D

  4. No, I don't watch. I can't figure out how someone could really fall in love while making this show. What can I say. It all just seems fake to me. But then again, I've never really watched it, so I could be wrong.

  5. Haha I have a very similar post going up tomorrow :) Juan Pablo was TERRIBLE. And poor Nikki - she may have been the "winner" but she's really the loser here. Honestly I felt half sorry/half embarrassed for her. And I loved how Clare stood up for herself! I wasn't a huge fan all season of hers all season but I was impressed last night. I'm excited for Andi.. I think she's cute and seems genuinely happy/humbled to get to be the Bachelorette. Really anything would be better than this train wreck of a season.

  6. I hate to actually admit that I watch the Bachelor.....but.......I do and Juan Pablo is just not a nice person in general. I did wonder how Nikki got through nursing school. She is very young and obviously setting herself up to be hurt.
    I'm thinking ABC didn't get their money's worth of Juan Pablo!

  7. I loved this! You should have written your thoughts all season!

    Juan Pabs is such a loser. We are all just blinded at first by how pretty he is, but every week I saw him, he got uglier and uglier to me!


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